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[9:21] <mbooth> Hi all, when I build jython against a newer version of antlr (say 3.4 or 3.5) the build fails with the following error: http://fpaste.org/105594/13552211/
[9:22] <mbooth> Unfortunately I am not a language grammar expert so I cannot fix it -- are there any plans to move jython to a newer version of antlr?
[9:23] <mbooth> Or can anyone give me pointers to fix it myself?
[9:27] <agronholm> mbooth: there's been talk of it but the required changes are likely nontrivial
[9:33] <mbooth> Thanks, agronholm. I was hoping it would not be a big job to migrate :-/
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[13:20] <whg> Hi jimbaker. I pushed some unicode stuff to patois this morning at like 2:30 or something
[13:20] <whg> In all your copious free time, I'd love some feedback :-)
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[15:44] <jimbaker> whg, sounds good
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[16:30] <echaz2> do you know if anyone is successfully running the Play Framework on Jython?
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[16:53] <jimbaker> echaz2, i heard someone was playing with this
[16:54] <jimbaker> (inadvertent pun)
[16:54] <echaz2> the more I think about Jython, the more brilliant it feels to me.
[16:55] <echaz2> you have the zen of Python, with the ENORMOUS set of packages in Java
[16:55] <echaz2> If I can convince my team to go with Jython, maybe we can contribute :)
[16:55] <jimbaker> echaz2, i agree with you :)
[16:56] <jimbaker> especially given the forthcoming 2.7 release, and 2.7 beta 3 seems to be quite good. we are running a complex project - openstack keystone - as is on jython. it just works. but we can plug in java and deploy on tomcat
[16:57] <jimbaker> (2.7 beta 3 incidentally has those deltas for openstack. always helps to contribute to a project!)
[16:58] <echaz2> wow. that is amazing. you are a crazy person :)
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[17:02] <jimbaker> echaz, what this enables rackspace is being able to support keystone v3, without porting, while directly plugging in an existing java-based identity backend
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[17:03] <jimbaker> openstack is a very good codebase. but it has tons of dependencies. so we hit lots of rough spots
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[17:03] <jimbaker> to be fair, *some* rough spots
[17:04] <jimbaker> any event, after a month of my working on the jython codebase, we were able to iron those out. not bad considering how many lines of code we now just get to run :)
[17:04] <jimbaker> leverage
[17:06] <echaz> sure. Was this easier than just writing an API between the two, or was this just an excuse to advance Jython?
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[17:29] <jimbaker> echaz, much easier than say wrapping all of these java services with a rest api
[17:29] <jimbaker> (and writing that in java...)
[17:30] <echaz> fair. with an api layer comes maintenence
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[18:19] <echaz> so issue http://bugs.jython.org/issue1978 is still a thing. The suggested fix still works
[19:16] <jimbaker> echaz, hmmm, i run os x all the time, but now mavericks. so is this specific to mountain lion?
[19:17] <jimbaker> in any event, the escaping looks fine
[19:17] <echaz> IDK, I don't have a mountain lion to test
[19:18] <echaz> errr a mavericks
[19:18] <jimbaker> echaz, i would assume it would just be fine on other platforms like cygwin, but i have little bash fu
[19:19] <echaz> if it is just a mountain lion fix, then it probably isn't worth fixing.
[19:21] <jimbaker> echaz, might be - we generally will work around platform bugginess, however macs clearly upgrade reasonably fast, given that it's a client platform
[19:22] <jimbaker> for us, the real problem is we don't have machines to test this on, certainly not systematically. that's why this bug has languished
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[19:24] <echaz> I am on 10.8.5
[19:26] <echaz> but I do have a real question. So pip isn't working for me, because it cant find the idna encoding. it seems like in cpython there is a sitecustomize fix for this. which doesn't seem to work in jython. It is tje jimbaker clone of pip.
[19:27] <jimbaker> echaz, so you are running my pip branch, right? https://github.com/jimbaker/pip ?
[19:27] <jimbaker> on beta 3 or trunk?
[19:27] <echaz> the default. develop
[19:28] <echaz> you install it by running sudo jython install ./setup.py, right?
[19:29] <jimbaker> well, i normally not installing it such that it requires sudo... but in any event, jython setup.py install
[19:37] <echaz> ya, I install it to /usr/local/bin because I am a solaris transport :)
[19:37] <echaz> ./_vendor/requests/models.py:345 host = host.encode('idna').decode('utf-8')
[19:37] <echaz> this seems to be the issue. it is the only place idna is hard coded
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[21:58] <jimbaker> hmmmm, well i do know idna support is part of jython since beta 3
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