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IRC Log for 2014-09-07

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[2:25] <paolo> what a nice news, django 1.7 runs on jython again
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[14:59] <paolo> more or less...
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[17:04] <benny_> hey all
[17:04] <benny_> Anyone here can help me?
[17:10] <benny_> :.
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[18:10] <santa_klaus> Hi everybody. Does anyone have a tip how I can register the jython binary with my linux Systempath, so that it starts the console when I type "jython" in the terminal?
[18:13] <paolo> santa_klaus: try adding PATH=/path/to/jython_home/bin:$PATH to .bashrc
[18:14] <santa_klaus> paolo: where can i find .bashrc?
[18:14] <paolo> in your home directory
[18:17] <santa_klaus> paolo: can�t find it there. I use Linux Mint, which is very similar to ubuntu.
[18:17] <paolo> have a look, http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/26059/8115
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[18:51] <paolo> running django development server causes _socket.py to raise
[18:51] <paolo> error: [Errno -1] Unmapped exception: java.util.concurrent.RejectedExecutionException: event executor terminated
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[19:00] <santa_klaus> paolo: thanks, finally got it all sorted out
[19:01] <santa_klaus> is it normal I get messages like this with every run of a script in PyDev: *sys-package-mgr*: processing new jar ?
[19:01] <paolo> yes
[19:10] <santa_klaus> cool, thanks. finally got it all to work :)
[19:11] <paolo> cool
[19:11] <paolo> np
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