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IRC Log for 2014-09-02

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[8:03] <topi`_> arrgh. I find this Spring framework just too much for my little brain. How do you guys handle with ReST exchange in spring? the javadoc just confuses more instead of giving answers...
[8:03] <topi`_> or maybe it's just me? I've gotten too used to enjoying the benefits of Requests?
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[12:36] <paolo> topi`_: you mean restful api? i solved this thing the other way... i provide restful access to api (with oauth2) in python, and my friend access them from spring
[12:37] <paolo> i also find spring overwhelming, probably it's just a matter of getting into but imho it means lot of time
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[17:37] <jimbaker> topi`_, this a known bug - http://bugs.jython.org/issue1631 - there's an outstanding pull request by santoso that's waiting on a couple of bug fixes in jython's internals
[17:37] <jimbaker> (essentially the runtime relies on current buggy behavior!)
[17:40] <jimbaker> one outcome will be that once completed, a dict/list/set can be constructed such that it's backed by java.util.Map/List/Set. such as using a dict that is backed by an instance constructed with guava MapMaker
[17:42] <jimbaker> in particular, we need this so python code in the standard lib can build weakvalue/weakkey caches, much like we do in the java implementations. this seems preferable to rewriting such python code into java (please, no! ;)
[17:42] <jimbaker> pr3d4t0r, hi - it's good seeing you here! hope we will be making 2.7 work well for you, since i know you have demanding use cases :)
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