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[9:26] <nev123> Hi, I'm using jython to run python-code from java with the PythonInterpreter. When urllib2.urlopen() gets 404 jython is leaking filedescriptors (Sockets ends up in CLOSE_WAIT).
[9:26] <nev123> Is there a way to prevent this?
[10:21] <peke> nev123: have you looked at the code? my guess is that connection is not explicitly closed and with cpython garbage collector handles it as soon as the reference goes out of scope.
[10:23] <peke> with jython gc is not reference counting and you cannot count on objects being collected and resources freed. at least elementtree had a bug like that earlier.
[10:23] <peke> i think it was first fixed in jython stdlib and then fix moved to cpython.
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[17:45] <jimbaker> converging on cjk support and more - it's going to be nice real soon now when we can support any available java charset encoding through the standard python codecs support
[17:59] <agronholm> indeed
[18:00] <agronholm> and that makes the html5lib fix possible, right?
[18:00] <agronholm> which in turn enables pip 1.5.7 to be released
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[19:13] <jimbaker> agronholm, correct
[19:14] <jimbaker> above & beyond the fact that we will have cjk support for windows users. windows consoles like to use specific encodings like shift-jis vs say something more portable like utf-8
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[20:43] <jimbaker> one last test case to fix... then i will need to figure out how to generalize from shift_jis to looking up an arbitrary charset without a lot of boiler plate modules
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[22:07] <jimbaker> and fixed that last test case. i'm not certain what to think about codecs. at the very least, this seems to be one case where the java api seems much simpler and elegant, except for the .encode/.decode methods on unicode/str, as well as error callbacks (which really should be functions, not strings that lookup to functions). anyway, it's not so much code to wrap once i figured out the corners of the api
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[22:32] <peke> jimbaker: better codecs support sounds awesome! will it be in beta 3? what's latest guess when official b3 is out?


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