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[20:37] <paolo> the files in /path/to/jython/lib-python/2.7, are the same of the official python distribution or some have been modified?
[20:39] <agronholm> paolo: some have been overridden
[20:41] <paolo> agronholm: so can i change, for example, compileall.py and submit a patch? #1672
[20:41] <agronholm> there's a directory that contains stdlib overrides
[20:42] <agronholm> if I could just remember where
[20:42] <agronholm> this should be documented in the developer guide
[20:44] <paolo> it's really fascinating explore this code.
[21:08] <paolo> agronholm: could be this one? Lib : the python source files for Jython standard library implementations
[21:08] <paolo> ^-- https://wiki.python.org/jython/JythonDeveloperGuide#Directory_layout
[21:09] <agronholm> paolo: that's a good guess
[21:09] <agronholm> it had so many files I wasn't sure
[22:33] <paolo> is there a way to turn on basic optimizations in jython, like -O in python?
[22:40] <agronholm> paolo: all it does in cpython is disabling asserts
[22:45] <paolo> agronholm: the reason of my question is that if it is not, i can get rid of __debug__ in this line
[22:45] <paolo> cfile = fullname + (__debug__ and 'c' or 'o')
[22:46] <paolo> rewriting it as:
[22:46] <paolo> cfile = fullname.replace('.py', '$py.class')
[22:50] <paolo> earlier i meant, if -O (or something equivalent) is not -> supported
[22:52] <agronholm> I really don't know
[22:53] <paolo> i will use grep ... :)
[23:01] <Arfrever> Or try to backport importlib.util.cache_from_source() and adapt it for Jython...
[23:06] <paolo> found the answer, actually -O is not implemented but it should https://github.com/jythontools/jython/blob/master/Doc/differences.ht#L100
[23:06] <paolo> other relevant url: https://github.com/jythontools/jython/commit/99aa7de155c7c5d553b7d265acc0e4f415dd25c4
[23:10] <paolo> actually the patch looks like this: https://gist.github.com/paolodina/28b2558b717d7c134c14
[23:10] <paolo> it's rather simple
[23:11] <paolo> i still don't have clear how to correctly override the stdlib module compileall.py
[23:12] <agronholm> paolo: not sure if there's anything involved in it other than copying it to Lib/ and modifying it there
[23:13] <paolo> i'll attach the patch to the issue and discuss the issue there
[23:32] <paolo> should i add a test, too?
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[23:32] <agronholm> preferably
[23:32] <paolo> mmmm.. i should create a temporary directory structure, prepopulated
[23:33] <paolo> and delete it at the end of the test
[23:33] <paolo> should i proceed this way?
[23:33] <agronholm> it's 2.33 am and I'm not the best person to ask anyway :)
[23:34] <paolo> ehehe, sorry for bothering ;)
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