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[6:58] <mhahe> hello all, i tried jython a few months back. functionally it fit my problem. performance wise it was slow from a cold start. is there a way to deal with startup performance? something new or something i missed?
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[9:14] <peke> mhahe: Start-up performance is an issue for me too. When i commented that Jython 2.7 is a bit slower to start than 2.5 (which was slower than 2.2), especially if you need to import several modules, jimbaker commented that he has ideas how to improve it that he's initially planning for 2.7.1.
[9:15] <peke> I would assuem jimbaker would be willing to discuss what he has in mind in case someone wants to look at it earlier. Personally I'd love to do that but lack both time and lower level understanding of Jython.
[9:18] <peke> mhahe: good news is that at least in our use case actual performance is good enough. Slow start-up actually is most annoying when running our acceptance tests that require starting Jython several thousands times. Same tests that run with CPython in less than 10 minutes on my machine take over 2 hours with Jython.
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[13:17] <jimbaker> peke, i don't think 2x is going to help in your case. you should look at drip (https://github.com/ninjudd/drip) or nailgun
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[16:51] <jimbaker`> topi`_, so i did almost complete the port of json decoding from C (_json.c) to java. should have some sense of speedups soon
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[17:29] <topi`_> jimbaker: I never used json in such an extensive way as to notice the slowness, but I guess it's such a critical component that it needs to be quick
[17:32] <jimbaker> topi`_, maybe i got you mixed up with another person here - but yes, json seems to be critical in that way
[17:44] <topi`_> I think it was peke who was doing json dump extensively
[17:45] <topi`_> grr, i'm producing very buggy code, maybe should stop for today and continue tomorrow
[17:47] <agronholm> I at least complained about JSON being slow
[17:47] <agronholm> but I switched to msgpack so it's not a problem anymore for me
[17:47] <agronholm> strange that msgpack is so ludicrously faster than json despite being a pure-python implementation
[18:03] <peke> topi`_: nope, i wasn't doing json stuff. i agree fast json is important, though.
[18:18] <paolo> does anyone use fireside for webapps? i have a problem with http post values
[18:18] <paolo> if anyone wants to help it's greatly appreciated https://github.com/jythontools/fireside/issues/1
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[20:55] <jimbaker> paolo, well, i'm the author of fireside :)
[20:55] <jimbaker> so i'm very interested in any such problems. will take a look!
[20:56] <paolo> jimbaker: thanks!
[21:06] <xemdetia__> oh my
[21:06] <xemdetia__> I will have to look into that project jimbaker
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