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IRC Log for 2014-08-07

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[0:02] * xemdetia (xemdetia@nat/ibm/x-tinuplaefigtbspr) has joined #jython
[2:57] * stormelf (58d6af29@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #jython
[2:57] <stormelf> Howdy there people
[2:58] <stormelf> Anyone around? Have a newbie question :)
[3:01] <stormelf> Alright, I'll just leave it here! I'm using jython 2.7b2, and I'm trying to use the requests lib, but for some reason there's an ImportError saying there's no module named requests...Any thoughts?
[3:05] <xemdetia> stormelf, I am not sure if I can help that much but can you expand on what you mean by 'requests lib'
[3:06] <stormelf> Well, I'm trying to do the following
[3:06] <stormelf> import requests
[3:06] <xemdetia> deep
[3:06] <stormelf> It works fine if I use the python files, but not with jython
[3:06] <stormelf> I've looked around on the web for answers regarding this, but found none :/
[3:07] * like2omg (~like2omg@174-25-47-114.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #jython
[3:08] <like2omg> Someone please tell me I'm not the only one unable to create a new PyDev setup in a new Eclipse setup on Linux
[3:08] <stormelf> Hell mate, I can't even import requests :P
[3:08] <like2omg> I
[3:08] <stormelf> Wish I could do this whole autobuyer project on java solo, but I can't for the heck of it figure out the appache HttpClient fast enough for my 'deadline'
[3:09] <like2omg> I am getting the following error trying to get the PyDev to recognize Jython as an Interpreter in the settings (preferences)
[3:09] <like2omg> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/common/collect/MapMaker
[3:10] <like2omg> I can find it when I add the jar externally to a Java Project but it is under com.python.<something>
[3:10] <like2omg> I'd have to check again, but I think it went com.python.google.common.collect.MapMaker
[3:11] <like2omg> same error if I add it manually or do an auto-search
[3:12] <xemdetia> I don't think I can help with either of your issues, sorry. I usually play with jython as an embedded lang not as python.. and as for eclipse I try to avoid it
[3:12] <like2omg> I've also tried to use a Jython I got from the Ubuntu repos (Xubuntu system here) but it still doesn't work.
[3:13] <like2omg> Hmm... so you're saying it is something to do with PyDev?
[3:13] <stormelf> Alright,thanks either way xemdetia :)
[3:13] <xemdetia> (also I need to sleep)
[3:13] <xemdetia> :)
[3:13] <stormelf> good night then!
[3:13] <stormelf> like2omg, sry but I can't help you :(
[3:13] <xemdetia> night!
[3:13] <like2omg> well... sleep well then x-em-deity
[3:14] <like2omg> stormelf, I understand. Seems like it will be hard for me to get Python code with Bukkit/Forge (Minecraft stuff) then.
[3:14] <xemdetia> you too.. eventually :)
[3:24] <like2omg> hmm... maybe that is the issue... wrong version (lol, will try a different one)
[3:28] <like2omg> I doubt anyone would know what version of PyDev (for Eclipse) is compatible with Jython 2.5.3
[3:29] <like2omg> ... now I actually don't know how to import Java packages in Jython (smirks in self-stupidity)
[3:30] <like2omg> nvm...
[3:31] <stormelf> import the same as anything else AFAIK
[3:31] <stormelf> but needs to be a .jar
[3:31] <stormelf> not .java AFAIK
[3:31] <like2omg> found out... wasn't reading the error message correctly. (there's no "com.python" in jython 2.5.3, but there IS a "com.google")
[3:32] <like2omg> ... stormelf, how many Jar Jar Binks jokes have you heard for Java?
[3:35] <stormelf> none!
[3:35] <like2omg> I somehow thought of it when you put "but it needs to be a .jar"
[3:37] <stormelf> well, do tell
[3:37] <like2omg> .jar.jar.binks ... like that :/
[3:38] <stormelf> I didn't get it, but it's alright :D
[3:39] <stormelf> just wish this mother loving jython 2.7b2 would have the requests module
[3:39] <like2omg> and I just wish I can figure out how to flippin' get PyDev setup!
[3:39] <xemdetia> are you sure if jython even shipped with requests
[3:39] <xemdetia> it could just be a path lookup issue
[3:39] <xemdetia> (I am bad at going to bed)
[3:40] <like2omg> xemdetia, just like me
[3:40] <stormelf> Well,xemdetia,it does detect json module
[3:40] <xemdetia> well python 2.7 ships with json
[3:40] <xemdetia> doesn't it?
[3:40] <stormelf> I have to stay awake for 3h20min more!
[3:40] <like2omg> python 2.7 does have json iirc
[3:40] <stormelf> guess so
[3:40] <like2omg> at least CPython
[3:40] <stormelf> but I have set a path to my python 2.7.8 too
[3:40] <stormelf> :/
[3:40] <xemdetia> python 2.7 doesn't ship with requests
[3:40] <xemdetia> at least according to https://docs.python.org/2/library/index.html
[3:41] <stormelf> well, when I run it with Python 2.7.5 instead of Jython 2.7b2
[3:41] <stormelf> it runes
[3:41] <stormelf> runs*
[3:41] <xemdetia> yeah but if you used easy_install or some sort of setup
[3:41] <xemdetia> your base install of cpython might be tainted
[3:42] <like2omg> should PyDev (for Eclipse) use its own Jython, or the one I installed on the system earlier?
[3:42] <xemdetia> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/requests < i mean is this the lib you are trying to load
[3:43] <like2omg> as I did find a Jython .jar in the first PyDev I downloaded (heck, dir /s /b is not as fun as find / -iname ... )
[3:43] <xemdetia> gnuwin32 mate
[3:43] <xemdetia> real find
[3:43] <xemdetia> all day
[3:43] <xemdetia> erryday
[3:43] <like2omg> Running Xubuntu (Ubuntu with Xfce packages installed by default)
[3:43] <xemdetia> (cmd.exe's quoting rules are way different than bash's though so that's annoying)
[3:43] <xemdetia> oh
[3:43] <xemdetia> right
[3:44] <like2omg> cmd.exe / command.com ... both send programs the raw command line
[3:44] <like2omg> spaces included
[3:44] <xemdetia> yeah but how " and ' are handled differently than bash
[3:44] <like2omg> I know.. I've only toyed with Qbasic a bit
[3:44] <xemdetia> there is still a touch of interpretation at least on 7+
[3:44] <like2omg> xemdetia, depends on the invoked program
[3:44] <xemdetia> it does
[3:45] <xemdetia> I spent a few hours of my life diagnosing the problem for a client
[3:45] <like2omg> I'm dual-booting Windows 8.1 on this "gaming-like" laptop
[3:46] <stormelf> hum my pip says it's up to date, but I think I'm setting the path to a dif one
[3:46] <stormelf> hold on
[3:46] <like2omg> the reason it is "gaming-like" is it has horsepower, but... an integrated + dedicated graphics, and a 10-point touch screen
[3:46] <like2omg> came with 8Gigs of ram... but it doesn't even let you take out the battery!
[3:46] <xemdetia> I play cs:go on my intel hd 4000 just fine
[3:46] <xemdetia> it's really amazing what intel has packed into the latest gpu-on-die stuff
[3:47] <stormelf> eww
[3:47] <stormelf> touch screen on laptops
[3:47] <like2omg> on the label at Best Buy, it said it could go upto 16G of RAM, but I doubt that I can actually even swap it out!
[3:47] <stormelf> just,eww
[3:47] <xemdetia> I like touch screen on laptops
[3:47] <stormelf> on a gaming laptop, you can 90% of the time
[3:47] <like2omg> I cannot even open the case!
[3:47] <stormelf> it's the tiny ultrabooks that are soldered in
[3:47] <xemdetia> its like buying a manual car, for an unexplicable reason if you don't want it everything is cheaper
[3:48] <stormelf> that's lack of skill or will like2omg :P
[3:48] <like2omg> This one doesn't even have screws to open the bottom
[3:48] <stormelf> xemdetia
[3:48] <stormelf> you guys are from the USA I guess?
[3:48] <like2omg> much less, sections to get out
[3:48] <xemdetia> I am usa yes, I apologize
[3:48] <stormelf> when you made a big deal of manual cars, that's when I knew :P
[3:48] <like2omg> Oh sorry... Portland, Oregon, USA. The City of Roses
[3:48] <stormelf> I'll be dead before I drive an auto :P
[3:49] <like2omg> manual cars?
[3:49] <stormelf> @Jython : crap doesn't work yet
[3:49] <stormelf> <xemdetia> its like buying a manual car
[3:49] <like2omg> oh...
[3:49] <stormelf> busted :o
[3:49] <like2omg> didn't understand... still don't
[3:49] <xemdetia> well its not like I was trying to hide it
[3:50] <stormelf> in Europe the standard is manual cars
[3:50] <xemdetia> I heard newer cars are slowly trending towards more of an even mix
[3:50] <xemdetia> of manual + auto
[3:50] <like2omg> automatic gear shift... another reason why America is dumb... and lazy...
[3:50] <stormelf> ya, they seem to be
[3:50] <stormelf> but I dislike that
[3:50] <stormelf> I like full control of my car
[3:50] <stormelf> as I do of my motorbike
[3:50] <xemdetia> I don't mind the automatic transmission
[3:51] <stormelf> I don't mind it either if I can go manual at any time
[3:51] <stormelf> if I'm stuck with auto always, no thanks
[3:51] <xemdetia> there are a lot of cars (subaru especially)
[3:51] <xemdetia> that ship with the flappy paddle gearbox
[3:51] <xemdetia> in americas
[3:51] <xemdetia> err- usa
[3:51] <like2omg> stormelf, don't forget that currently in America, pretty much every new car (all?) needs to be taken to a repair shop to get real work done under the hood
[3:51] <stormelf> land of the brave that use no helmets while riding bikes in some states!
[3:51] <stormelf> :smart:
[3:51] <like2omg> too much electronic components for "safety" that prevents access to essential parts
[3:52] <stormelf> yap :p
[3:52] <xemdetia> or disables essential parts
[3:52] <stormelf> mercedes have a bunch of hidden batteries
[3:52] <stormelf> for their embedded systems
[3:52] <stormelf> if they all go down, you have to ship the car back to their main factories
[3:52] <stormelf> :D
[3:53] <stormelf> cars + on board computers + network access = bad bad idea
[3:53] <stormelf> I'm all for automation but come on, it's a fking 2 ton block of iron going around
[3:53] <stormelf> not exactly pleasant to think about ppl hacking into cars
[3:53] <stormelf> :D
[3:53] <like2omg> lol... I'm gonna give up on PyDev for now before I miss out on eating dinner
[3:53] <stormelf> :D
[3:53] <stormelf> dinner makes u fat!
[3:54] <stormelf> Anyway
[3:54] <like2omg> Python association works, but not Jython
[3:54] <stormelf> this Jython/Python crap doesn't like me
[3:54] <like2omg> what's a free, short-lived image upload site?
[3:54] <stormelf> should have just used Rhino instead of a Python
[3:55] <stormelf> I always knew Python was selling me snake oil
[3:55] <stormelf> :D
[3:55] <like2omg> lol
[3:55] <stormelf> only one that comes to mind is imageshack, but then again, I rarely upload igm
[3:55] <stormelf> img*
[3:55] <like2omg> images * (... sorry)
[3:55] <xemdetia> do you mean short lived as new company or short lived as short ttl
[3:56] <stormelf> probably ttl
[3:56] <like2omg> it is just when you typed "img" I thought "<filename>.img"
[3:56] <stormelf> :D
[3:56] <like2omg> short ttl... file deleted after certain timeframe
[3:56] <stormelf> midgetgettingiton.img
[3:56] <like2omg> ... sorry, I don't want to ... oh... probably not a website
[3:57] <stormelf> I think Jython does not love me
[3:57] <like2omg> I like Jython as Python is easy to use.
[3:57] <xemdetia> on a public-facing server mkdir /tmp/image cd /tmp/image cp my_image /tmp/image
[3:57] <stormelf> pretty much like every girl (joke joke)
[3:57] <xemdetia> python -m SimpleHTTPServer
[3:57] <xemdetia> :)
[3:57] <stormelf> dude, I know jack shit of Python
[3:57] <xemdetia> (you have to remember to kill the server though)
[3:57] <stormelf> I know Java,C and assembly
[3:57] <stormelf> more of a networking guy
[3:58] <like2omg> I don't know if Rhino allows rebinding and live reloading of files
[3:58] <stormelf> Rhino allows you to even print 3D objects
[3:58] <stormelf> without a printer!
[3:58] <like2omg> rebinding -> i mean like changing types of objects live
[3:58] <stormelf> That's it
[3:58] <stormelf> I'll start my own language!
[3:58] <stormelf> Rhino!
[3:58] <xemdetia> just use clojure
[3:58] <stormelf> With blackjack and code errors
[3:58] <xemdetia> (hurr hurr)
[3:58] <like2omg> Rhino is an implementation of ECMAScript
[3:59] <stormelf> I have a request to make to Jython
[3:59] <stormelf> Please import my requests
[3:59] <stormelf> bastard
[3:59] <like2omg> Rhino is used in Mozilla/Firefox to run JavaScript in the browser
[3:59] <stormelf> my fking e-cig tip broke off ( well my fault, I kinda let it drop on the fking floor )
[3:59] <xemdetia> like2omg, that's wrong
[3:59] <xemdetia> they use spidermonkey, not rhino
[3:59] <stormelf> you know what's wrong?
[3:59] <stormelf> Jython not obeying my requests
[3:59] <like2omg> my face?
[3:59] <like2omg> oh..
[3:59] <stormelf> almost as wrong as calling jb music
[3:59] <xemdetia> it can't obey requests if it can't import the requests
[3:59] <stormelf> your face is pretty wrong too
[4:00] <xemdetia> what is request if a request never existed
[4:00] <stormelf> but but I've pointed him to my Python folder
[4:00] <stormelf> and it works with that python :(
[4:00] <stormelf> maybe he'd prefer an anaconda :/
[4:00] <xemdetia> no please no anaconda
[4:00] <like2omg> ...
[4:00] <xemdetia> I'm tired of diagnosing rhel
[4:01] <stormelf> I think I'll deal with this sneak tomorrow or so
[4:01] <stormelf> it's pissing me off just a tiny bit
[4:01] <stormelf> unless ofc you can point me in the right direction :D
[4:01] <xemdetia> I am strongly suspecting it is a path lookup issue
[4:01] <xemdetia> that jython isn't thinking the root of your tree is where you think it is
[4:02] <xemdetia> or you are doing something like
[4:02] <xemdetia> hey jython use somedir/blah/blah/requests as the library directory
[4:02] <xemdetia> instead of somedir/blah/blah
[4:02] <like2omg> So... anyone like this? http://xkcd.com/327/ or this? http://xkcd.com/178/
[4:02] <xemdetia> since to do an import of requests it needs a directory in the search path named 'requests' that contains an __init__.py
[4:03] <stormelf> I'm using netbeans, with it using Python Platform : Jython 2.7b2 and Python Path = /Library/Python/2.7
[4:03] <xemdetia> what is with all you people using gui
[4:03] <xemdetia> do not comprehend this late
[4:04] <xemdetia> try /Library/Python/2.7/Lib
[4:04] <xemdetia> instead
[4:04] <xemdetia> at least tell jython that somehow someway
[4:05] <stormelf> no such directory as Lib
[4:05] <stormelf> I always use IDE when working with java in a way or another
[4:05] <stormelf> I use sublime for everything else, except assembly
[4:05] <stormelf> for some reason I use vim on assembly
[4:05] <xemdetia> I've trained myself on emacs
[4:05] <xemdetia> started a new job recently
[4:05] <xemdetia> vim
[4:06] <xemdetia> ffffffffffffff
[4:06] <stormelf> what about vim? :P
[4:06] <stormelf> still doesn't want to play ball
[4:06] <xemdetia> It's not that I have an issue with vim
[4:06] <like2omg> I use an IDE when it makes it easier to find stuff. I'd rather know when I typed something wrong immediately than when I compile it / get to that point in the code.
[4:06] <xemdetia> just once you have delved down the emacs train and have all your macros and everything configured
[4:07] <xemdetia> jumping to another macro-heavy platform
[4:07] <xemdetia> is really a chore
[4:07] <like2omg> vim... my fav. in hard-core editing... most used commands :w :q :wq :q!
[4:07] <xemdetia> yes eclipse's completion is very good and that's one of the main things I really like using eclipse for
[4:07] <xemdetia> no ZZ?
[4:08] <stormelf> I don't like eclipse
[4:08] <stormelf> always prefered netbeans,dunno why
[4:08] <like2omg> netbeans is an IDE?
[4:08] <xemdetia> yes
[4:08] <like2omg> talk about a lot of gas over the internet
[4:08] <like2omg> ... I need to be more careful on what I type
[4:09] <like2omg> But it's not like anyone is logging this...
[4:09] <stormelf> talk a lot of gas...
[4:09] <stormelf> what?
[4:09] <like2omg> But I do know some/thing/ is logging it
[4:10] <like2omg> stormelf, netBEANS
[4:10] <stormelf> actually
[4:10] <stormelf> http://www.extreme.st/jython.extreme.st/irclogs/index.php/
[4:10] <stormelf> ops :D
[4:10] <stormelf> my brain is on retardation mode already
[4:10] <stormelf> 5AM here
[4:10] <stormelf> night shift sucks
[4:10] <like2omg> let me requote myself
[4:10] <like2omg> <like2omg> But I do know some/thing/ is logging it
[4:11] <like2omg> how often does the page get updated?
[4:11] <stormelf> no idea
[4:11] <stormelf> xemdetia
[4:11] <xemdetia> ?
[4:11] <stormelf> I did put the path to my python 2.7 now, and it no longer does the import here
[4:11] <stormelf> instead of 1 error now I have like 40
[4:11] <stormelf> :D
[4:11] <xemdetia> interesting
[4:11] <like2omg> the line with the two links to xkcd was the second to last when I opened the page
[4:12] <xemdetia> new errors is progress?
[4:12] <xemdetia> sometimes
[4:12] <stormelf> but none if I use Python directly
[4:12] <stormelf> instead of Jython
[4:12] <xemdetia> since something is fishy I would get the requests library from somewhere
[4:12] <xemdetia> like pypi
[4:12] <xemdetia> and stick it somewhere else
[4:12] <xemdetia> away from your normal python install
[4:12] <xemdetia> and try to get jython to point to that and be happy
[4:12] <xemdetia> then when you get that to work
[4:12] <xemdetia> beat your head against this problem again
[4:12] <xemdetia> :)
[4:13] <stormelf> pypi?
[4:13] <stormelf> :p
[4:13] <like2omg> Python Package Index
[4:13] <stormelf> Oh
[4:13] <stormelf> :D
[4:13] <like2omg> I think it is pypi.python.org
[4:13] <xemdetia> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/requests
[4:13] <like2omg> I could be wrong on the site
[4:13] <xemdetia> thats what I linked to before
[4:13] <xemdetia> I don't know if that is the same requests lib
[4:14] <xemdetia> it might just be easier to make a new jython python lib dir then trying to cohabitate with cpython
[4:14] <like2omg> does easy_install and pip use pypi?
[4:14] <like2omg> I cannot remember
[4:14] <xemdetia> no idea, my focus for python is using it as an embedded lang
[4:15] <like2omg> nice word of the day. "cohabitate"
[4:15] <stormelf> hum
[4:15] <stormelf> site_packages where the requests should be, is empty on the Jython folder
[4:15] <stormelf> wonder if I should just paste from the other place
[4:15] <like2omg> <xemdetia> [...] then trying to cohabitate with cpython
[4:16] <xemdetia> it's sad that it's 15 minutes into today and I've already peaked
[4:16] <xemdetia> *its
[4:17] <like2omg> ... my mind is so disgusting -_-
[4:17] <stormelf> you guys are a tad weird
[4:17] <stormelf> :D
[4:17] <stormelf> nops, it didn't work
[4:17] <stormelf> I think this thing does not like me
[4:18] <like2omg> that person who's nick starts with dia on this channel... I actually read as "diarrea"
[4:19] <like2omg> I'm bad at quick glances
[4:19] <xemdetia> I'm sorry I can't properly help
[4:19] <like2omg> lol
[4:19] <xemdetia> I have to finish this report on this bug
[4:20] <like2omg> yeah... you cannot help me with my awful quick glancing
[4:20] <stormelf> looks like it hasn't been ported yet to Jython
[4:20] <stormelf> if it makes any sense
[4:21] <like2omg> Want to know why I keep Windows on my laptops when installing Linux?
[4:21] <xemdetia> nvidia is annoying?
[4:21] <stormelf> there's a README file on the empty directory
[4:21] <stormelf> stating "This directory exists so that 3rd party packages can be installed here. Read the source for site.py for more details."
[4:21] <stormelf> I have windows on my desktop
[4:21] <stormelf> w7
[4:21] <xemdetia> stormelf you shouldn't need to port anything to jython
[4:21] <stormelf> w8.1 annoys me to hell
[4:21] <xemdetia> and even if it was ported to jython
[4:21] <like2omg> xemdetia, game compatibility... good luck getting games with anti-hack shields running on Linux
[4:22] <xemdetia> it may not ship
[4:22] <xemdetia> by default
[4:22] <like2omg> stormelf, I use Classic Shell to get back the 'ol Start Menu
[4:22] <xemdetia> jython is trying to act like a stock cpython 2.7 except running on java and also java interop
[4:22] <stormelf> SPAM INCOMING
[4:22] <stormelf> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/marcosilva/NetBeansProjects/AUTOFIFARYANSUCKS/src/main.py", line 28, in <module> do_main() File "/Users/marcosilva/NetBeansProjects/AUTOFIFARYANSUCKS/src/main.py", line 18, in do_main login.login() File "/Users/marcosilva/NetBeansProjects/AUTOFIFARYANSUCKS/src/Fifa14Client/LoginManager.py", line 47, in login tokens = self.get_easfc_and_xsrf() File "/Users/marcosilva
[4:22] <stormelf> oh it doesn't let me spam
[4:22] <stormelf> it's a lot more lines :D
[4:23] <like2omg> and I also use the non-RT or whatever it
[4:23] <stormelf> last one says ValueError: Invalid initialization option
[4:23] <like2omg> is called for Win 8.1... no problem with classic desktop
[4:23] <xemdetia> stormelf you should look at trying to use the REPL for jython
[4:23] <like2omg> stormelf, that last line is the error
[4:23] <xemdetia> get jython started up the way you think it should be
[4:23] <xemdetia> and then try to import requests in the REPL
[4:23] <like2omg> Fifa14? ... you like soccer?
[4:23] <xemdetia> and see what errors you get
[4:24] <xemdetia> I should have mentioned this sooner
[4:24] <like2omg> called futball in other areas of the world
[4:24] <stormelf> guess I should look into that tomorrow
[4:24] <stormelf> this is pissing me off though
[4:24] <xemdetia> yeah
[4:24] <xemdetia> the trick is isolate and test smaller things
[4:24] <like2omg> ... stormelf, sometimes getting away helps get things solved
[4:25] <stormelf> thing is
[4:25] <stormelf> it runs fine with python 2.5
[4:25] <stormelf> err
[4:25] <stormelf> 2.7.5
[4:25] <stormelf> runs fine with it
[4:25] <stormelf> if I put the same files from the folder on Jython though
[4:25] <stormelf> it freaks the fuck out
[4:26] <stormelf> like2omg like getting away from women?
[4:26] <xemdetia> if they have some native code components that *would* be something that would need to be ported to jython
[4:26] <like2omg> stormelf, getting away from the computer, take some time to relax, come back with a fresh mind that you might have some ideas why it is borked
[4:26] <stormelf> well it does have a bunch of components
[4:26] <like2omg> and xemdetia is probably right
[4:27] <stormelf> but all the files are here, on the respective places
[4:27] <xemdetia> it's also important to realize that python 2.7.5 and jython any version ever
[4:27] <like2omg> if it uses raw CPython code, or even native OS code...
[4:27] <xemdetia> are wildly different under the hood
[4:27] <stormelf> no native OS since it works on windows and mac at least
[4:27] <xemdetia> okay that's good to know
[4:28] <stormelf> right now, learning appache httpclient from scratch doesn't seem so bad compared to jython
[4:28] <stormelf> :D
[4:28] <stormelf> sun rising in 20m
[4:28] <like2omg> does CherryPy work in Jython?
[4:29] <like2omg> an web server coded in Python that is easier than some other solutions. Supports HTTPS too!
[4:29] <stormelf> nothing works in Jython
[4:29] <stormelf> :D
[4:30] <like2omg> stormelf, I guess you liked JPython back in the day?
[4:30] <like2omg> (oh my! I think M$ will want that removed from the logs...)
[4:30] <stormelf> I don't like python at all
[4:30] <stormelf> :D
[4:30] * peke (peke@kapsi.fi) has joined #jython
[4:31] * siel_ (~siel@unaffiliated/motley) has joined #jython
[4:31] <stormelf> no ';' and dem tabs
[4:31] <stormelf> also no declaration of variables
[4:31] <like2omg> stormelf, ";" does work... just isn't working with indenting
[4:31] <stormelf> on Python? :o
[4:32] <like2omg> can't do for example... print 0 ; if True: print 1 ; print 2 ; print 3
[4:32] <like2omg> I guess block openers (that "if True:" in the example) must be on its own line
[4:33] <like2omg> Think of all indented code beginning from a ":" line as surrounded by { }'s
[4:33] <stormelf> meh
[4:33] <stormelf> I prefer to think that a block of code ends on } and a line ends on ;
[4:33] <like2omg> Python is made to be usable, and readable
[4:33] <stormelf> could still be usable if it had ;!
[4:33] <like2omg> stormelf, that restricts readability when it comes to those who shorten it
[4:34] <stormelf> meh
[4:35] <stormelf> anyway, I'm off from the chat, gonna watch utopia
[4:35] <like2omg> if(x.isOkay())if(y.isOkay())if(z.isOkay())p.go();else p.release();
[4:35] <stormelf> ty for the help guys
[4:35] <xemdetia> python allows you to slap ; at the end of lines, its part of the grammar
[4:35] * [Arfreve1] (~Arfrever@minotaur.apache.org) has joined #jython
[4:35] <xemdetia> unless that changed that from like 2.4
[4:35] <like2omg> xemdetia, allowed in 2.7.x
[4:35] <like2omg> *checks*
[4:35] * stormelf (58d6af29@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[4:35] * siel (~siel@unaffiliated/motley) Quit (*.net *.split)
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[4:35] * [Arfrever] (~Arfrever@apache/committer/Arfrever) Quit (*.net *.split)
[4:35] <xemdetia> ah they left anyway
[4:35] <like2omg> works
[4:35] <xemdetia> oh well
[4:36] <like2omg> idk about 3.x of Python though... haven't even dabbed my finger in that cake yet
[4:36] * siel_ is now known as siel
[4:36] <xemdetia> 3.x isn't that bad
[4:37] <xemdetia> it just tries to do some architectural changes like renaming some things to be more sensible
[4:37] <xemdetia> or consistent
[4:37] <xemdetia> 2.x is probably going to exist forever
[4:37] <like2omg> all I know that I can easily remember is that Python 3.x has strings as unicode and a separate bytedata object... also print became a function
[4:37] <xemdetia> again, architectural changes
[4:37] <like2omg> oh yeah... C-style redirection to print is removed
[4:38] <like2omg> print fileobj << str1
[4:38] <xemdetia> people used that
[4:38] <xemdetia> jeez
[4:38] <like2omg> Guido thought of that as a bad idea after a while... only added it in the thought of pleasing the C crowd
[4:39] <xemdetia> I mean you have to remember python started off as a scripting language and much like perl eventually grew useful enough that people started to write all of the logic in it
[4:39] <like2omg> oh yeah... I think you already know Python was first developed on an old Mac
[4:39] <like2omg> back when... I think it was only "PowerPC" arch
[4:40] <like2omg> ... "I'm a Mac" "And I'm a PC" ... really? Microsoft did well to ruin the short form of "Personal Computer"
[4:41] <like2omg> All Windows computers are PCs, but not all PCs are Windows computers
[4:41] <like2omg> unless you include servers and stuff...
[4:42] <xemdetia> i'm going to stay away from this discussion
[4:42] <like2omg> ... about 9:45pm... I'm going to get off
[4:42] <xemdetia> I do need to get these last few things done
[4:42] <xemdetia> it's 0042 :)
[4:42] <like2omg> xemdetia, good luck then... and bye
[4:42] <like2omg> 21:41 here... 21:42
[4:42] <xemdetia> like2omg, you too! I hope you get pydev working
[4:42] <like2omg> xemdetia, I think PyDev is borked imho... I got Java 7 installed (openjdk version, so it should be working)
[4:43] <xemdetia> I mean you have eclipse x jre x pydev x jython all bouncing around as moving target
[4:44] <xemdetia> there's probably something in that universe of things that is not quite right
[4:44] <like2omg> eclipse, openjdk, jython... all three installed from Ubuntu's official repositories
[4:44] <like2omg> PyDev I had to download via. the instructions on its own site
[4:44] <xemdetia> yeah then it's probably completely out of sync
[4:44] <like2omg> done so within Eclipse
[4:44] <xemdetia> I am from the debian stable camp
[4:45] <like2omg> so... you suggest I should get eclipse and jython manually and point to those in $PATH, etc?
[4:45] <xemdetia> well when I do dev on a debian stable based system
[4:46] <xemdetia> if it's key to the whole process I get it from the most recent sources
[4:46] <xemdetia> eclipse, jython, pydev
[4:46] <like2omg> it's funny how "my $jythonHome " is being set twice in a row in the /usr/bin/jython file
[4:47] <like2omg> my $jythonHome = '/usr/share/jython';
[4:47] <like2omg> my $jythonHome = dirname(dirname($0));
[4:47] <like2omg> starts on line 14... perl script
[4:47] <like2omg> (no wonder it looked a bit cryptic... perl...)
[4:49] <xemdetia> oh yeah I have to do that tomorrow too
[4:49] <xemdetia> err today
[4:49] <like2omg> how do I output text in perl?
[4:49] <xemdetia> print
[4:50] <like2omg> function or statement? (parens or none?)
[4:50] <xemdetia> print "blah blah blah";
[4:50] <xemdetia> I believe the trend is that perl is parens free unless you are directly calling a subroutine
[4:51] <like2omg> lol... I cannot seem to figure out how to duplicate the script
[4:52] <like2omg> ... it calls dirname(dirname($0)) to set a variable...
[4:52] <like2omg> oh derp... semicolons
[4:53] <like2omg> maybe that's why this is borked...
[4:53] <like2omg> it is not adding, but replacing the $jythonHome variable in the script on Ubuntu
[4:54] <like2omg> starts with '/usr/share/jython'... gets replaced with the parent directory it can find of $0
[4:54] <like2omg> oh yeah... bye...
[4:54] <xemdetia> its possible
[4:54] <xemdetia> sorry
[4:54] <xemdetia> I am going to go sleep a bit
[4:55] <like2omg> it's okay
[4:55] <like2omg> gn
[4:55] <xemdetia> if you are around in about errr 7 hours I'll be back around
[4:55] <like2omg> aka "gold nugget" for some Minecraft servers
[4:55] <xemdetia> such is work
[4:55] <xemdetia> night
[4:55] <like2omg> I'll sleep in and have to head out to do so
[4:55] <like2omg> to get back on *
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[5:59] <stormelf> always heard sleep is for the week eh
[5:59] <stormelf> weak*
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[6:22] <stormelf> Damn you requests module
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[23:06] * stormelf (58d6a50e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #jython
[23:06] <stormelf> Hello fellow coders
[23:06] <stormelf> Hi xemdetia :p
[23:07] <stormelf> Guys I could use some help if someone has a bit of time on their hands
[23:32] <xemdetia> hey stormelf
[23:32] <xemdetia> are you still fighting the same issue?
[23:33] <stormelf> Yes
[23:33] <stormelf> the snake does not want to die
[23:34] <stormelf> I repeat, the snake does not want to die
[23:34] <stormelf> so y
[23:34] <stormelf> ya*
[23:34] <stormelf> pretty much
[23:35] <stormelf> this close to giving in and start learning python and just drop java all together on this project
[23:35] <xemdetia> Why did you need java to begin with again?
[23:36] <stormelf> because I'm way more savvy around Java
[23:36] <stormelf> I can manipulate in any way I require without any issues and in a timely manner
[23:37] <stormelf> Python will require me to slow down and rethink and learn how to do some stuff
[23:37] <xemdetia> that's the same way whenever I deal with file io in java
[23:37] <xemdetia> :)
[23:37] <stormelf> ahah
[23:37] <stormelf> maybe we can swap then :D
[23:38] <xemdetia> Anyway- what version were you using, jython 2.7 b2?"
[23:38] <stormelf> ya
[23:38] <stormelf> btw, if I pass this string {"id":27,"r":77,"n":14,"f":"Joe","l":"Cole"} does python's json grab it like
[23:38] <stormelf> id = str['id'] or something?
[23:38] <stormelf> I have no idea how the json parser works on this :D
[23:39] <xemdetia> I think it forms a dict which works like that
[23:39] <xemdetia> let me check
[23:39] <stormelf> I made my own parser function for that kind of string in java in 2 minutes :x
[23:39] <xemdetia> Again using the REPL for stuff like this is extraordinarily helpful
[23:39] <xemdetia> using the REPL is why I use python for things over java
[23:40] <stormelf> ya it works
[23:40] <stormelf> :D
[23:40] <stormelf> oh wow this is really handy
[23:40] <stormelf> NICE :O
[23:40] <xemdetia> yes this is the dict() type in java in action
[23:40] <xemdetia> err
[23:40] <xemdetia> python
[23:41] <xemdetia> words words
[23:41] <stormelf> I almost love you right now xemdetia :D
[23:41] <stormelf> if you have non-manly boobies we can get married I guess
[23:41] <xemdetia> sorry I'm married to my job
[23:41] <xemdetia> :)
[23:41] <xemdetia> hiyooooooooooooooo
[23:41] <stormelf> ahah
[23:42] <stormelf> guess I'll be too if I follow my plan of getting into network engineering
[23:42] <stormelf> does this language even believe in arrays?
[23:42] <xemdetia> yes
[23:42] <xemdetia> there is an array type but the list type is more pythonic in most cases
[23:42] <stormelf> alright I see
[23:43] <stormelf> it believes in classes too right?
[23:43] <xemdetia> yes, python has classes and inheritance
[23:43] <stormelf> good
[23:43] <xemdetia> lists under the hood in at least cpython are arrays until they grow to a certain size
[23:43] <xemdetia> and they get reallocated as a linked list if I remember right
[23:43] <stormelf> eww linked lists
[23:43] <stormelf> :P
[23:44] <stormelf> always had a bad relation with linked lists
[23:44] <stormelf> dunno wy
[23:44] <stormelf> why*
[23:44] <xemdetia> once you get your head around it
[23:44] <stormelf> I understand them, I can code em, I can use em, but I don't like em
[23:44] <xemdetia> arrays make you sad
[23:44] <stormelf> arrays make me happy <3
[23:44] <stormelf> hashtables even more
[23:44] <stormelf> :D
[23:44] <stormelf> oh oh
[23:45] <stormelf> does Python believe in our lord and savior, the hashtable?
[23:45] <xemdetia> the data structure that always gets me is some of the more bizarre tree types
[23:45] <xemdetia> dict()
[23:45] <stormelf> binary trees? :D
[23:45] <xemdetia> tries and things
[23:45] <stormelf> the algorithms for binary trees are very efficient though
[23:45] <stormelf> altho I have a huge dislike for them
[23:45] <stormelf> but they're very efficient
[23:45] <xemdetia> I don't think I've ever written a red-black tree implementation I've really been happy with
[23:46] <stormelf> I never had the displeasure of needing to do so
[23:46] <stormelf> :D
[23:46] <xemdetia> I usually cheat and just use linked lists/arrays and some sort of lookup table
[23:46] <xemdetia> (like a filesystem)
[23:46] <stormelf> :D
[23:46] <stormelf> lazy coders are the best coders
[23:46] <stormelf> :p
[23:47] <xemdetia> maybe
[23:47] <stormelf> lazy network engineers are fired :(
[23:47] <xemdetia> my job exists because of lazy coders so I guess that's something
[23:47] <stormelf> what do you do?
[23:48] <xemdetia> I work for a database auditing product as a support engineer
[23:48] <xemdetia> which means I have access to the code and all my problems are when things go really wrong
[23:50] <stormelf> I see
[23:50] <stormelf> you know, a network enginner life is heaven 95% of the time
[23:50] <stormelf> when shit hits the fan though
[23:50] <stormelf> poor guy :(
[23:51] <stormelf> same with database I guess
[23:51] <xemdetia> yeah it was like that for me two weeks ago
[23:51] <xemdetia> had a world stopping moment I was in the middle of
[23:51] <stormelf> __init__() is the equiv to a constructor right?
[23:51] <xemdetia> yes, but be sure to do __init__(self)
[23:51] <xemdetia> use self as the first argument for all classes
[23:51] <stormelf> and then the following?
[23:52] <stormelf> like this? def __init__(self,id,r,n,f,l,c):
[23:52] <xemdetia> I gues
[23:52] <xemdetia> I guess because your parameters are not clear
[23:52] <xemdetia> :)
[23:53] <stormelf> id,r,n,f,l,c are all strings, except id
[23:53] <stormelf> :P
[23:53] <xemdetia> it's python
[23:54] <xemdetia> they are just variables until proven otherwise
[23:54] <stormelf> ya I know
[23:54] <stormelf> grinds my gears a bit
[23:54] <stormelf> does python have a NULL thing?
[23:54] <xemdetia> yeah hold on
[23:54] <xemdetia> None
[23:54] <stormelf> kinda love you
[23:55] <stormelf> :p
[23:55] <stormelf> how old are you btw?
[23:55] <xemdetia> 28
[23:55] <stormelf> aight
[23:55] <xemdetia> I think?
[23:55] <xemdetia> let me check
[23:55] <stormelf> :D
[23:55] <stormelf> ask NSA
[23:56] <xemdetia> according to maths
[23:56] <xemdetia> 28 is correct
[23:56] <stormelf> math,not even once
[23:56] <stormelf> :D
[23:57] <xemdetia> I am a converted mathematician now
[23:57] <stormelf> 28,female?
[23:57] <xemdetia> male
[23:57] <stormelf> I always enjoyed math
[23:57] <xemdetia> except sometimes
[23:57] <xemdetia> ~
[23:57] <stormelf> you're female once in a while?
[23:57] <stormelf> that says a lot
[23:57] <stormelf> :D
[23:57] <xemdetia> nah, just an in joke
[23:57] <xemdetia> on an old IRC network I lost my handle in a game of scrabble
[23:57] <stormelf> ahah :D
[23:57] <xemdetia> and for like 3-4 years I had a female irc name
[23:58] <xemdetia> the person left and I couldn't win it back
[23:58] <xemdetia> :(
[23:58] <stormelf> :D
[23:58] <stormelf> oh my
[23:58] <stormelf> I'm listening to the red hot chili peppers
[23:58] <stormelf> :P
[23:58] <stormelf> haven't heard this in years
[23:58] <stormelf> while coding, which is odd
[23:58] <stormelf> I normally listen to electronic while coding
[23:59] <xemdetia> I don't know. I can listen to the same song for two-three days sometimes
[23:59] <xemdetia> I just need the noise
[23:59] <stormelf> ya
[23:59] <stormelf> silence is golden, but not while coding
[23:59] <stormelf> you need some sound
[23:59] <stormelf> not annoying voices, but something


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