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IRC Log for 2014-08-18

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[9:51] <topi`> anything new while i've been away?
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[10:26] <yecril71pl> The list moderator does not review messages for approval
[10:30] <yecril71pl> Issue 2193 created
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[11:13] <paolo> do you know if adding my login name to the "nosy list" is ok to subscribe to an issue?
[11:13] <paolo> i'm not confident with roundup
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[11:33] <paolo> i need to use sqlite project but it's not natively supported in jython (import sqlite3 -> ImportError)
[11:33] <paolo> i see i could use zxJDBC or jyjdbc for that
[11:33] <paolo> do you suggest one or the other?
[12:10] <paolo> hmm, just found this: [15:04] <jimbaker> yes, please go with jyjdbc. we really should remove, or at least heavily deprecate, zxjdbc
[12:10] <paolo> (IRC Log for 2013-12-18)
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[12:44] <topi`> paolo: I think I've used sqlite3 with jython
[12:44] <topi`> lemme test
[12:45] <topi`> yes, I used "org.sqlite.JDBC" in conjunction with jyjdbc
[12:46] <paolo> topi`: sqlite3 is not jet intgrated with jython, http://bugs.jython.org/issue1682864
[12:46] <topi`> paolo: IIRC sqlite3 in python has some parts written in C
[12:47] <paolo> for this reason i have to pass through the jdbc stuff, and opted for jyjdbc, which actually works :)
[12:47] <paolo> unfortunately i planned to use peewee as ORM, but it needs native support (import sqlite3 must work), not jdbc
[12:48] <paolo> so i'll use jdbc with an sql query builder (probably this one https://pypi.python.org/pypi/sqlbuilder)
[12:49] <topi`> I don't use ORMs much, I have one Django project though
[12:49] <topi`> it's pretty easy to form complex SQL queries just using python .format method
[12:50] <topi`> you can write your own context managers for doing stuff like "WHERE" etc...
[12:51] <paolo> it doesn't require to add 3rd party packages, i'll consider that.
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