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[12:55] <peke> any news about official 2.7 beta 3? read something about release this week earlier. is that still the plan?
[12:56] <peke> mainly asking because i'd like to test our latest release with it and we hopefully have it ready this week.
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[14:08] <whg> peke: It's "soft-launched"
[14:09] <whg> If you want to get started testing, you can grab it yourself from the links on the mailing list or just grab the source and build the jars yourself
[14:09] <whg> (I've done the latter, and it works just fine for me)
[14:10] <whg> I think there were people having problems with the installer? I'm not sure what the consensus on that was.
[14:18] <agronholm> whg: there was no link to the installer from jython.org's download page
[14:19] <agronholm> and there still isn't
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[16:46] <jimbaker> agronholm, that's what we are doing for a soft launch
[16:46] <agronholm> jimbaker: I didn't realize b2 was also soft launched
[16:47] <jimbaker> we are specifically targeting more engaged users to see if there's an issue before we push out to jython.org. besides the fact that we need to provide more usage docs
[16:47] <jimbaker> beta3 is soft
[16:47] <jimbaker> as was beta 2
[16:47] <agronholm> I'm confused
[16:48] <agronholm> beta 2 was only soft launched, yet it's in maven?
[16:48] <agronholm> but b3 is not
[16:48] <jimbaker> agronholm, soft launch means we put it up in maven and emailed links
[16:48] <agronholm> what's the difference?
[16:48] <jimbaker> beta 2 has since moved to also being announced on jython.org, with a link, http://jython.org/downloads.html
[16:48] <agronholm> but b3 has no jars in maven iirc
[16:48] <jimbaker> beta 3 will shortly go through the same process. the bottleneck is me
[16:48] <agronholm> ah
[16:49] <agronholm> the confusing thing is, the download page says the linked jars installers, though they aren't
[16:49] <agronholm> *jars are
[16:50] <agronholm> and there is no link to the actual installer though it IS in maven
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[18:08] <fwierzbicki> agronholm: the maven process actually requires a soft launch and then you push a button to make it permanent (hard launch I guess) but in the past I just pushed the button right away. These days I'm just waiting a bit to avoid embarrassing issues like finding out it doesn't run at all on windows and needing to put out a full new release the next day.
[18:08] <agronholm> ok, but that doesn't explain the download page weirdness
[18:09] <fwierzbicki> no it doesn't - that looks like a typo style error - I sent an email to the pydotorg infrastructure people to see if they can get you access to the website - let me see if I ever got a response
[18:10] <fwierzbicki> hmmm no response. I did do it on a Friday, so maybe I'll wait a little longer and then try another route.
[18:11] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, plan to work on those release notes today for beta 3
[18:11] <jimbaker> but first, lunch :)
[18:11] <fwierzbicki> jimbaker: cool
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