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[23:32] <agronholm> dear god
[23:33] <agronholm> I didn't expect the pure-python JSON to be THIS slow on jython
[23:33] <agronholm> looked at alan kennedy's jyson too, but it was so bad it'd be better to start over with a java implementation
[23:33] <agronholm> a new java impl that is
[23:43] <paolo> agronholm: which pure-python implementation of json is so slow?
[23:44] <agronholm> the one in the standard library
[23:44] <agronholm> I don't think the others will fare much better
[23:44] <agronholm> I specifically need hooks for both encoding and decoding
[23:45] <paolo> i found a good number of alternatives to the std library json
[23:45] <paolo> and i wonder which could be better
[23:46] <agronholm> when decoding a 700k json file, cpython completes the operation instantly
[23:46] <agronholm> jython takes a few minutes :P
[23:46] <agronholm> I thought my program was stuck in an infinite loop
[23:46] <paolo> choices are simple json, demjson, jsonlib, ujson
[23:47] <paolo> i'll check them out and report back some info
[23:47] <agronholm> thx
[23:47] <paolo> np, as soon as i can
[23:48] <paolo> i also need to use json
[23:55] <agronholm> at least jyson decoded it reasonably fast
[23:55] <agronholm> trying simplejson now...pretty slow too


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