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[0:13] <jimbaker> agronholm, i don't think so
[1:23] <fwierzbicki> http://fwierzbicki.blogspot.com/2014/08/jython-27-beta3-released.html
[1:23] <fwierzbicki> I'll send email out shortly
[1:31] <fwierzbicki> agronholm: if you poke around at search.maven.org you can find the sha1 for the releases - 2.5.3 standalone is here: http://search.maven.org/#artifactdetails|org.python|jython-installer|2.5.3|jar
[1:32] <agronholm> fwierzbicki: I'm going to sleep in just a moment
[1:32] <fwierzbicki> with a sha1 of 6b6ac4354733b6d68d51acf2f3d5c823a10a4ce4
[1:32] <agronholm> I'll update the website once I wake up
[1:32] <fwierzbicki> no problem! Good night!
[1:32] <agronholm> just tell me what you'd like me to put there
[1:33] <fwierzbicki> sure I'll post here for you for tomorrow
[1:35] <fwierzbicki> actually the above sha1 should be fine - since I'm using maven exclusively for releases, I might as well just use what they provide - so just the sha1 above is perfect
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[7:03] <peke> installed b3 and tested start-up. unfortunately it's worse than 2.5.
[7:03] <peke> $ time ~/Prog/jython2.5.3/jython -c "import sys"
[7:03] <peke> real 0m1.067s
[7:03] <peke> user 0m1.632s
[7:03] <peke> sys 0m0.084s
[7:04] <peke> $ time ~/Prog/jython2.7b3/jython -c "import sys"
[7:04] <peke> real 0m1.537s
[7:04] <peke> user 0m2.232s
[7:04] <peke> sys 0m0.060s
[7:04] <peke> that's just one run but i got similar results running the same command multiple times.
[7:06] <peke> starting up robot framework got even worse:
[7:06] <peke> $ time ~/Prog/jython2.5.3/jython -c "import robot"
[7:06] <peke> real 0m3.472s
[7:06] <peke> user 0m8.665s
[7:06] <peke> sys 0m0.192s
[7:06] <peke> $ time ~/Prog/jython2.7b3/jython -c "import robot"
[7:06] <peke> real 0m4.699s
[7:06] <peke> user 0m11.241s
[7:06] <peke> sys 0m0.248s
[7:07] <peke> i know start-up time isn't an issue for server applications, but for commandline apps that want to utilize jvm that is an issue.
[7:09] <peke> haven't yet tested functionality. i'll run our acceptance tests and will see. due to slow start-up time it will take several hours.
[7:11] <diametric> Will jythonc not work for you?
[7:11] <peke> no jythonc since jython 2.2
[7:13] <peke> interestingly back in jython 2.2 days start-up time was much better.
[7:13] <peke> obviously 2.5 and 2.7 support is more important that somewhat slower start-up time.
[7:15] <peke> that said, i would be willing to pay some kind of a bounty if someone would be able to considerably speed up 2.7 start-up in general and `jython -c "import robot"` in particular.
[7:16] <peke> would like to do it myself but that is likely to require too much knowledge about jython internals and could be too low level stuff for me in general.
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[16:43] <agronholm> fwierzbicki: so what shall I put on the website front page?
[16:48] <fwierzbicki> How about making the top "latest news":
[16:49] <fwierzbicki> Jython 2.7 Beta 3 Released (August 2014) Please see the NEWS file for detailed release notes. Read more on Frank Wierzbickis Weblog. ??? with link to http://fwierzbicki.blogspot.com/2014/08/jython-27-beta3-released.html
[17:33] <jimbaker> peke, i think we can readily halve jython start up time with a little cleverness. (i made that specific goal up, but it's based on the sort of things i have seen in the past.) it's a good 2.7.1 goal
[17:33] <jimbaker> there has been no work on it, so of course it's slow :)
[19:11] <paolo> should i take particular attention using html forms?
[19:11] <paolo> it happens that submitting a form to a view everything is OK running the development server
[19:11] <paolo> (Pdb) request.form
[19:11] <paolo> ImmutableMultiDict([('username', u'password')])
[19:11] <paolo> but with java -jar jetty-runner-8.1.9.v20130131.jar project.war (same code) the output is
[19:12] <paolo> ImmutableMultiDict([('\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00', u'')])
[19:12] <paolo> jimbaker: ^-- maybe totally unrelated, but i used clamp/fireside to create the war
[19:13] <paolo> it's a flask application
[19:15] <paolo> there is a comment about form parser now using request.stream that might also be relevant: https://github.com/mitsuhiko/flask/issues/797#issuecomment-21494816
[19:16] <paolo> i don't understand if the problem is in flask, my app or jython
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[19:57] <agronholm> fwierzbicki: ah, didn't see that
[19:57] <agronholm> will add that one
[20:11] <agronholm> is there a better way to link to the NEWS file than hg.python.org?
[20:11] <agronholm> do we have it hosted elsewhere?
[20:17] <pjenvey> I was going to suggest teh bitbucket mirror but it looks like it's out of sync again? sigh
[20:19] <agronholm> ok, jython.org updated
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[22:15] <paolo> py_compile.compile('module.py') works correctly producing module$py.class, while compileall.compile_dir('path') doesn't compile anything
[22:15] <paolo> isnt't that weird?
[22:18] <paolo> oh well i'm late to the party, http://bugs.jython.org/issue1672
[22:32] <agronholm> "python -m compileall ." worked for me last time I tried it, which was very recently
[22:45] <paolo> yes, the ticket says that compileall may work if the target directory doesn't contain any pyc file
[22:45] <paolo> i deleted pyc files, tried compileall and got my class files generated
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