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IRC Log for 2014-08-08

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[0:00] <stormelf> gotta say I was never an apple fan
[0:00] <stormelf> but I really like my macbook air
[0:00] <xemdetia> I will have to get past my dislike of apple
[0:00] <xemdetia> part of the perks of the job I took was to stay away from apple, but recently that has changed
[0:00] <stormelf> it's lovely to code with this
[0:00] <stormelf> 12h battery + portability like a fucker
[0:00] <stormelf> + OSX actually has BASH (looking at you windows)
[0:01] <stormelf> the laptops are nice
[0:01] <stormelf> I don't find the macbook air overpriced tbh
[0:01] <stormelf> zenbooks cost more and are the same
[0:01] <stormelf> with lesser battery
[0:01] <stormelf> I sold my retina to get a zenbook
[0:01] <stormelf> 3 came faulty
[0:01] <stormelf> I said 'fuck it' and got an air
[0:02] <xemdetia> The PC space for laptops is really awkward right now. I wish I had more information about what was going on right now
[0:02] <onr> i could never like osx for some reason, air is nice otherwise
[0:02] <xemdetia> the quality is just all over the place
[0:03] <xemdetia> lenovo is solid generally but asus is either amazing or not quite right
[0:03] <stormelf> laptops...
[0:03] <stormelf> Samsung series 9 and 7 are cool
[0:03] <stormelf> otherwise - crappy build quality
[0:04] <xemdetia> I mean I have beat the tar out of my asus eeepc 1005ha
[0:04] <stormelf> zenbooks come in batches either epic or crappy as fuck
[0:04] <stormelf> Lenovo has been solid all around
[0:04] <xemdetia> and I love it to death
[0:04] <stormelf> onr, just put arch on it
[0:04] <stormelf> :D
[0:04] <onr> heh, i'm xubuntu these days
[0:05] <onr> works OK without bothering me
[0:05] <xemdetia> I just do debian minimal install and build up from there
[0:05] <stormelf> I like Arch a lot
[0:05] <xemdetia> debian + lxde + emacs + chrome
[0:05] <stormelf> but sometimes I just go with Fedora
[0:05] <stormelf> don't like lxde :x
[0:05] <xemdetia> I don't care really
[0:05] <xemdetia> lxde just has the least dependecies
[0:05] <stormelf> I just have on complaint about my air
[0:05] <stormelf> the damn screen
[0:05] <stormelf> if it was 1080p I'd be the happiest motherfucker ever
[0:06] <xemdetia> Yeah I don't know why people put up with comically small resolutions on laptops
[0:06] <stormelf> well, not the happiest, the guy that gets a surprise blowjob in the morning everyday is probably happier but, you get the point
[0:06] <stormelf> it's not bad tbh, since it's a 13"
[0:06] <stormelf> but coming from a retina, the first weeks hurt
[0:06] <xemdetia> I think it is more a graphics card thing
[0:06] <stormelf> nah
[0:06] <stormelf> it has an HD4000 or 4500
[0:06] <stormelf> it can handle way more than this
[0:06] <stormelf> it's just the screens are cheaper this way
[0:07] <xemdetia> maybe
[0:07] <xemdetia> well, probably
[0:07] <stormelf> higher res = more pixels = more $$$
[0:07] <stormelf> :P
[0:07] <xemdetia> I just am considering the limitations of the HD4000
[0:07] <stormelf> pixels are expensive mate :D
[0:08] <xemdetia> I've been trying to find an embeddable gpu lately
[0:08] <xemdetia> so yeah
[0:08] <stormelf> afaik it's 1440p
[0:08] <stormelf> the HD4000
[0:08] <xemdetia> yeah I want to use it for more bizarre things than that
[0:09] <stormelf> I've had a talk with a friend of mine few days ago
[0:09] <xemdetia> anyway its not like you can buy it as a component anymore it's all on the same die
[0:09] <stormelf> we totally should create a modular laptop
[0:09] <stormelf> like, PCI-E ports on the side
[0:09] <stormelf> 1 on each side
[0:09] <stormelf> :D
[0:09] <stormelf> external GPUS,SSDS,RAM,you name it
[0:09] <stormelf> :P
[0:09] <xemdetia> there was a way that you could use a video card with a pci-e 1x external adapter for a while
[0:10] <xemdetia> but they stopped shipping an external pci-e adapter on laptops
[0:10] <stormelf> would be nice though
[0:10] <stormelf> say,I'm on my air
[0:10] <stormelf> suddenly I want to play Crisis 3 or w/e
[0:10] <stormelf> BAM, external GPU mothafucka
[0:11] <xemdetia> http://www.techradar.com/us/news/computing-components/graphics-cards/how-to-make-an-external-laptop-graphics-adaptor-915616
[0:11] <xemdetia> been done
[0:11] <stormelf> damn ppl stealing my ideas
[0:11] <stormelf> :D
[0:11] <xemdetia> ah I guess you need the expresscard slot mainly
[0:11] <xemdetia> anyway can you sketch out what you were trying to do with requests
[0:11] <stormelf> modular phones are gonna be neat
[0:12] <xemdetia> or were you still in the just get it work phase
[0:12] <stormelf> connecting to FIFA servers
[0:12] <stormelf> :P
[0:12] <xemdetia> such football
[0:12] <stormelf> I gave up on Java
[0:12] <xemdetia> oh I got it to work
[0:12] <stormelf> so I'm just coding python now
[0:12] <stormelf> it works with the python libraries
[0:12] <stormelf> what? :p
[0:12] <xemdetia> yeah
[0:12] <xemdetia> I got requests to work
[0:12] <stormelf> you got requests to work with jython?
[0:12] <xemdetia> yeah I just wanted to know what you were trying to do
[0:13] <xemdetia> I just didn't have time last night to get it setup properly
[0:13] <stormelf> how did you do that?
[0:13] <stormelf> :o
[0:14] <xemdetia> 1. downloaded jython standalone 2.7-b2, 2. downloaded requests-2.3.0.tar.gz from pypi, 3. unpacked requests-2.3.0 and drilled down to get the requests folder in the tar.gz file and dropped it in directory where I had jython-standalone-2.7-b2.jar
[0:15] <xemdetia> 4. java -jar jython-standalone-2.7-b2.jar, 5. in the REPL type 'import requests' 6. did 'dir(requests)'
[0:15] <xemdetia> and it seems to have loaded fine
[0:16] <stormelf> well I did do the same manually
[0:16] <stormelf> but then it had conflits with inits
[0:16] <xemdetia> http://pastebin.com/YLbmTZsY
[0:17] <xemdetia> java -jar jython-standalone-2.7-b2.jar
[0:18] <stormelf> I had done it y/day..meh, nvm it, but thanks . I'll just learn Python in the process
[0:18] <stormelf> btw
[0:18] <stormelf> http://pastebin.com/CWnTGMi7
[0:18] <stormelf> why does it give me an error when I do player = Player.Player(27,77,14,"Joe","Cole")
[0:18] <stormelf> ?
[0:18] <stormelf> NameError: global name 'Player' is not defined
[0:18] <xemdetia> That's not how you instantiate
[0:19] <xemdetia> player = Player(27,77,14,"Joe","Cole")
[0:19] <xemdetia> What you are doing is trying to step into the Player class and find a method called Player
[0:19] <stormelf> still error :x
[0:19] <xemdetia> And that error also indicates that you are not importing it properly
[0:19] <xemdetia> are you using the repl still?
[0:19] <stormelf> nope
[0:19] <stormelf> IDE
[0:19] <stormelf> netbeans
[0:20] <xemdetia> you folks and your ides
[0:20] <stormelf> I have too many files here :D
[0:21] <xemdetia> can you pastebin where you are doing your player thing
[0:21] <xemdetia> context is not obvious in python
[0:21] <xemdetia> (to me anyway)
[0:22] <stormelf> from main
[0:22] <stormelf> http://pastebin.com/H5ibj5ew
[0:22] <stormelf> same folder both files
[0:22] <xemdetia> you never imported Person
[0:22] <xemdetia> what is the name of your person.py
[0:22] <stormelf> it's Player :P
[0:22] <stormelf> Player.py
[0:23] <xemdetia> bah
[0:23] <stormelf> another error now!
[0:23] <stormelf> TypeError: 'module' object is not callable
[0:23] <stormelf> regarding the Player still
[0:24] <xemdetia> let me just do a sanity check and then I have to respond to this person in CN quick
[0:24] <stormelf> sure thing mate
[0:24] <xemdetia> a = Player(1,2,3,4,5,7)
[0:24] <xemdetia> is valid
[0:25] <stormelf> not here it ain't
[0:25] <stormelf> hum
[0:25] <xemdetia> oh I am a derp
[0:26] <xemdetia> I forgot to explain this to you
[0:26] <xemdetia> when you do 'import bob' python reads from the bob.py and creates a 'namespace' called bob
[0:27] <stormelf> so I can't use bob?
[0:27] <stormelf> :D
[0:27] <xemdetia> sorry, strike that
[0:27] <xemdetia> I'm just going to get my thoughts in order
[0:27] <stormelf> alrighty
[0:29] <xemdetia> It works for me if you do import Player you have to do Player.Player again because you've imported a module named 'Player' which contains a class defined as 'Player'
[0:30] <stormelf> my Player.Player was right
[0:30] <stormelf> :P
[0:30] <xemdetia> I just was assuming you were doing something different
[0:30] <xemdetia> yeah
[0:30] <stormelf> ya
[0:30] <stormelf> it's working now
[0:30] <stormelf> :
[0:30] <stormelf> :P
[0:30] <stormelf> boss me,boss me
[0:30] <stormelf> :P
[0:30] <stormelf> how can I make an hashtable of Player objects?
[0:30] <xemdetia> when it's an isolated class like that it's just more habit for me to do 'from module import Class' so it gets imported into the same context as the local namespace
[0:30] <stormelf> dicts seems limiting
[0:30] <stormelf> I see
[0:31] <xemdetia> how would they be limiting?
[0:31] <xemdetia> or rather
[0:31] <xemdetia> what are you really trying to do
[0:31] <stormelf> I mean, I made a Player class, maybe it was unneeded with dicts but...
[0:31] <stormelf> I'll explain in Java
[0:31] <xemdetia> sure
[0:31] <stormelf> so, I made a Player class with bunch of atributes and functions to return those, and a constructor to initialize once and unchangeable after the object is created.
[0:32] <stormelf> Now I need an HashTable to store a bunch of these object types
[0:32] <stormelf> the Key being an ID and the Type being Player
[0:33] <xemdetia> ok just make a new dict
[0:33] <xemdetia> and just do new_dict["id"] = Player.Player(blaslagjaglja)
[0:33] <xemdetia> (so there is a step before that says new_dict = dict()
[0:34] <stormelf> and it'll work like an hashtable?
[0:34] <xemdetia> yep
[0:34] <stormelf> I see
[0:34] <stormelf> that sounds neat
[0:34] <stormelf> and I can access it via id only or any other attributes too?
[0:34] <xemdetia> just id
[0:34] <stormelf> alright :)
[0:34] <xemdetia> if you wanted to do more than one I would just make a second dict()
[0:34] <xemdetia> so
[0:35] <xemdetia> thing_a = dict(), thing_b = dict(), p = Player.Player(blahblsbgsdhb), thing_a["id"] = p, thing_b["sid"] = p
[0:35] <xemdetia> I mean really what you want is a lookup table to your already constructed objects
[0:35] <xemdetia> not really a hash table
[0:36] <xemdetia> or rather you really don't care if it is hashed or not
[0:36] <stormelf> true
[0:36] <xemdetia> I always describe data structures to people as arrays, lists, trees and lookup tables
[0:36] <xemdetia> and most things are built out of those
[0:36] <stormelf> class Database(object): db = dict() def __init__(self,id,player): db[id]=player
[0:36] <stormelf> this would work then I guess?
[0:36] <xemdetia> you want to attach your dict type to self in __init__
[0:37] <stormelf> self.db?
[0:37] <xemdetia> the 'self' is like passing a literal 'this' to a method
[0:37] <stormelf> hum
[0:37] <stormelf> not really needed here
[0:37] <xemdetia> so you want to make sure you attach the variables you are creating to self
[0:37] <stormelf> unless it's nothing like java
[0:37] <stormelf> :D
[0:38] <xemdetia> I don't usually use python classes except as pure data types
[0:38] <stormelf> won't this work if outside I do something like
[0:38] <stormelf> db = Database(27,p), where p = Player(bla) ?
[0:38] <stormelf> and then print db[27] ?
[0:38] <stormelf> guess I should just try :D
[0:38] <xemdetia> yeah
[0:39] <xemdetia> you don't have to do class Database(object)
[0:39] <xemdetia> just do class Database
[0:39] <stormelf> what's the dif?
[0:41] <xemdetia> sorry someone's at my cube be back in a bit
[0:41] <stormelf> not working,hum
[0:41] <stormelf> kk
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[1:00] <stormelf> xemdetia,tell me when you're back plzor
[1:13] <stormelf> Python is gonna be the death of me
[1:19] * robbyoconnor (~wakawaka@guifications/user/r0bby) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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[1:28] <stormelf> god damn this :o
[1:33] <stormelf> someone around that can give a hand?
[1:33] <stormelf> or even a foot, I'm not picky
[1:42] <paolo> guys, anyone knows if the issue about mirroring bitbucket to github at euro python have been solved? eventually i'd be glad to help (despite of my limited capabilities).
[1:44] <paolo> just because i've been able to do something similar with a (small) project right now.
[2:07] <stormelf> hum
[2:07] <stormelf> python is just trying to mess with my mind
[2:07] <stormelf> T_T
[2:11] <stormelf> xemdetia,come back my savior
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[2:37] <stormelf> xemdetia,not back yetzor?
[3:11] <xemdetia> stormelf, sorry
[3:11] <xemdetia> had to do some serious people management
[3:13] <stormelf> did they get managed properly? :D
[3:14] <stormelf> http://pastebin.com/anKsm6DP
[3:14] <xemdetia> its a slow burn plan
[3:14] <stormelf> http://pastebin.com/Dx02AtRM
[3:15] <stormelf> input file looks like this but with more lines
[3:15] <stormelf> {"id":2,"r":69,"n":27,"f":"Giovanni","l":"Pasquale"}, {"id":11,"r":66,"n":18,"f":"Romain","l":"Rocchi"}, {"id":16,"r":69,"n":45,"f":"Luis","l":"Garc??a Fern??ndez","c":"Luis Garc??a"}, {"id":27,"r":77,"n":14,"f":"Joe","l":"Cole"},
[3:15] <stormelf> one {??} per line
[3:15] <stormelf> (sry straight to the issue, just before I forget eheh)
[3:15] <stormelf> player = Player.Player(int(str['id']),int(str['r']),int(str['n']) ,str['f'],str['l'],str.get('c')) TypeError: tuple indices must be integers, not str
[3:15] <stormelf> that's the error
[3:15] <stormelf> BUT
[3:15] <stormelf> if I do it like this
[3:15] <stormelf> str ="{\"id\":30,\"r\":77,\"n\":14,\"f\":\"Joe\",\"l\":\"Cole\",\"c\":\"Cristiano\"}"
[3:15] <stormelf> the parser works fine
[3:16] <stormelf> although from the file (and it's getting lines correctly couse I printed to check) it gives an error
[3:16] <stormelf> T_T
[3:16] <xemdetia> hmm let me set up a testbed quick
[3:16] <stormelf> you want my other classes then?
[3:17] <stormelf> http://pastebin.com/AdSq1Ljn
[3:17] <stormelf> http://pastebin.com/UdNb67fJ
[3:17] <stormelf> sure hope that whoever invented pastebin is rich
[3:21] <xemdetia> def __getitem__(self):
[3:21] <xemdetia> return self.player
[3:21] <xemdetia> I'm so confused by what you are trying to do here
[3:22] <stormelf> disregard that, it was the compiler giving an error because I am a stupid fuck and I realised what I needed instead but forgot to delete
[3:22] <stormelf> :D
[3:23] <xemdetia> ah
[3:23] <xemdetia> sorry
[3:23] <stormelf> you don't need to apologise :O you're helping me :p
[3:23] <xemdetia> I'm apologizing on behalf of python
[3:24] <stormelf> oh ya
[3:24] <stormelf> you're forgiven python
[3:24] <stormelf> for now
[3:34] <stormelf> it's just strange...
[3:34] <stormelf> it should get a string from the file
[3:35] <stormelf> and just give it to the parser
[3:35] <stormelf> the parser then evokes eval
[3:35] <stormelf> and parses the shit out of it
[3:35] <stormelf> works fine when I pass a manual string
[3:35] <stormelf> :(
[3:35] <stormelf> ohhh
[3:35] <stormelf> it's the fking ',' at the end :o
[3:35] <stormelf> is there a way to remove that when passing a string?
[3:36] <stormelf> removing the last char
[3:36] <stormelf> hum
[3:36] <xemdetia> yes
[3:36] <stormelf> how? :P
[3:36] <xemdetia> Are you sure that fixes the real problem?
[3:36] <stormelf> ya
[3:36] <stormelf> just checked
[3:36] <xemdetia> Is that a pasting issue or is that how you got it from the FIFA server
[3:37] <stormelf> how I get it
[3:37] <stormelf> I got* it
[3:37] <stormelf> it only needs to load once per startup
[3:37] <stormelf> so it's fine
[3:37] <xemdetia> okay then
[3:37] <stormelf> it was doing so in less than 2s on java
[3:37] <stormelf> so it should be fine
[3:37] <xemdetia> if your input is poorly formed JSON that's fine too. There is a functionality in Python called slices
[3:38] <stormelf> it was JSON but it's good this way
[3:38] <stormelf> think I found how
[3:38] <stormelf> str = str[:-1]
[3:38] <xemdetia> Yeah
[3:38] <xemdetia> that's slices
[3:38] <xemdetia> >>> b = 'aaaaaaaaaaab'
[3:38] <xemdetia> >>> b[:-1]
[3:38] <xemdetia> 'aaaaaaaaaaa'
[3:39] <xemdetia> Slices are useful for many things, if you keep python you should read up on them
[3:39] <stormelf> fixed the ',' error
[3:39] <stormelf> but still same error as before
[3:39] <stormelf> :/
[3:39] <stormelf> {"id":2,"r":69,"n":27,"f":"Giovanni","l":"Pasquale"},
[3:39] <stormelf> I get this line from the first read
[3:40] <stormelf> it should work fine...:(
[3:40] <xemdetia> you are using the real json parser right
[3:40] <stormelf> no
[3:40] <stormelf> I have a .txt file
[3:40] <stormelf> I'm reading line per line
[3:40] <stormelf> passing to parser, parser takes last char of the string, then eval(string) then parse it
[3:41] <stormelf> it's weird..
[3:42] <xemdetia> yeah give me a secodn to unwind this
[3:42] <stormelf> ty mate
[3:44] <xemdetia> so hold on you are reading these in line by line and a comma and the end of each line
[3:45] <stormelf> it's not really a comma is it? :P
[3:45] <stormelf> oh it is
[3:45] <stormelf> nvm
[3:45] <stormelf> :D
[3:45] <stormelf> {"id":2,"r":69,"n":27,"f":"Giovanni","l":"Pasquale"},
[3:45] <stormelf> ya
[3:45] <stormelf> taking the ',' out of the finish
[3:45] <stormelf> and then using eval(string)
[3:45] <xemdetia> yeah doing this eval thing is a really awkward way of doing this
[3:46] <xemdetia> using the json library that comes with python might be better in the end
[3:46] <xemdetia> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4342176/how-do-i-serialize-a-python-dictionary-into-a-string-and-then-back-to-a-diction is an example
[3:46] <stormelf> but but it's working when done manually .(
[3:46] <stormelf> :(
[3:46] <xemdetia> yes it is
[3:47] <stormelf> so why is it not working via file?
[3:47] <stormelf> boggles my mind
[3:47] <xemdetia> try running the string you parse in
[3:47] <xemdetia> str.strip()
[3:47] <xemdetia> maybe there is a whitespace character that it is not liking
[3:48] <xemdetia> err you have to do str = str.strip()
[3:48] <stormelf> OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU :p
[3:48] <xemdetia> this is why you should use the library for json or something, it just does this automagically and you don't forget or have someone like me forget
[3:48] <xemdetia> :)
[3:50] <stormelf> :D
[3:50] <stormelf> IT WOOOOORKS
[3:50] <stormelf> :D
[3:52] <stormelf> SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal
[3:52] <stormelf> opsie
[3:52] <stormelf> error at the very last line
[3:53] <xemdetia> well
[3:53] <xemdetia> you would have to check to see if str is length 0 after the strip
[3:54] <xemdetia> it sounds like you are trying to eval ""
[3:54] <xemdetia> and it may give that error
[3:54] <stormelf> File "<string>", line 1 {"id":215732,"r":87,"n":21,"f":"Oliver","l":"Bierhoff???} ^ SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal
[3:54] <stormelf> the arrow point to after }
[3:54] <stormelf> can't figure out why..it matches all the others :/
[3:55] <xemdetia> oh
[3:55] <xemdetia> the quote after bierhoff is a fancy endquot
[3:55] <stormelf> huh?
[3:55] <stormelf> what do you mean?
[3:56] <xemdetia> the quote after bierhoff
[3:56] <xemdetia> is a different character than "
[3:57] <xemdetia> you have _???_ instead of _"_
[3:57] <xemdetia> it totally depends on your font using though if it is plainly obvious
[3:57] <stormelf> indeed it is different
[3:57] <stormelf> but when I try to change it
[3:57] <stormelf> it changes back :o
[3:57] <xemdetia> here's a nickle kid
[3:57] <xemdetia> go and buy a real editor :)
[3:57] <stormelf> sec
[3:57] <xemdetia> I think that's a mac thing
[3:57] <stormelf> gonna change with sublime
[3:58] <xemdetia> yeah
[3:58] <xemdetia> something is trying to be fancy
[3:58] <stormelf> done
[3:58] <stormelf> goddamn you OSX standard editor
[3:58] <stormelf> -.-
[3:58] <stormelf> thanks mate
[3:58] <stormelf> I'd never notice rofl
[4:00] <xemdetia> yeah that is just one of those things
[4:00] <xemdetia> it is the reason I use emacs for everything
[4:00] <stormelf> it works now though :o
[4:00] <stormelf> good thing you had a client
[4:00] <stormelf> had to figure out dicts on my own, was messing with my mind :P
[4:00] <xemdetia> what do you mean had a client?
[4:01] <xemdetia> sorry we are entering the sleepythought territory
[4:01] <stormelf> didn't you got a costumer or something? :p
[4:01] <xemdetia> no I was not being dressed to be a clown
[4:01] <stormelf> it's 5 AM here
[4:01] <stormelf> still 3 more hours to go
[4:01] <xemdetia> I just had someone internal come to shake down my cube
[4:01] <stormelf> ok now you lost me lol
[4:01] <xemdetia> you said 'costumer' instead of 'customer'
[4:01] <stormelf> ops :D
[4:02] <stormelf> Making fun of non-natives, how scumbag of you :o
[4:02] <stormelf> ^^
[4:02] <stormelf> Gostava de te ver a falar portugu??s! Cara??as pah :D
[4:02] <xemdetia> it is more like my internal parser this late can only interpret things literally
[4:02] <stormelf> You can translate that on google
[4:02] <xemdetia> my barber for like 20 years only speaks portugese
[4:02] <stormelf> no swearing, I swear
[4:02] <stormelf> :D
[4:03] <xemdetia> its kind of funny
[4:03] <stormelf> a little bit more and you'd say portugeese
[4:03] <xemdetia> I don't know how to get my haircut with people that can speak english
[4:03] <stormelf> :D
[4:03] <stormelf> thanks for the help btw
[4:03] <xemdetia> no problem
[4:03] <stormelf> managed to make a parser,a class, a database, w00t
[4:04] <stormelf> damn this would've taken like 10 min in java
[4:04] <stormelf> rofl
[4:04] <stormelf> do you have skype btw?
[4:05] <xemdetia> wow the internet thinks I'm a she
[4:05] <xemdetia> I totally forgot
[4:05] <xemdetia> hahahahahaha
[4:05] <stormelf> why is that? :D
[4:06] <xemdetia> http://www.codecademy.com/forum_questions/50477992ece917000203cfa2
[4:06] <xemdetia> I forgot I contributed this
[4:06] <stormelf> LOL
[4:07] <stormelf> ahahah
[4:07] <stormelf> you seem to be loved as well
[4:07] <stormelf> :D
[4:07] <xemdetia> I need to get back in contact with them
[4:07] <xemdetia> it's been a while
[4:07] <xemdetia> I had a lot of RL stuff come up
[4:08] <stormelf> don't you just,like,hate RL?
[4:08] <stormelf> aff,always getting in the way of you and computers
[4:08] <stormelf> just,ugh
[4:15] <stormelf> -whois
[4:30] * like2omg (~like2omg@174-25-47-114.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #jython
[4:31] <like2omg> I'm back for a bit more time... hello again stormelf and xemdetia
[4:31] <stormelf> oh hiyo
[4:32] <xemdetia> hey like2omg
[4:32] <like2omg> I got a book from a well known store here in the states (I think it isn't just locally in my area)... JavaScript & jQuery (sorry, ain't Java-related)
[4:32] <like2omg> wtf... my first line wasn't visible until I highlighted it
[4:33] <like2omg> if some lines in XChat don't show up until highlighted, do you guys/gals think my linux is already infected?
[4:33] <like2omg> this has happened before for me
[4:33] <xemdetia> I don't know I never used xchat
[4:33] <like2omg> esp. with Chrome (Chrome/Chromium has a rendering error which is totally unrelated to XChat though)
[4:34] <like2omg> although I have had this issue before on Xubuntu
[4:35] <like2omg> it doesn't just affect Chrome/XChat
[4:35] <like2omg> strangely, I have set up iptables to only accept "RELATED,ESTABLISHED" requests coming in
[4:36] <like2omg> *checks to make sure rules are still in effect*
[4:36] <xemdetia> that's normal
[4:36] <like2omg> the iptables, or Linux sometimes not redrawing parts in any program
[4:36] <like2omg> ?
[4:38] <xemdetia> iptables
[4:38] <xemdetia> :)
[4:38] <like2omg> weird.. I disabled ipv6 on all devices except lo but it still got some inbound and outbound that I set up to DROP
[4:39] <like2omg> to eliminate high lookup times, I now use the -n flag when doing iptables lookups
[4:40] <xemdetia> are you sure they are not broadcast
[4:41] <like2omg> how would that be logical if I disabled all network interfaces EXCEPT lo from having ipv6 (sysctl)?
[4:41] <like2omg> in terms of OUTPUT
[4:42] <xemdetia> I haven't had to disable ipv6 in so long I don't remember where sysctl actually turns ipv6 off
[4:42] <xemdetia> there are also cases where the packets received/packets sent are not accurate
[4:43] <like2omg> now where is... "/proc/sys/..." ?
[4:44] <like2omg> okay... somehow it got reset
[4:45] <like2omg> how do I make /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/<device>/disable_ipv6 stick with the value 1 ?
[4:46] <xemdetia> sysctl.conf?
[4:46] <like2omg> ... forgot all about this... thanks xemdetia !
[4:49] <like2omg> would I only need to set "net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6" or do I need the "default", or even what is built into my laptop also?
[4:50] <xemdetia> which distro?
[4:50] <like2omg> Ubuntu to be "technically correct"
[4:50] <xemdetia> I think in debian based /etc/sysctl.conf but I would look it up
[4:51] <like2omg> Xubuntu is the "pre-packaged install flavor" (same kernel, same package repo)
[4:51] <xemdetia> I don't remember if I ever touched that
[4:51] <like2omg> Xubuntu is still Ubuntu, but has a different default selection of packages on install
[4:52] <like2omg> Xubuntu uses Xfce as the base GUI stuff instead of Ubuntu's Unity interface
[4:52] <like2omg> Kubuntu.. well... KDE
[4:52] <like2omg> Edubuntu...... I have no flippin' idea!
[4:52] * stormelf (58d6af27@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[4:52] <xemdetia> I just use debian
[4:52] <xemdetia> :(
[4:53] <xemdetia> http://askubuntu.com/questions/309461/how-to-disable-ipv6-permanently
[4:53] <like2omg> oh yeah, little known Lubuntu, LXDE (and an annoying update pop-up last I used it)
[4:53] <xemdetia> oh this is a better idea
[4:53] <xemdetia> I like debian stable because it basically never breaks and I just install the smallest system I need
[4:54] <xemdetia> and then compile any recent packages I want by hand
[4:54] <xemdetia> I forgot ipv6 is a module
[4:54] <xemdetia> but they also have the sysctl.conf lines :)
[4:54] <like2omg> kernel options...
[4:54] <like2omg> lol
[4:54] <xemdetia> those aren't kernel options
[4:55] <xemdetia> modprobe is something separate
[4:55] <like2omg> okay, "System Control" options...
[4:55] <xemdetia> more gui
[4:55] <xemdetia> D:
[4:55] <xemdetia> stop the gui
[4:56] <like2omg> If only the zenity package could allow programs to "stack" messages into one pop-up
[4:56] <like2omg> using the notification thing atm
[4:56] <xemdetia> oh I always turn that off
[4:57] <like2omg> on that link, should I just do that GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT one?
[4:57] <like2omg> --> GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="ipv6.disable=1 quiet splash"
[4:57] <like2omg> editing /etc/default/grub
[4:58] <xemdetia> I would start with sysctl.conf
[4:58] <xemdetia> but that's me personally
[4:58] <xemdetia> more undoable
[4:58] <like2omg> this idea has the side-note:
[4:58] <like2omg> +1 this works and disables IPv6 completely, so there are no traces of /proc/sys/net/ipv6/ left which may produce problems like X11 forwarding request failed because sshd tries to bind to a non-configured IPv6 interface. Note that similarly you can get rid of IPv4 this way on pure IPv6 VMs. Thanks. ? Tino May 29 at 7:48
[4:59] <like2omg> I don't know if that means sshd would attempt to bind on it being missing or what
[4:59] <xemdetia> well it probably depends on your sshd config
[5:00] <xemdetia> if you say listen on all networks somehow it might by default attempt to do ipv6 stuff without a check to see if ipv6 is available now that its so ubiquitious
[5:01] <like2omg> tbh, I like verbose startup messages... Windows completely fails on that without safe mode
[5:01] <like2omg> so I remove "quiet" and "splash" altogether from grub's configuration
[5:01] <like2omg> -- without re-compiling grub, of course
[5:02] <xemdetia> I suppose
[5:02] <like2omg> It's pretty funny actually (nope.avi) that grub, by default, will add one of those two flags to ANY Linux OS it finds
[5:02] <xemdetia> I'm sorry I haven't needed to tangle with grub in a long time
[5:03] <like2omg> you got the "set it and forget it" attitude. GG
[5:03] <xemdetia> huh that's interesting
[5:04] <like2omg> i think it is /etc/grub.d/10_linux that you can search for those two (vim perhaps?) and find out the logic on why it gets set... /etc/default/grub for the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT
[5:05] <xemdetia> there's probably some politics going on too
[5:05] <xemdetia> may as well hit the mailing list
[5:05] <like2omg> ..?
[5:06] <xemdetia> I'm saying that there probably was some project management decisions that designed this particular feature of include any additional parameters automatically
[5:06] <like2omg> ... no idea what you are talking about ... will skip
[5:08] <like2omg> Why is this file in /etc/grub.d ? it checks for a ${config_directory}/custom.cfg file and sources it, not found checks -z ${config_direcotry} -a -f $prefix/custom.cfg then sources that
[5:08] <like2omg> if that's too confusing, I could highlight, middle-mouse-paste it in
[5:09] <xemdetia> it is too early in the am to figure that out
[5:09] <like2omg> #!/bin/sh
[5:09] <like2omg> cat <<EOF
[5:09] <like2omg> if [ -f \${config_directory}/custom.cfg ]; then
[5:09] <like2omg> source \${config_directory}/custom.cfg
[5:09] <like2omg> elif [ -z "\${config_directory}" -a -f \$prefix/custom.cfg ]; then
[5:09] <like2omg> source \$prefix/custom.cfg;
[5:09] <like2omg> fi
[5:09] <like2omg> EOF
[5:10] <like2omg> - - - - - - - has the name /etc/grub.d/41_custom
[5:11] <like2omg> UEFI install of Xubuntu (the one with "30" as the start is "30_uefi-firmware" aka uefi settings)
[5:12] <like2omg> it also doesn't follow the standard format of having an exec line with a comment header
[5:13] <like2omg> derp... missed the 30_os-prober
[5:16] <xemdetia> this has been a weird night
[5:16] <like2omg> mailing list?
[5:16] <like2omg> or me?
[5:16] <xemdetia> I found out that a thing I wrote is being used as a course at a university
[5:16] <xemdetia> LOL
[5:17] <like2omg> xemdetia, congrats! your work is being professionally taught!
[5:17] <xemdetia> I'm surprised anyone made sense of it at all
[5:17] <like2omg> ... by the way... what was it anyways?
[5:18] <like2omg> please tell me it isn't a very complex BrainF*ck program
[5:18] <xemdetia> http://www.codecademy.com/courses/javascript-intermediate-tpoPb/0/1
[5:18] <xemdetia> I assume some people have done some work on it since then
[5:18] <xemdetia> codecademy went through a few revisions
[5:18] <like2omg> oh, codecademy
[5:20] <like2omg> lol... I'm not allowed to do it compactly.
[5:21] <like2omg> I put this in "chooseWord()" :
[5:21] <like2omg> return words[Math.floor(Math.random() * words.length)];
[5:21] <like2omg> here's the error they gave me: Oops, try again. Make sure you have defined all the variables!
[5:22] <xemdetia> yeah
[5:22] <xemdetia> I am assuming it is broken forever
[5:22] <like2omg> is my code valid?
[5:22] <xemdetia> don't know don't remember
[5:22] <like2omg> words is the array of strings for words
[5:22] <xemdetia> I had to write basically a crude parser for every possible variant
[5:23] <xemdetia> for every step
[5:23] <like2omg> oh...
[5:23] <xemdetia> and again I don't even know if the course works anymore as is
[5:23] <like2omg> this only gives one word in "chooseWord()" function
[5:24] <like2omg> and I guess you are required to use a variable in there
[5:24] <xemdetia> again I'm probably sure something is broken
[5:24] <xemdetia> the last time I looked at this website was 2012
[5:24] <xemdetia> return words[Math.floor(Math.random() * words.length)];
[5:25] <xemdetia> this was the saved 'solution' from when I completed the exercise
[5:25] <like2omg> that's exactly what I typed (i think)
[5:25] <xemdetia> yeah I think so too
[5:26] <xemdetia> I don't know
[5:26] <xemdetia> I'll have to contact some people there
[5:26] <xemdetia> maybe I can set about fixing that among everything else
[5:26] <like2omg> step two seems to fail also
[5:26] <xemdetia> I imagine they all fail- honest
[5:26] <like2omg> for (var i=0; i<answerWord.length; i++) {
[5:26] <like2omg> result += "_";
[5:26] <like2omg> }
[5:26] <xemdetia> it was a HUGE undertaking
[5:27] <xemdetia> but my ability to do error checking was very crude
[5:27] <xemdetia> hopefully they developed a way to do it better and my old tests don't work anymore
[5:28] <xemdetia> I had to try and guide the reader through the instructions into something that would pass a few options for regex
[5:28] <xemdetia> :)
[5:28] <like2omg> lol... it does show the result
[5:28] <like2omg> i think...
[5:28] <xemdetia> I don't have access to edit anymore
[5:29] <like2omg> comments must be removed?
[5:29] <xemdetia> idk I'm trying to figure it out myself
[5:29] <like2omg> their own answer is invalid!
[5:30] <xemdetia> I'll send an email to some guy I know there
[5:31] <xemdetia> I know my twitter probably blew up but I haven't logged into that since 2012 either :)
[5:31] <like2omg> on the left side, should have a drop down for selecting the step. "Finishing the Game!" and clicking that to click "21. All Finished!"
[5:31] <like2omg> I hope your twitter password is different than your email password
[5:32] <xemdetia> dunno
[5:32] <xemdetia> I used a tosser account for both
[5:32] <xemdetia> I have to go into my console to try and undo it
[5:32] <xemdetia> :)
[5:32] <like2omg> now-days, some sites require you to verify the change with your original email before you can switch
[5:33] <xemdetia> it's part of my google apps setup
[5:33] <like2omg> kid-friendly games are common
[5:33] <xemdetia> just its not an account I regularly use
[5:33] <like2omg> wait-what? Google Craps? Google Cramps? Google Pamp...ers?
[5:35] <xemdetia> google apps- it used to be if you owned a domain you can get gmail for your domain name for free
[5:35] <xemdetia> and you got like 25 gmail accounts or something
[5:35] <like2omg> was it codecademy that uses your email for spam, or was it some other site?
[5:35] <like2omg> xemdetia, I was messing with the name again
[5:35] <xemdetia> sorry too tired
[5:36] <xemdetia> I'm realizing I had a recruiter contact me from a company I didnt expect a month or two back
[5:36] <xemdetia> and trying to remember if I actually talked to this person
[5:37] <like2omg> maybe fake person trying to get big bank?
[5:37] <like2omg> s/person/company/
[5:37] <xemdetia> too robust
[5:37] <xemdetia> of a disguise
[5:37] <xemdetia> :)
[5:38] * mbooth (~mbooth@ Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[5:38] <like2omg> wtf... I read "JQUERY SOUND EFFECTS"
[5:38] <like2omg> bottom entry for http://www.codecademy.com/en/tracks/jquery
[5:42] <xemdetia> ha that's funny
[5:42] <like2omg> is the JavaScript expression ( -1 / 0 ) really become null?
[5:42] <xemdetia> my life is perl right now
[5:42] <xemdetia> I can only deal with one language's weirdness at a time
[5:42] <xemdetia> :)
[5:42] <like2omg> fine... ECMAScript
[5:42] <like2omg> JScript
[5:42] <like2omg> Rhino
[5:43] <like2omg> Spidermonkey
[5:43] <xemdetia> v8
[5:43] <like2omg> forgot about that one... lol
[5:44] <xemdetia> divide by zero probably is just undefined behaviour by ecmascript spec
[5:44] <xemdetia> I never read that one too deeply
[5:44] <like2omg> 1/0 is NaN
[5:44] <like2omg> last I knew
[5:44] <xemdetia> well if NaN is the output
[5:45] <like2omg> my bad
[5:45] <like2omg> Infinity
[5:45] <xemdetia> then () is trying to do mathematical operation on (NaN) I suspect and that evaluates to WTF?! null
[5:45] <xemdetia> because javascript
[5:45] <like2omg> i put it in ()s and it didn't change the output
[5:46] <like2omg> the console in Chrome shows Infinity and -Infinity... why does codecademy show null?
[5:46] <onr> sorry to interrupt, i have a question: is jython development active?
[5:46] <xemdetia> yes
[5:46] <xemdetia> I just don't think it is a very big team right now
[5:47] <onr> i heard GAE's python uses jython. i'm surprised they don't contribute code
[5:47] * stormelf (58d6af27@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #jython
[5:47] <xemdetia> well jython tries to be a drop-in replacement
[5:47] <xemdetia> its possible that they don't have to change anything
[5:47] <stormelf> Jython is the devil
[5:47] <stormelf> beware
[5:47] <like2omg> xemdetia, haha...ha....
[5:48] <like2omg> stormelf <onr> i heard GAE's python uses jython. i'm surprised they don't contribute code
[5:48] <stormelf> I should make my own irc, with java and hookers
[5:48] <stormelf> :D
[5:48] <stormelf> no idea
[5:48] <stormelf> I'm a noob in both
[5:48] <like2omg> and sorry for mishighlighting you xemdetia ... i mean to highlight stormelf that time
[5:48] <xemdetia> well they might have the problem of the GAE jython team being related to the unladen swallow project
[5:48] <stormelf> managed to make some functions today and some classes, so I got that going for me, which is nice
[5:48] <xemdetia> so there might be some weird legal silliness going on
[5:49] <onr> hmm
[5:49] <stormelf> why is your nick all red :o
[5:49] <stormelf> server
[5:49] <like2omg> stormelf, what irc are you using?
[5:49] <stormelf> ops
[5:49] <stormelf> webchat right now ahah
[5:49] <stormelf> lime is not wanting to connect for some reason
[5:49] <like2omg> oh... qwebirc I never heard of
[5:50] <onr> it's freenode's web client
[5:50] <onr> written in python
[5:50] <like2omg> stormelf, if their name is red, then probably that one colors each nick differently
[5:51] <stormelf> nop
[5:51] <stormelf> it's just you
[5:51] <like2omg> onr, if it is coded in Python, then do you mean it is running on the server as Python and executed on the client with Java/JavaScript?
[5:51] <stormelf> maybe you're special
[5:51] <stormelf> what data are you using to connect?
[5:51] <stormelf> keeps not connecting for some reason
[5:52] <like2omg> okay, what text am I missing? I see stormelf talking to nobody
[5:52] <like2omg> my latency isn't high either
[5:52] <onr> like2omg: python at server side, and javascript on browser
[5:52] <like2omg> onr, thanks.
[5:52] <like2omg> stormelf, are you talking about trying to ctcp towards me?
[5:53] * stormelf_ (~stormelf@ has joined #jython
[5:53] <like2omg> stormelf_ nice
[5:53] <like2omg> are you having issues?
[5:54] <stormelf> ok
[5:54] <stormelf> limechat sucks rofl
[5:54] <like2omg> If you are unable to ctcp me then maybe I have a firewall that is stopping it?
[5:54] <stormelf> ctcp?
[5:54] * stormelf_ (~stormelf@ Quit (Client Quit)
[5:54] <like2omg> or... /msg
[5:55] <stormelf> seems like I can
[5:55] * craigez1 (~craign@2001:8003:6014:f301:283c:67f:9544:4535) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[5:55] * mbooth (~mbooth@ has joined #jython
[5:58] * stormelf_ (~stormelf@ has joined #jython
[5:58] <stormelf_> lol
[5:58] <stormelf_> YAY IT WORKS
[5:58] <stormelf_> finally
[5:58] <like2omg> the question is, for how long?
[5:58] <stormelf_> fuck knows
[5:58] <stormelf_> how can I even register the nickname hum
[5:59] * stormelf (58d6af27@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[5:59] * stormelf_ is now known as stormelf
[6:00] <like2omg> got that last message after you closed the webchat?
[6:01] <xemdetia> stormelf, you have to register with chanserv
[6:01] <xemdetia> say /msg chanserv help I think
[6:01] <xemdetia> err
[6:01] <xemdetia> eee /msg nickserv help
[6:02] <like2omg> lol
[6:02] <stormelf> hum
[6:02] <stormelf> I got the email already
[6:02] <stormelf> think I'm registered
[6:03] <like2omg> stormelf, did you click the link in it that was stated for registering?
[6:03] * mbooth (~mbooth@ Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[6:03] <stormelf> no,I've done the command :p
[6:03] <like2omg> oh that works
[6:03] <like2omg> .. and isn't this fun swithing between channel and PM? D
[6:04] <stormelf> no :D
[6:04] <like2omg> [/sarcasm]
[6:04] <stormelf> I see your chat on my bottom window as well
[6:04] <stormelf> so it's k
[6:05] <like2omg> oh you get the all-in-one?
[6:05] <stormelf> ya
[6:05] <stormelf> it's ugly as fuck
[6:05] <stormelf> but k
[6:05] <stormelf> it works
[6:05] <like2omg> that's the good part about terminal IRC programs
[6:05] <like2omg> the all-in-one
[6:05] <stormelf> I liked the one I used back in 2004 better
[6:05] <stormelf> but it's windows
[6:05] <stormelf> not around for OSX
[6:05] <like2omg> stormelf, do you remember its name?
[6:06] <stormelf> mIRC
[6:06] <xemdetia> irssi
[6:06] <xemdetia> use irssi
[6:06] <xemdetia> I think there is a mac version
[6:06] <stormelf> let me check
[6:06] <xemdetia> oh nevermind if you are a mirc person I guess it is not much better
[6:06] <xemdetia> mirc is def windows
[6:06] <like2omg> is "irssi" ... "IRC" oh, I get it.
[6:06] <stormelf> yap
[6:06] <stormelf> brew found irssi
[6:06] <stormelf> installing
[6:07] <stormelf> gotta love having bash on OSX
[6:07] <like2omg> if you liked XChat, there's HexChat to fill the version gap
[6:07] <stormelf> never used XChat
[6:07] <like2omg> I think HexChat is multi-platform.. but I cannot recall
[6:07] <stormelf> 50more minutes
[6:07] <like2omg> XChat is GUI
[6:07] <stormelf> till my night shift is done
[6:07] <stormelf> oh, kk, thought someone made one called like that :D
[6:08] <like2omg> HexChat is a continuation of XChat
[6:08] <xemdetia> hexchat is what I am using now and it seems ok
[6:08] <like2omg> so... updated and stuff
[6:08] <stormelf> xemdetia
[6:08] <stormelf> you really liked terminals
[6:08] <stormelf> like
[6:08] <stormelf> *
[6:08] <stormelf> :D
[6:08] <xemdetia> well what I was doing for a while was using my vps as a remote terminal
[6:09] <xemdetia> and was using gnu screen to let my terminal stay resident
[6:09] <xemdetia> irssi for irc and finch for im all in one spot
[6:09] <stormelf> you guys are geeks even to me ! :P
[6:09] <xemdetia> for me it was more laziness
[6:09] <stormelf> guess terminal programs are good
[6:09] <like2omg> keeping your irc open is more geek than lazy
[6:09] <stormelf> once you get the hang of em
[6:09] <stormelf> till then it's an hassle
[6:10] <like2omg> esp. over vps
[6:10] <xemdetia> I guess
[6:10] <xemdetia> I wasn't using a vps for a long time but that server box melted
[6:10] <xemdetia> :)
[6:10] <like2omg> my last line, continues my line before it
[6:10] <stormelf> lol :D
[6:10] <like2omg> left it on too long?
[6:11] <xemdetia> well it was on basically 24x7 for 4 years
[6:11] <stormelf> that's nothing
[6:11] <like2omg> talk about a hot tamale
[6:11] <xemdetia> and one morning the fan got stuck and the old amd proc melted through the mobo into a puddle
[6:11] <stormelf> my heart has been beating like a fucker for 22 years, 24/7
[6:11] <stormelf> ol' times where mobos didn't have protections
[6:11] <stormelf> and anything and everything could melt down
[6:11] <stormelf> :D
[6:11] <like2omg> stormelf, really?
[6:11] <like2omg> really?
[6:11] <stormelf> rly
[6:12] <like2omg> you got to be like that?
[6:12] <stormelf> sry :(
[6:12] <like2omg> lol
[6:12] <like2omg> ;-)
[6:12] <stormelf> didn't mean to make you cry
[6:12] <stormelf> :'(
[6:12] <stormelf> gonna love the try hard scammers on tech forums
[6:12] <stormelf> rofl
[6:14] <stormelf> oh god :D
[6:14] <like2omg> anyone heard of the alternative to Cheat Engine on Linux?
[6:14] <like2omg> besides me of course
[6:14] <stormelf> they could probably sell, if they knew how to write 2 sentences without sounding like the baby of a retarded midget with a even more retarded dworf
[6:14] <stormelf> no
[6:14] <stormelf> do tell
[6:14] <like2omg> I forgot the name of it but I might be able to look it up
[6:14] <stormelf> you had one job, like2omg!
[6:14] <stormelf> just one!
[6:14] <stormelf> Anyway
[6:14] <stormelf> what do you do for a living?
[6:14] <stormelf> besides lurking irc
[6:14] <like2omg> ... pretty much get annoyed the heck out of
[6:14] <like2omg> home... ""work""....
[6:14] <stormelf> and do you get paid to get annoyed?
[6:14] <like2omg> no
[6:14] <stormelf> that's sad
[6:15] <like2omg> ""work"" only pays me when I am actively typing up something... and currently I cannot do any
[6:15] <stormelf> freelancing?
[6:16] <like2omg> not allowed to anymore since a new site manager is there and I'm not certified by the company to look at confidential documents
[6:16] <stormelf> call NSA
[6:16] <stormelf> and look anyway
[6:16] <stormelf> :D
[6:16] <like2omg> (I'm a client at an adult special needs day program... so that probably means "I'm special"... if high functioning autism is special...)
[6:17] <like2omg> also, you don't need to rhyme
[6:17] <stormelf> it did rhyme, was not on purpose :D
[6:17] <stormelf> so you have autism?
[6:18] <like2omg> Asperger Syndrome and ADHD (I think)
[6:18] <stormelf> that's a lot of big words right there
[6:18] <like2omg> for sure on the first one though
[6:18] <stormelf> at least you don't suffer of douchebagery or do you?
[6:19] <like2omg> ... I may come off rude to some, but probably due to either not thinking before I say or being persistent
[6:19] <stormelf> you don't seem to have much trouble communicating
[6:19] <stormelf> :D
[6:19] <stormelf> so what are your interests btw?
[6:19] <stormelf> are you obsessed with something in particular?
[6:20] <like2omg> Asperger Syndrome people normally have little to no problem with normal communication, but understanding body language for example... that's totally different
[6:20] <stormelf> how old are you?
[6:20] <like2omg> My obsession is computers... and some video games
[6:20] <like2omg> 26
[6:20] <like2omg> 28 next year
[6:20] <stormelf> you age at an unusual rate!
[6:21] <like2omg> (no my math is not wrong)
[6:21] <stormelf> please explain
[6:21] <like2omg> 26 now. birthday hasn't passed this year. talking about after birthday next year.
[6:22] <xemdetia> at least you're better off than me
[6:22] <xemdetia> I have to get out a calculator every time someone asks
[6:22] <like2omg> my math is going a bit awful though... had a hard time with second semister of Pre-Calculus in High School
[6:23] <stormelf> well, when you said next year, it was inferred it was today :D
[6:23] <like2omg> lol
[6:23] <stormelf> xemdetia
[6:23] <stormelf> I always say I'm 1 year younger
[6:23] <stormelf> for like 6 months after my birthday
[6:23] <stormelf> it's a struglle
[6:23] <stormelf> struggle*
[6:23] <stormelf> real one :(
[6:23] <xemdetia> sorry I only know my birthday in ms since epoch
[6:23] <stormelf> who even celebrates birthdays anyway
[6:23] <xemdetia> gregorian dates beyond me
[6:23] <like2omg> Oh yeah... that struggle... age levels up and you got to get used to the new number
[6:24] <stormelf> growing up is fun till you're 18
[6:24] <stormelf> (yay adulthood! who am I kidding - yay drinking and driving)
[6:24] <stormelf> like2omg
[6:24] <stormelf> those damn logical gates got too much delay
[6:25] * like2omg is attempting to think of a joke to say
[6:26] * like2omg failing on thinking of what to reply to stormelf's line
[6:26] * like2omg got an idea
[6:26] <like2omg> "Open wide"
[6:26] <xemdetia> I think I had enough of birthday when I was like 8 or so
[6:26] <stormelf> open wide is always a good thing to say to women
[6:26] <stormelf> :D
[6:27] <like2omg> you actually got what I meant... wow...
[6:27] <stormelf> rofl
[6:27] <stormelf> I'm a dirty bastard
[6:27] <like2omg> dirty male dog? ... how do you have such good keyboarding skills??
[6:28] <stormelf> woof woof woof!
[6:28] <stormelf> woof
[6:28] <like2omg> dogs' paws are pretty big for a keyboard
[6:28] <stormelf> special dog keyboard
[6:28] <like2omg> good luck.
[6:28] <stormelf> huge bone shaped keys
[6:28] <stormelf> also use my tail and nose
[6:28] <like2omg> then the dog must flex a lot to type
[6:29] <stormelf> ya he's getting severe issues already
[6:29] <stormelf> doesn't matter, he likes to watch bitches
[6:29] <stormelf> what's the worst thing you can say to a women?
[6:29] <stormelf> "It's gonna take a minute"
[6:29] <stormelf> :D
[6:29] <stormelf> "It's only*" goddamn!
[6:29] <stormelf> :D
[6:29] <like2omg> s/women/woman/
[6:30] <stormelf> ops
[6:30] <stormelf> it's fucking 7:30AM
[6:30] <stormelf> I haven't slept yet
[6:30] <stormelf> forgive me
[6:30] <stormelf> -.-
[6:30] <like2omg> s/ops/oops/
[6:30] <like2omg> lol
[6:30] <stormelf> System.out(0)
[6:30] <like2omg> ... I think that's invalid unless I'm mistaken
[6:30] <stormelf> ;
[6:30] <stormelf> there
[6:30] <stormelf> too much python for today
[6:30] <stormelf> exit
[6:30] <stormelf> goddamn
[6:31] <stormelf> jfc
[6:31] <stormelf> xD
[6:31] <like2omg> is System.out a function?
[6:31] <stormelf> System.exit(0);
[6:31] <stormelf> god thing there's no logs
[6:31] <stormelf> good*
[6:31] <stormelf> omg
[6:31] <stormelf> gonna stop typing
[6:31] <like2omg> exit(0); # Python
[6:31] <stormelf> -.-
[6:31] <like2omg> exit() # Python still
[6:31] <stormelf> you know what really grinds my gears?
[6:31] <like2omg> stormelf, you forgot?
[6:31] <stormelf> all those kids saying loose instead of lose
[6:32] <like2omg> http://jython.extreme.st/irclogs/
[6:32] <stormelf> I know
[6:32] <stormelf> :D
[6:32] <stormelf> wait
[6:32] <stormelf> how do you highlight my nick
[6:32] <stormelf> <like2omg> :o
[6:32] <stormelf> doesn't seem to work
[6:32] <stormelf> well fack
[6:32] <like2omg> you highlight a nick with typing their name
[6:32] <stormelf> so you were talking about minecraft?
[6:32] <like2omg> stormelf
[6:33] <stormelf> or was it neincraft
[6:33] <stormelf> or meincraft
[6:33] <like2omg> lol
[6:33] <stormelf> oh right,nvm
[6:33] <like2omg> nyancraft
[6:33] <stormelf> :D
[6:33] <stormelf> the only times I play minecraft
[6:33] <stormelf> I always do the same thing
[6:33] <like2omg> someone actually made a Nyan Cat in Minecraft (talking about mods)
[6:33] <stormelf> build an island on the ocean, then build a could island on top of that
[6:33] <stormelf> make a cage
[6:33] <stormelf> drop animals in
[6:34] <stormelf> and pour lava, watch them slowly die
[6:34] <stormelf> :D
[6:34] <stormelf> no surprise, they even made pokemon xD
[6:34] <like2omg> stormelf, you must like your creative
[6:34] <stormelf> true
[6:34] <stormelf> poor animals don't
[6:34] <like2omg> don't worry, squids are derps
[6:34] <stormelf> :D
[6:35] <like2omg> or is it ... sheep due to their eyes
[6:35] <stormelf> try to build a dragonball like house
[6:35] <stormelf> on the clouds
[6:35] <stormelf> fucking hard if you can't fly
[6:35] <stormelf> :D
[6:35] <stormelf> but it's awesome to have a sky house
[6:35] <like2omg> some mods allow you to fly
[6:35] <stormelf> fuck those plebs with ground houses
[6:35] <stormelf> I got a flying magical one
[6:35] <stormelf> I know
[6:35] <stormelf> :p
[6:35] <like2omg> there's some mods that have a jetpack
[6:36] <stormelf> they haven't made bombers yet?
[6:36] <stormelf> or creepers carriers
[6:36] <stormelf> xD
[6:36] <like2omg> you got a broomstick mod? Nimbus 3000??
[6:36] <stormelf> nops, fuck harry potter
[6:36] <stormelf> :P
[6:36] <stormelf> well
[6:36] <stormelf> fuck hermione granger instead
[6:36] <like2omg> lol I know you want to probably if she was your age range and she was real... right?
[6:36] <stormelf> still think the whole thing was just an LSD trip
[6:37] <stormelf> she's my age range
[6:37] <stormelf> :D
[6:37] <stormelf> I'm 22
[6:37] <like2omg> oh...
[6:37] <stormelf> she's what? 21? 23?
[6:37] <stormelf> not even sure
[6:37] <stormelf> I'm going to Sweden!
[6:37] <stormelf> Legal age there is 15
[6:37] <stormelf> creepy
[6:37] <stormelf> and awesome at the same time
[6:37] <stormelf> :notsureifmegusta:
[6:38] <like2omg> I hope you learn that language that you would need to know
[6:38] <stormelf> which?
[6:38] <like2omg> ... what is their native language in that part of the world again?
[6:39] <like2omg> Sweedish?
[6:39] <stormelf> oh
[6:39] <like2omg> Swedish?
[6:39] <stormelf> don't they speak the language of sex?
[6:39] <stormelf> like
[6:39] <xemdetia> they only speak in swedish fish
[6:39] <like2omg> Sweetdish?
[6:39] <stormelf> just put your dick out :D
[6:39] <xemdetia> I'm done for tonight, goodnight all
[6:40] <like2omg> Okay, I'm getting sleepy... last words ?
[6:40] <stormelf> question!
[6:40] <like2omg> considence xemdetia
[6:40] <stormelf> If you could legally fuck a 15 yo
[6:40] <stormelf> would you?
[6:40] <stormelf> food for thought
[6:40] <stormelf> :D
[6:40] <xemdetia> nope
[6:40] <stormelf> just in time too
[6:40] <stormelf> 15y
[6:40] <stormelf> probably not
[6:40] <stormelf> 17+
[6:40] <stormelf> sure
[6:40] <xemdetia> even then
[6:40] <like2omg> 1. legality reasons: no | 2. personality reasons: no. | overall. heck no.
[6:40] <xemdetia> doesn't do much for me
[6:40] <stormelf> well
[6:40] <stormelf> you're 26
[6:40] <stormelf> I'm 17
[6:40] <stormelf> err
[6:40] <stormelf> 22
[6:40] <stormelf> rofl
[6:40] <xemdetia> don't really care
[6:41] <stormelf> I said fuck, not marry them
[6:41] <stormelf> :D
[6:41] <xemdetia> I know
[6:41] <xemdetia> I was replying to that
[6:41] <like2omg> wait... you want to WHAT me??
[6:41] <stormelf> rofl
[6:41] <stormelf> :D
[6:41] <stormelf> anyway
[6:41] <stormelf> gn then guys
[6:41] <stormelf> my shift is ending too
[6:41] <like2omg> gn to all ya'll too
[6:41] <like2omg> s/gn/gold nugget/
[6:42] <like2omg> xD
[6:42] <stormelf> gn gn
[6:42] <stormelf> stormelf - off
[6:42] * stormelf (~stormelf@ Quit ()
[6:44] * like2omg (~like2omg@174-25-47-114.ptld.qwest.net) Quit (Quit: Infinite Recursion!)
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[8:43] <agronholm> wtf
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[21:31] * mdwilson (~mdwilson@adcom190.adcom.uci.edu) has joined #jython
[21:31] <mdwilson> I'm having a hell of a time installing setuptools for 2.7
[21:33] <agronholm> mdwilson: yeah that is still a problem due to an html5lib issue
[21:34] <mdwilson> what's the best workaround?
[21:34] <agronholm> I'm not sure. How did you try to install it?
[21:34] <mdwilson> Really, all I want to do is get up and running with Flask in jython...
[21:34] <agronholm> q: why run flask in jython?
[21:34] <agronholm> I mean, why jython specifically
[21:35] <mdwilson> It's more of a learning process, but I'm just trying to set up a Flask servlet
[21:35] <agronholm> you are required to use java at work for all web stuff then?
[21:36] <mdwilson> You guessed it :)
[21:36] <agronholm> that's a story I hear often
[21:36] <agronholm> installing setuptools 1.x may go better
[21:36] <agronholm> but pip still has issues
[21:42] <mdwilson> so, setuptools aside, what is the best way for me to get from point A to point B?
[21:42] <agronholm> huh?
[21:43] <mdwilson> nevermind, sorry
[21:43] <mdwilson> I just mean, from freshly installed jython-2.7 to flask?
[21:47] * gthank (~gthank@unaffiliated/gthank) has joined #jython
[21:48] <agronholm> I guess for now you'll need to install setuptools and then use easy_install to install the rest
[21:53] <mdwilson> so setuptools 1.4 should work?
[21:54] <agronholm> is that the latest for 1.x?
[21:54] <mdwilson> yeah
[21:56] <agronholm> try that then
[22:02] <mdwilson> Damn....
[22:02] <mdwilson> same old error
[22:02] <mdwilson> no attribute "CERT_REQUIRED"
[22:04] <agronholm> ?
[22:05] <agronholm> mdwilson: btw which version of jython 2.7 did you try with?
[22:05] <agronholm> b2 or b3?
[22:05] <mdwilson> b2.
[22:05] <agronholm> maybe you could try with b3
[22:05] <agronholm> see if you get anywhere with that
[22:06] <mdwilson> let's give it a go....
[22:08] <mdwilson> God, I love vagrant :)
[22:17] <mdwilson> OK- that went better
[22:17] <mdwilson> but now I'm getting unicode errors
[22:17] <mdwilson> when I try to install packages
[22:17] <agronholm> what sort of unicode errors
[22:18] <mdwilson> http://pastie.org/9456788
[22:18] <agronholm> that's the html5lib error I was talking about
[22:18] <agronholm> I told you pip was trouble
[22:18] <agronholm> so try easy_install instead
[22:20] <mdwilson> http://pastie.org/9456791
[22:21] <agronholm> oh dear
[22:21] <agronholm> wait, what
[22:21] <agronholm> setuptools 0.6c11???
[22:21] <agronholm> I thought you installed 1.4
[22:22] <mdwilson> must have used the wrong script >_>
[22:22] <mdwilson> I did on the last go-around
[22:22] <mdwilson> let's try that again....
[22:23] <mdwilson> I think I've done vagrant destroy at least 15 times today >_>
[22:31] <mdwilson> Hooray!
[22:31] <mdwilson> My hero
[22:36] <agronholm> glad it worked
[22:36] <agronholm> sleep now ->
[22:53] * mdwilson (~mdwilson@adcom190.adcom.uci.edu) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[23:19] * gthank (~gthank@unaffiliated/gthank) Quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz???)
[23:34] * siel (~siel@unaffiliated/motley) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)


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