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[12:41] <bacon1989> Hello peeps
[12:43] <paolo> bacon1989, hello
[13:29] <bacon1989> I don't understand the java runtime that well, but I was wondering. If I embed Jython in an android environment, what kind of android libraries would I have at my disposal? I'm working on a system where I would like to send intents from a python script within an android environment.
[13:30] <agronholm> I don't think jython will work on android, but I don't know the situation on that
[13:31] <agronholm> bacon1989: you are aware that the "java" on android is something totally different from the official java?
[13:32] <bacon1989> agronholm: I haven't had any issues with other java libs
[13:32] <bacon1989> from say org.apache, etc
[13:32] <bacon1989> jython is a pure implementaion of python on the javaruntime, no?
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[13:32] <agronholm> yes
[13:32] <agronholm> but it may depend on parts of the standard library not available on android
[13:33] <bacon1989> I thought android implemented the standard library
[13:33] <bacon1989> I"m going to do a few tests
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[14:13] <bacon1989> hmm, it doesn't seem to be compiling, I keep getting "Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1"
[14:14] <bacon1989> however, people have claimed to get jython working on android, did something change in the compilation process in recent versions?
[14:28] <agronholm> which version of jython, I wonder
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[14:29] <whg> You're almost certainly going to have to compile it yourself
[14:29] <whg> I can't imagine the class files are compatible since Dalvik is so radically different from the Oracle JVM
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[14:29] <whg> (or was that Jython; I initially assumed you meant your project)
[14:31] <bacon1989> I can't get the jython to compile
[14:38] <bacon1989> i'm going to try other embeddable languages like JRuby, or Clojure
[14:39] <bacon1989> I hear Clojure is pretty pain-free, so far JRuby hasn't worked either
[14:39] <bacon1989> i'm wondering if it's something else though
[14:41] <bacon1989> when I try and compile with the included JARs, I get a heapsize error
[14:50] <jarekps> bacon: i'm not sure, but jimbaker works on Clamp project which could be related
[14:53] <agronholm> noap
[14:56] <bacon1989> i'm just getting really weird issues, my heap size keeps running out
[14:56] <agronholm> why not increase it
[14:58] <bacon1989> I did
[14:58] <bacon1989> from 384m to 2048m
[14:59] <bacon1989> How do you flush out eclipse? Clean doesn't seem to do anything
[14:59] <agronholm> flush out?
[15:00] <bacon1989> something is causing my heap to grow rediculous amounts, and I don't have any code written
[15:00] <paolo> bacon1989, don't know if applies to you too, but i had heapsize errors when i tried compiling jython with a long CLASSPATH
[15:01] <bacon1989> I just pulled all of my external libs out, it shouldn't be failing anymore
[15:01] <paolo> i removed most of the jars from cp and was able to compile
[15:02] <paolo> i did that from command line, not in eclipse
[15:05] <bacon1989> oh yay, it compiled
[15:05] <bacon1989> yeah, I had to remove the lib from my ./libs folder as well
[15:06] <paolo> glad to help, i spent a lot of time to fix that
[15:08] <paolo> maybe it would worth to mention in the docs/faq
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[18:13] <jimbaker> paolo, interesting
[18:13] <jimbaker> re android - it doesn't work. yet. but clamp will help
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