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[3:28] <jimbaker> agronholm, support for pip (via my branch), requests, socket-reboot, plus other good fixes
[3:28] <jimbaker> it's what i hoped would be beta 2, but it has gotten a lot better due to the work we have been doing at rackspace to run keystone on it
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[14:04] <whg> Interesting: can't run the all-jars ant task on OpenJDK 8 (in FreeBSD 10, which was where I happened to have a current OpenJDK install)
[14:06] <whg> https://gist.github.com/gthank/db6466aad3d63c766cb4 is the output
[15:39] <jimbaker> whg, interesting. we do want to upgrade to antlr 4, but that's a major undertaking that i don't see happening before 2.7.1 at the earliest
[15:40] <jimbaker> it would be really nice to do so - antlr 4 would give us some very nice capabilities, besides just being a lot faster
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[18:19] <geggam> so.... i have this tool called grinder.. uses jython... i have this python script im running inside grinder... i have installed simplejson in both jython ( easy install ) and python ( system package ) ... verified simplejson is in site packages... any cluebats you wanna hit me with as to why import simplejson as json wont work
[18:21] <pjenvey> can you import simplejson in the interactive interpreter?
[18:21] <geggam> yes
[18:22] <geggam> http://marc.info/?l=grinder-use&m=128685857628793 I think this might be relevant
[18:24] <pjenvey> yes, if grinder uses the embeddeding API (I have no idea if that's the case), that's a common issue, of site not automatically being imported
[18:24] <pjenvey> we have a bug about switching that behavior, to defualt to importing site when using that api, for 2.7
[18:24] <pjenvey> otherwise importing it yourself is an easy workaround
[18:28] <whg> pjenvey: Out of curiosity, why isn't that the default already?
[18:30] <whg> (I'm intrigued by the way expected usage of software changes over time; I wasn't trying to be snide or anything)
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[18:32] <apollonovich> So, I have a python module I wish to load in jython. I'm getting a java.lang.RuntimeException about "class file too large" on import -- I'm quite sure it's because the file in question loads a very large block of static data as a python set (the .py is 55k). Is there a way to accomplish this sort of thing?
[18:34] <agronholm> apollonovich: it's not reportlab by any chance?
[18:35] <apollonovich> no, it's my own in house module. Specifically, it's a list of all ISO language codes that's causing the issue.
[18:35] <agronholm> divide it to more than one module and import them
[18:35] <apollonovich> that's kinda grotesque -- you can't have a block of static data longer than 64k?
[18:37] <agronholm> apollonovich: JVM limitations :/
[18:39] <apollonovich> hrm...if I made it a resource, though, I wouldn't have this limitation, no?
[18:39] <agronholm> resource?
[18:39] <agronholm> you mean a text file which is read in?
[18:39] <apollonovich> yes.
[18:39] <agronholm> yeah
[18:40] <apollonovich> ideally, could do that pythonlib side, which would presumably allow jython to load it without preprocessing, but worst-case scenario, I add a build task to have python vent the contents of the set() as a text file, and replace the .py file with one that loads the static data at runtime...
[18:45] <pjenvey> whg - I don't think there's any good reasons for it, probably just historic, nobody noticed until it wasn't doing it until the 2.5 release
[18:45] <pjenvey> or around there
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[18:54] <whg> pjenvey: Makes sense.
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