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[2:43] <paolo> i need to install pyxer, which is a python xml serializer written in c. is it ok to use non pure python packages with jython?
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[17:08] <jimbaker> paolo, well, it's not going to work on jython for the moment. you could play with jyni to see if it at least works, before you run out of memory
[17:08] <jimbaker> (jyni doesn't yet free objects from c space... but that's work in progress... which i plan to help out on!)
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[20:16] <OmegaPhil> I have in my Python mindmap about Jython: 'All python C libraries have been written in python - much slower'
[20:16] <OmegaPhil> Mightve got that from one of the Lutz Python books
[20:17] <OmegaPhil> Wonder if that really is an indicator of uber slowness or Java's Hotspot JIT actually makes up for it
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[20:32] <fwierzbicki> OmegaPhil: It really isn't all that bad. Startup time is slower - but ignoring that Jython is comparable - in a few cases it can even be faster than CPython.
[20:32] <OmegaPhil> kk
[20:33] <OmegaPhil> So much capability nowadays. I read that I can run an AWK script in Java.
[20:33] <OmegaPhil> Mental.
[20:34] <fwierzbicki> ha - yeah the JVM has some real advantages - and we have yet to really optimize for speed with some of the modern hooks - JRuby for example is much faster than regular Ruby (unless something has changed since I looked last)
[20:34] * OmegaPhil is a python programmer normally
[20:34] <OmegaPhil> Good to have a clue about other things though
[20:35] <fwierzbicki> Yeah - the current real use case for Jython is when a Python programmer needs to work with a Java library and wants to do it in Python.
[20:35] <OmegaPhil> kk
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[21:09] <whg> Or when you're stealth-converting people
[21:09] <OmegaPhil> :p
[21:10] <whg> Hey, git-svn got us switched to git (eventually)
[21:10] <whg> Writing the API in Python and then wrapping it in Jython for Java consumption will (hopefully) get us migrated all the way to Python one day
[21:10] <whg> Though our ops people probably prefer WAR-based deploys
[21:13] <OmegaPhil> I'm impressed with jconsole
[21:16] <whg> Haven't gotten to that, yet
[21:19] <OmegaPhil> 'jconsole' -> connect to a running Java process -> profit
[21:19] <OmegaPhil> lots of stats and graphs
[21:24] <whg> heh
[21:28] <paolo> jimbaker, interesting, i'll check jyni soon, thanks.
[21:34] <xemdetia_> I need to stop wrecking my vms by assuming that they can survive hard shutdown
[21:44] <paolo> by hard shutdown do you mean kill -9 or what?
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