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[13:56] <agronholm> could someone remind me which version of setuptools is installable in jython 2.7b3?
[13:59] <agronholm> alright, the latest installs, though ez_setup.py won't work
[14:09] <agronholm> creating a standalone jar with the installer does not work.
[14:10] <agronholm> Exception in thread "Thread-6" org.python.util.install.InstallerException: Error accessing jar file
[14:10] <agronholm> Caused by: java.util.zip.ZipException: duplicate entry: META-INF/BCKEY.DSA
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[18:56] <qwebirc68669> >>> import email.parser
[18:56] <qwebirc68669> ImportError: No module named parser
[18:56] <qwebirc68669> please help?
[18:57] <agronholm> qwebirc68669: worksforme
[18:57] <agronholm> 2.7b3
[18:57] <qwebirc68669> (2, 7, 0, 'beta', 2)
[18:58] <agronholm> can you import email?
[18:58] <qwebirc68669> I can
[18:58] <qwebirc68669> but the script says import email.parser and it breaks there
[18:59] <agronholm> try b3
[19:00] <qwebirc68669> Also, the wiki is invalid, contains things like <col />
[19:00] <qwebirc68669> Will some op change the title of this channel to advertise b3?
[19:01] <agronholm> not until it's officially launched
[19:01] <agronholm> there's a very good chance that the current incarnation of b3 will be official
[19:01] <agronholm> but until that decision is made, the topic stays
[19:02] <qwebirc68669> So how do I try b3?
[19:02] <agronholm> http://python.6.x6.nabble.com/4th-and-I-really-hope-last-Jython-2-7-b3-soft-launch-td5066432.html
[19:06] <qwebirc68669> I tried stand-alone b2 and it worked.
[19:07] <qwebirc68669> Any idea what is wrong with the version distributed with PyDev?
[19:07] <agronholm> dunno
[19:09] <qwebirc68669> The difference is that Lib is extracted
[19:09] <qwebirc68669> PyDev also has Lib extracted but some directories are missing from email
[19:10] <qwebirc68669> however, import email.Parser works in that version
[19:10] <qwebirc68669> Am I right to assume that email.Parser is read from the jar but email.parser fails because the directory does not exist?
[19:12] <qwebirc68669> No, email/Parser.py exists in PyDev
[19:13] <qwebirc68669> but then, email/parser directory does not exist in the stand-alone version either
[19:14] <qwebirc68669> the difference is that in PyDev the file is email/Parser.py
[19:16] <qwebirc68669> very disturbing
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[20:03] <xemdetia> that's the second pydev issue I've seen come up
[20:03] <xemdetia> I forget who the other person was
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[20:53] <qwebirc95722> Is anyone on this IRC?
[20:54] <agronholm> I haven't left
[20:56] <qwebirc95722> Hey do you know the current state of the Jython interpreter? It looks like it is dead or dying...
[20:56] <agronholm> it's going forward, albeit slowly
[20:56] <agronholm> due to lack of manpower
[20:56] <agronholm> everybody's busy
[20:56] <agronholm> and nobody is paying for development :)
[20:57] <qwebirc95722> Ahh got ya. So what is needed besides $$
[20:57] <agronholm> for someone knowledgeable to quit their current job or take extended leave
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