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[17:11] <paolo> from xml.sax import expatreader
[17:11] <paolo> works fine in python
[17:11] <paolo> but it doesn't in jython, it gives import error
[17:12] <paolo> is it the expected behavior?
[17:14] <paolo> it happens with jython 2.5.3, 2.5.4rc and 2.7b3
[17:17] <paolo> and i noted that because trying django, the command jython manage.py syncdb quits with:
[17:17] <paolo> from xml.sax.expatreader import ExpatParser as _ExpatParser
[17:17] <paolo> ImportError: No module named expatreader
[17:26] <paolo> (django 1.3)
[17:26] <paolo> (django 1.3.7)
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[20:08] <fwierzbicki> paolo: I see this at the top of xml.sax.expatreader in CPython's lib:
[20:08] <fwierzbicki> if sys.platform[:4] == "java":
[20:08] <fwierzbicki> raise SAXReaderNotAvailable("expat not available in Java", None)
[20:09] <fwierzbicki> so it looks like this would need to be fixed at the Django level - I know that django 1.3.1 works - we're using that at my company in an internal app. It looks like this will continue to be a problem in modern Django versions - so it will probably need to be fixed there when we get to trying Jython 2.7 on modern Django.
[20:11] <fwierzbicki> I just looked in the most current Django source it is using ExpatParser - but it looks like the usage is fairly isolated
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[22:05] <paolo> fwierzbicki, i see why they introduced ExpatParser and it was for a good reason. https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.6/releases/security/#february-19-2013-cve-2013-1664-1665
[22:09] <paolo> it's true its usage is fairly isolated, but every time the serialization framework is used to serialize xml the parser is required..
[22:10] <paolo> btw, in old django syncdb calls loaddata, which relies on the parser; this is why the exception is raised
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[22:45] <fwierzbicki> paolo: hmmm - we might need to figure out a Java-based alternative to replace that functionality either in Django or see if it is possible to implement pyexpat.c in Jython. Having a Java specific fix in Django would probably be easier and faster. Having pyexpat in Jython would be better, but I don't know how hard that would be.
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[23:30] <pjenvey> I'm not sure anyone has ever removed the platform == "java" check and see if it worked, try running test_sax.py. maybe it works w/ jython's version of pyexpat
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[23:47] <indrat> http://board.net/p/jython.sprint


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