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[13:27] <paolo> do you know how to compile the last repository version of jython? Using ant install:
[13:27] <paolo> [javac] Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
[13:27] <paolo> export JVM_ARGS="-Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"
[13:27] <paolo> ^-- did not help
[13:28] <paolo> btw, not "ant install" but ant installer
[14:19] <echaz> paolo, I don'tt know if this is the right way to do it, but 'ant build-jython' seemed to work for me yesterday.
[14:20] <echaz> so I am trying to get ipython up and running, but it fails on pexpect. the ipython docs seem to suggest that it supports jython. Does anyone have the secret?
[14:21] <echaz> I didn't need to set any JVM args
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[14:55] <echaz> I found this (for the logs) http://bugs.jython.org/issue1133
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[18:25] <qwebirc32587> Is "jython-installer-2.7-b3.jar" real or fake? The website doesn't mention a third beta candidate, but...
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[18:33] <qwebirc32587> I guess, going through the logs, that jimbaker mentions that there IS a third beta
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[18:37] <qwebirc32587> The link I found is https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/orgpython-1017/org/python/jython-installer/2.7-b3/jython-installer-2.7-b3.jar
[18:37] <qwebirc32587> But of course I have no idea how official "sonatype" is
[18:42] <whg> sonatype is the people who host central, IIRC
[18:43] <whg> And yes, there's a 3rd beta
[18:43] <whg> It's currently in "soft launch"
[18:44] <qwebirc32587> Thanks
[18:57] <echaz> ya I believe this is the one where pip works.
[18:57] <echaz> or I got jimbaker's version working when I compiled from source.
[19:01] <topi`> what's the difference between 2.7 beta 2 and 3 (except jimbaker's keystone changes)
[19:09] <paolo> not sure but i think that pip support will be backported from v3 to 2.7b4, not b3
[19:10] <paolo> then i hope very soon ;)
[19:11] <paolo> do you guys know if jython-socket-reboot is available in b3?
[19:11] <topi`> jython-socket-reboot has been merged into jython "main"
[19:12] <topi`> as far as I understood, let me check from the backlog
[19:12] <paolo> ok, so it's OK that today i had a related issue with b3, fine
[19:12] <topi`> this is what he said:
[19:12] <topi`> 19:16 < jimbaker> paolo, my jython-socket-reboot branch has been merged in. probably best if i delete it
[19:13] <paolo> i read, but "has been merged" doesn't say if it's already available in a stable release or not
[19:13] <topi`> I haven't yet seen a real announcement about beta 3, so maybe it's still in the pipe
[19:14] <topi`> yeah maybe it's "real close" to being in a release
[19:14] <paolo> i believe that the actual b3 is the last soft launch
[19:15] <topi`> in jython.org/downloads there's only beta 2 available there
[19:16] <paolo> http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.jython.devel/6153
[19:17] <paolo> "Once again I'll let these hang out for about a week so we can
[19:17] <paolo> test for problems and do the real launch in about a week."
[19:17] <paolo> doesn't say about adding new features
[19:20] <paolo> really no way to run django with jython? https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.6/howto/jython/
[19:21] <echaz> @paolo, yes, I believe it is (socket reboot), I saw references a merge in the hg commits
[19:21] <paolo> couldn't people use django on clamp/fireside for example?
[19:22] <paolo> echaz: well, then if socket reboot has been integrated in jython 2.7b3 it didn't work well today
[19:22] <paolo> https://gist.github.com/paolodina/83e5528a69606225bf35
[19:23] <echaz> I was successfully able to install nose via pip this morning.
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[19:23] <echaz> but I built from source
[19:23] <paolo> i was installing flash rest api package and a dependency package (itsdangerous) didn't compile, see the link for the traceback
[19:24] <paolo> jython setup.py install <-- exception!
[19:24] <echaz> "Successfully installed itsdangerous"
[19:24] <echaz> oh.
[19:24] <echaz> I pip'd it
[19:25] <paolo> could you try to download the tarball and compile as i did?
[19:25] <echaz> url plz
[19:25] <paolo> out of curiosity...
[19:25] <paolo> yes, a moment
[19:26] <paolo> https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/i/itsdangerous/itsdangerous-0.24.tar.gz
[19:26] <echaz> (My build might be different from the beta 3)
[19:26] <paolo> hmmm.. i don't know it that will erase your disk, itsdangerous..
[19:26] <paolo> kidding
[19:26] <paolo> i'm using the official b3 now available
[19:27] <echaz> this worked for me.
[19:28] <whg> paolo: I'm building the beta from source right now to see if it works for me
[19:28] <paolo> whg, echaz: thanks for checking.
[19:29] <paolo> it's just to know if open a bug :( or not
[19:29] <echaz> you might try building from source. the commit I am using is from 5/27
[19:30] <paolo> i tried but today was a bit problematic to build jython from source
[19:30] <paolo> [javac] Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit
[19:31] <paolo> (never seen before)
[19:31] <echaz> weird.
[19:32] <paolo> i also reinstalled the os so i'm starting really clean ;) i'll take time to investigate.
[19:32] <whg> paolo: It works for me building from source on OSX
[19:32] <paolo> ok
[19:32] <whg> paolo: JVM version?
[19:32] <paolo> 1.7 _55
[19:32] <whg> (I'm on 7.0.55)
[19:32] <paolo> yes
[19:32] <whg> windows or *nix?
[19:32] <paolo> xubuntu 14.04
[19:33] <whg> I don't have time to hunt up the official binary release, but you should definitely try building from source
[19:33] <whg> It could just be a packaging problem with the jars or something
[19:34] <paolo> if only i could compile from source...
[19:34] <paolo> i tried this:
[19:34] <paolo> export JVM_ARGS="-Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"
[19:34] <whg> When I get back, I may have a chance to try the official beta, depending on the bug queue
[19:34] <paolo> but still out of memory
[19:34] <whg> Try JAVA_OPTS
[19:34] <whg> -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m
[19:34] <whg> I just built from source using that setting
[19:35] <whg> From the tag for beta 3
[19:35] <paolo> give me a minute
[19:37] <paolo> no luck
[19:37] <paolo> export JAVA_OPTS='-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m'
[19:38] <paolo> ant installer
[19:38] <paolo> same error
[19:38] <whg> ant all-jars
[19:40] <echaz> how much ram do you have? I don't set JAVA_OPTS
[19:40] <echaz> and it works
[19:41] <paolo> same again. no problem, though, i can wait and stay with the reboot branch, np
[19:41] <paolo> 8gb should be enough!
[19:41] <echaz> I have 16. but I dont know what the jvm defaults to.
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[19:57] <whg> much less than 16
[19:58] <whg> paolo: You can build the reboot branch, but not beta3?
[19:59] <paolo> i can build the reboot branch but not beta3 hg master branch tip
[20:00] <paolo> use case for hg bisect?
[20:00] <whg> possibly
[20:00] <paolo> ok, i'll learn something then
[20:00] <whg> And you did hg checkout v2.7b3 ?
[20:00] <whg> (before building beta3)
[20:00] <paolo> i'm building against 9cd9ab75eade tip
[20:01] <paolo> with no success
[20:02] <whg> That is really weird
[20:02] <whg> Wait, are you using Sun Java or OpenJDK ?
[20:03] <paolo> the system default jdk is openjdk, but i installed oracle jdk 7.0.55 and use it (i had to setup JAVA_HOME and add the bin/ to PATH)
[20:04] <whg> So you have two mystery bugs: why can't you build from source, and why is the version provided by the installer erroring out
[20:04] <paolo> how do i know if ant use the system jdk (bad) or the correct one?
[20:05] <whg> I'm installing from the installer now
[20:05] <whg> ant -version (probably)
[20:06] <whg> Nope, that only works for mvn
[20:06] <paolo> ant -v -version -> Apache Ant(TM) version 1.9.3 compiled on April 8 2014
[20:06] <paolo> oh.. and how can i compile using mvn?
[20:06] <whg> You -v for verbose
[20:06] <paolo> yes
[20:06] <whg> and then build
[20:06] <whg> It will spit it out at the very tip-top
[20:07] <whg> And then you can scroll for about forever to get back to it
[20:07] <whg> Jython is not currently buildable under mvn
[20:07] <paolo> Detected Java version: 1.7 in: /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0_55/jre
[20:07] <whg> If I ever get the go-ahead to contribute from my boss, I might possibly work on that
[20:07] <whg> Is that the Oracle JDK?
[20:07] <paolo> yep
[20:12] <whg> paolo: Official installer also worked for me
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[20:12] <whg> And that's *with* it auto-detecting Java8 and not allowing me to fix it.
[20:12] <whg> (this is to run jython setup.py install for itsdangerou that it worked, paolo)
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[20:21] <paolo> i found the error. i noted that the CLASSPATH was really full of everything (a lot of jars), and after unset i'm able to compile.
[20:21] <paolo> i apologize for the time I caused you to lose
[20:21] <paolo> i really didn't imagine
[20:21] <paolo> whg ^-
[20:22] <whg> paolo: No worries
[20:22] <whg> At least you found the problem.
[20:22] <whg> I know that had to be crazy frustrating
[20:23] <paolo> educational :)
[20:29] <whg> heh
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