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[12:37] <syl20bnr> agronholm: hmmmm I take jython.jar from a standard installation
[12:37] <agronholm> syl20bnr: then you're doing it wrong
[12:37] <agronholm> you need to take the standalone jar, available from the download page
[12:37] <agronholm> that one contains the standard library
[12:38] <syl20bnr> agronholm: great, I try this
[12:39] <agronholm> I changed the wording on the download page recently to make this very clear
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[13:11] <syl20bnr> agronholm: thank you, it works great. I have some http requests and it seems to crash randomly. I read that there is a rewrite of ssl support in progress, it is planned for the beta 4 right ?
[13:11] <agronholm> syl20bnr: it's already done
[13:12] <agronholm> err
[13:12] <syl20bnr> agronholm: Ok I investigate and let you know
[13:12] <agronholm> wait there was a socket rework done on b3
[13:12] <agronholm> I thought the SSL work went there too
[13:12] <agronholm> how does it crash?
[13:14] <syl20bnr> (by the way I cannot do multi-line past in webchat)
[13:14] <agronholm> nor should you
[13:14] <syl20bnr> _socket.error: [Errno 32] Illegal state exception
[13:14] <agronholm> use a pastebin service
[13:14] <xemdetia> syl20bnr, use pastie or pastebin or something
[13:14] <syl20bnr> it it is not blocked here I will
[13:14] <syl20bnr> trying
[13:18] <syl20bnr> oh yeah it is not blocked anymore :-)
[13:18] <syl20bnr> http://pastebin.com/KmqNyH1h
[13:22] <syl20bnr> the issue with socket connections stuck in CLOSE_WAIT state does not occur anymore in b3
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[15:30] <syl20bnr> seems to be a race condition
[15:31] <syl20bnr> if I run all the tests (using TestNG) then it may crash
[15:31] <syl20bnr> if I run the tests separately (one class at a time), it works great
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[15:31] <syl20bnr> I'll fill a bug report for this
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[16:34] <jimbaker> syl20bnr, i don't see the pastebin unfortunately
[16:35] <jimbaker> i just fixed a possible race condition as of the latest version in trunk in socket (namely relying on weakref.WeakKeyDictionary, which is not threadsafe), so it's possible i fixed it. but only possible, since i don't have that report :)
[17:27] <syl20bnr> great I'll check that and let you know
[17:28] <syl20bnr> jimbaker: I guess it has expired
[17:28] <syl20bnr> reposting it
[17:29] <syl20bnr> jimbaker: here it is http://pastebin.com/ZkWaY13e
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[20:29] <jimbaker> syl20bnr, any chance you are doing start tls on the server side?
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