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[14:13] <whg> jimbaker: Would you say it's fair to say that OpenStack is a project that builds RESTful web services using Python?
[14:13] <whg> (I have to write a document justifying why it's a good idea to use Python instead of Java to write a web services layer)
[14:16] <jimbaker> whg, correct, openstack extensively uses REST APIs
[14:16] <whg> Excellent. I think IRC logs count as citations, right?
[14:16] <whg> :-)
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[14:27] <jimbaker> whg, sure :)
[14:29] <jimbaker> whg, i found a very old design doc, https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenStackRESTAPI
[14:29] <whg> Thanks
[14:29] <whg> Hopefully the following list will convince people that maybe this whole "Using Python to write web stuff" is a good idea:
[14:29] <whg> * OpenStack
[14:29] <whg> * Rdio
[14:29] <whg> * Disqus
[14:29] <whg> * Instagram
[14:29] <whg> * Pinterest
[14:30] <whg> (I always love throwing Instagram in there, because they scaled such a crazy problem)
[14:30] <jimbaker> whg, but this is substantially more useful - the service catalog - http://developer.openstack.org/api-ref.html
[14:31] <jimbaker> whg, right, plus instagram seemed to do a good job of figuring out the easiest possible infrastructure that could work, plus documenting it in on their blog
[14:35] <whg> jimbaker: Right. I remember reading some of their stuff when they were first posting to that blog and being pretty impressed.
[14:36] <whg> And now my manager is asking me if I can stand up a completely new API stack and get some functionality done in 2 weeks
[14:36] <whg> And there's not even a place-holder project in source control
[14:37] <whg> I think maybe the "rapid development" argument for Python just got a whole lot stronger :-)
[15:05] <jimbaker> python is a very good choice. and if you got some java to integrate, we can solve that too :)
[15:25] <whg> lol
[15:25] <whg> That's one of the arguments I'm putting forward: Ruby or Python is the best for web APIs, and we can use them in-process via JRuby or Jython. Everybody wins.
[15:26] <whg> Went with Python mostly because of SQLAlchemy + me already knowing it
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[16:31] <jimbaker> whg, exactly - sqlalchemy is powerful and it works on jython
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