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[18:48] <like2omg> So... what's the Word of the Day?
[18:49] <like2omg> ... um... Just read the log URL now and the domain name is telling me "Jython Extreme Street" :/
[18:50] <agronholm> huh?
[18:50] <like2omg> hello
[18:50] <like2omg> which one are you "huh?"-ing to?
[18:50] <agronholm> <like2omg> ... um... Just read the log URL now and the domain name is telling me "Jython Extreme Street" :/
[18:51] <like2omg> http://jython.extreme.st/irclogs/ (the "jython.extreme.st" part)
[18:51] <like2omg> (thanks XChat... you make me have to download a sound file to play for highlights and stuff)
[18:52] <like2omg> (... but my cellphone that I'm tethering from I can probably enable USB debugging and pull......)
[18:53] <agronholm> ok, I guess I just didn't understand what you were asking
[18:53] <like2omg> total fail... cannot tether and have usb debugging on at the same time xD
[18:53] <agronholm> what do you need usb debugging for
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[18:54] <like2omg> was going to pull some sound files from my phone onto this Xubuntu install and have one of them play on nick highlight
[18:54] <like2omg> but I guess I must resort to other means
[18:54] <agronholm> I'll be ditching xubuntu in the near future
[18:54] <agronholm> xfce just sucks so badly, and it won't get fixed
[18:55] <agronholm> because xfce development has stalled for what, 2 years now?
[18:55] <like2omg> are you planning on Lubuntu?
[18:55] <agronholm> kubuntu more like
[18:55] <like2omg> Thank goodness! Lubuntu, when I used it on a friend's laptop... the updates found notification ALWAYS came up on top
[18:56] <like2omg> so if you were playing a game, too bad-- focus lost!
[18:57] <like2omg> Oh yeah... the website for Jython doesn't have the Jython installer for the latest as a link (I had to do some "medium-core URL editing" to find the installer)
[18:58] <agronholm> it will once fwierzbicki concludes that b3 is publish-worthy
[18:58] <like2omg> I was talking about the something7something(?) b2 version
[18:58] <agronholm> right, that...
[18:59] <agronholm> you can get the installer from maven
[18:59] <like2omg> Jython 2.7beta2
[18:59] <agronholm> but the website will be fixed along with the b3 publication
[18:59] <like2omg> or manually get the url yourself...
[18:59] <like2omg> I used this as a reference... http://search.maven.org/remotecontent?filepath=org/python/jython-installer/2.5.4-rc1/jython-installer-2.5.4-rc1.jar
[18:59] <like2omg> and edited this one... http://search.maven.org/remotecontent?filepath=org/python/jython-standalone/2.7-b2/jython-standalone-2.7-b2.jar
[19:00] <like2omg> so it was just a simple editing of s.replace("standalone","installer")
[19:00] <like2omg> (but I did it manually, key by key, of course)
[19:01] <like2omg> I know this sounds stupid, but do you know if anyone has used Jython for server-side stuff (web pages or other things)?
[19:02] <like2omg> my reasoning on "sounds stupid" is the speed impact
[19:02] <agronholm> many people have
[19:02] <like2omg> wow...
[19:03] <like2omg> hmm.. plan on having an IRC bot that is able to read "s/<1>/<2>/" where "<1>" is search regex and "<2>" is replace regex... would reprint the last line of the invoker with it edited
[19:04] <agronholm> do you need jython for that?
[19:04] <like2omg> that would just be for the IRC channel
[19:04] <like2omg> you know, so people don't need to blocklist
[19:04] <like2omg> blacklist * <-- like that
[19:05] <like2omg> it would for example, if I typed "s/blocklist/blacklist/" then it would print "<like2omg> you know, so people don't need to "{{start bold}}"blacklist"{{end bold}}
[19:06] <like2omg> the IRC server for Spigot has a bot that does that and more (a Minecraft server that implements the Bukkit server plugin API)
[19:07] <like2omg> I think I'm dominating the IRC chat right now :\
[19:08] <like2omg> um... http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/LangSyntax.html
[19:08] <like2omg> Listing 1-14 seems to not have the indents that is required by Python syntax
[19:09] <agronholm> what indents?
[19:09] <like2omg> defs aren't indented from the class, def contents aren't either
[19:09] <agronholm> those statements are all in the same block
[19:09] <agronholm> oh 1-14
[19:09] <agronholm> you're right
[19:10] <like2omg> either add that CSS to preserve space or add the &nbsp; character
[19:10] <like2omg> lol... this book needs a fix-up... Listing 1-16 has the same issue
[19:11] <agronholm> I'm sure it'll be updated for 2.7 eventually -- then it will probably get a refresh in other parts too
[19:11] <like2omg> for string formatting, does '%i' work in Jython? (I think it is just the same as '%d' )
[19:12] <agronholm> that does not depend on the python implementation
[19:12] <like2omg> oh...
[19:12] <like2omg> >>> x = 2.3456 [few lines down] >>> print '%d' % x [next line] 2
[19:13] <like2omg> I never knew a decimal meant an integer
[19:14] <agronholm> that's how it works in C too
[19:14] <agronholm> try %f instead
[19:14] <like2omg> then why has it always been for me that.... *opens Python and tries '%d' *
[19:14] <agronholm> you just were imagining it
[19:14] <like2omg> okay...
[19:15] <like2omg> nice timing, I just hit enter a split second after your message pops up on my screen
[19:17] <like2omg> do you think it is a good idea to always put variables that isn't expected to be lists/tuples/dicts in a tuple after the % token?
[19:17] <agronholm> that's what I do
[19:17] <like2omg> good idea, right?
[19:18] <agronholm> it works
[19:18] <agronholm> of course str.format() is safe either way
[19:18] <like2omg> can't always expect the def will be sent a string instead of them sending a tuple, etc.
[19:18] <agronholm> what def
[19:19] <like2omg> function/subroutine (def statement)
[19:19] <like2omg> oh snap! I think I made Jython freeze!
[19:19] <like2omg> I typed "help(str.format)" in Jython's interpreter... it is seeming to just sit there
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[19:20] <like2omg> hello budwiser101
[19:20] <like2omg> lol... it wasn't even using CPU!
[19:21] <agronholm> worksforme
[19:21] <like2omg> I installed the 2.7b2
[19:21] <like2omg> ... how do I make the mouse wheel "roll up" windows again in Xubuntu?
[19:21] <agronholm> worksforme
[19:22] <agronholm> put the cursor on the title bar
[19:22] <like2omg> ... NOW I see the option in Window Manager Tweaks...
[19:22] <agronholm> then use wheel up
[19:23] <like2omg> got it working now... (it isn't default on Xubuntu)
[19:23] <like2omg> also, which key should I use for "Key used to grab and move windows:" ... Hyper or Super ?
[19:24] <like2omg> (note: there's the same key on this laptop)
[19:24] <like2omg> help() isn't able to get anything on str
[19:25] <like2omg> okay... help() is borked for me -_-
[19:25] <agronholm> http://bpaste.net/show/50ReKO1oOUV9dBdbsElS/
[19:25] <like2omg> what's a temporary image upload site?
[19:26] <agronholm> I often use dropcanvas
[19:35] <like2omg> http://dropcanvas.com/ebf6x
[19:37] <like2omg> agronholm, notice anything wrong with that?
[19:40] <agronholm> it seems like I'm running a slightly different build
[19:40] <agronholm> a more recent one
[19:40] <agronholm> try with b3?
[19:40] <like2omg> I got this I think yesterday or so... via. a manually edited link of what was on the download page
[19:40] <like2omg> do I just go to maven.<whatever> and go from there?
[19:41] <like2omg> the links are "search.maven.org"... idk how to navigate those
[19:41] <like2omg> (without trial and error, of course)
[19:42] <agronholm> hm, let me try and find you the links
[19:42] <like2omg> i found the site
[19:43] <agronholm> https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/orgpython-1026/org/python/jython-installer/2.7-b3/jython-installer-2.7-b3.jar
[19:43] <like2omg> but do I go all dirty and ... ... you beat me two it
[19:43] <like2omg> this is what i could find: http://search.maven.org/#browse%7C-2106214909
[19:44] <like2omg> up one level does NOT have 2.7-b3
[19:44] <agronholm> that's why I pasted this link
[19:44] <agronholm> b3 hasn't been officially launched
[19:44] <like2omg> agronholm, remove all "a"s from your last line and read it again =P
[19:45] <like2omg> i mean... last "a"
[19:45] <like2omg> "b3 hasn't been officially lunched"
[19:45] <agronholm> ?
[19:45] <like2omg> im weird... that's all...
[19:45] <agronholm> funny things appear when you remove letters from words
[19:45] <agronholm> that's nothing new
[19:46] <like2omg> now where's my usb hdd... I need to get my little script I used for doing screenshots
[19:46] <like2omg> the script I made in Bash used the scrot program
[19:47] <like2omg> and it even featured a simple lock file, but i need to update it to touch a file and stop if it already exists
[19:48] <like2omg> the way I have it set up now, if the program gets spam-executed, it might not get many printscreens
[19:48] <like2omg> so should I remove the old version by deletion of the directory, or do I need to do more?
[19:49] <agronholm> you're asking the wrong person probably...
[19:49] <agronholm> because I don't know what you're talking about
[19:49] <like2omg> for deletion of jython
[19:49] <like2omg> @ last many-word line
[19:51] <like2omg> shout! I forgot the "auto-mount" thing
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[20:03] <like2omg> how do you create a file in bash and have a non-zero exit status if it already exists?
[20:16] <like2omg> looks like I don't even need a lock file for the screenshot thing as the keybind in the system only fires when pressed, not held
[20:16] <like2omg> nvm
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[20:30] <like2omg> thanks agronholm! that jar of pickles worked!
[20:31] <like2omg> s/pickles/jython/
[20:31] <agronholm> not sure what I did :)
[20:32] <like2omg> the jython jar you shown actually worked for help() for me
[20:32] <agronholm> ok
[20:33] <like2omg> well... I'll go play some games for now... good luck with whatever you are doing
[20:33] <agronholm> playing FTL :)
[20:33] <like2omg> ... Minecraft or ...?
[20:34] <agronholm> Faster Than Light
[20:34] <agronholm> it's pretty famous.
[20:34] <like2omg> never heard of it
[20:34] <agronholm> really?
[20:34] <like2omg> probably haven't heard of it because I don't browse many areas online
[20:34] <like2omg> but if I have heard it, I forgot already
[20:34] <agronholm> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-SnIhpCm5w
[20:34] <like2omg> lol at title
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