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IRC Log for 2014-05-10

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[15:16] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, pjenvey - i'm not an owner of https://bitbucket.org/jython/jython - can we change this so i can better manage some of the pull requests - especially decline those that we merged manually but not through their changesets?
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[17:07] <fwierzbicki> jimbaker: trying???. I can't seem to find the "Access Management" button that the docs say should exist
[17:11] <fwierzbicki> ok found it - had to click the little gear first
[17:13] <fwierzbicki> jimbaker: you are now an admin. Actually that wasn't so bad once I clicked the gear button - though their docs probably ought to mention that. I'll leave a comment.
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[20:00] -mist- [Global Notice] What are you doing on IRC? Go watch Eurovision! ;)
[21:14] -kloeri- [Global Notice] Hi all. I'm going to do some very quick maintainence related to nickserv, chanserv and friends. Services downtime should be very brief. Thanks for using freenode.
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