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[0:17] <jimbaker> interesting, two nonportable aspects i have seen so far
[0:18] <jimbaker> 1) socket reboot needs some reworking on certain address lookups, which seem to expose differences in network stacks. these seem to be corner cases however
[0:19] <jimbaker> 2) setuptools doesn't install bat scripts, i assume this is specific to jython and probably something to do with os.name/os._name
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[1:49] <jimbaker> finally looked into the getaddr failures. they are uninteresting and will reflect the configuration of the actual machine
[1:49] <jimbaker> getaddrinfo
[1:49] <jimbaker> so... time to merge jython-socket-reboot!
[1:49] <jimbaker> i will worry about fixing that test later to be less config dependent
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[6:00] <jimbaker> socket-reboot is now merged in jython trunk. good to finally close out this branch and start working on other things!
[6:00] <jimbaker> agronholm, i was able to collapse history as well. it only took a bit of work to make it happen!
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[7:28] <agronholm> jimbaker: what did it take?
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[8:59] <peke> jimbaker: i too assume supporting win7 is not an issue if win8(.1) is anyway supported.
[9:00] <peke> there shouldn't be that many differences below ui and jvm ought to hide them anyway.
[9:01] <peke> i only have win7 on a vm and just assume/hope that if python code works there it also works on win8.
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[14:01] <jimbaker> agronholm, http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/ConcatenatingChangesets - i used the "revert solution" (the first one presented)
[14:01] <jimbaker> oldrepo, newrepo are thrown away afterwards
[14:02] <jimbaker> peke, right, i really don't expect any changes. i might install windows 7 chinese and ask my wife to test once i have a CJK patch done
[14:06] <jimbaker> or if jeff beats me to it :). but since CJK is blocking my own work, i'm perhaps most likely to fix this hot potato issue. fortunately we have the sketch of one contributed by yuji yamano
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[19:23] <topi`> jimbaker: good work on getting socket-reboot merged! I'll test the jython trunk right away
[19:26] <pjenvey> +1 good work
[19:30] <topi`> the whole 2.7 beta project has taken a long time to get to fruition - starting with the first alpha in 2012
[19:30] <fwierzbicki> +1 here to - that's quite a body of work
[19:31] <fwierzbicki> topi`: yeah - the core dev time has been painfully sporadic the last few years...
[19:43] <topi`> oops, I got Unmappable character for encoding ASCII from PySystemstate.java
[19:43] <topi`> trying to compile on debian/openjdk7, anyone else seeing this?
[19:44] <topi`> I think this was also the case with b2, and I had to remove the offending line manually
[19:44] <topi`> fwierzbicki: now when projects like clamped start showing promise, I think jython has the potential to start well off, now
[19:50] <fwierzbicki> It does set Jython up for wider use - also a prod release of 2.7 will put us at having caught up with the most used version - though I think we will then be in a race for 3.x becoming the dominant version :)
[19:50] <topi`> after we'll arrive at a stable 2.7 (eventually), next logical step is to target python 3.5 compatibility
[19:51] <topi`> there are plenty of nice things in py3.3+, like concurrent.futures (with those Executors, etc)
[19:51] <fwierzbicki> Agreed. 3.5 is a good target. And I think we can finally start pushing most of our standard lib changes into the CPython repo.
[19:51] <topi`> the threaded versions will make sense on jython, since we can ignore GIL
[19:52] <fwierzbicki> exciting times - I can go find and dust off that 3.x grammar I started so long ago...
[19:52] <fwierzbicki> soon not yet
[19:53] <fwierzbicki> off to lunch - bbiab
[19:54] <topi`> we need better cooperation with JRuby folks, so that ordinary java devs would have the option of going JRuby or Jython, based on their preference
[19:55] <topi`> to marginalize foolish languages like groovy :)
[19:56] <topi`> jimbaker: I compiled the entire jython tip successfully (ant all-jars) but for some reason, java -jar dist/jython.jar fails with Unsupported major.minor 51,0
[19:57] <topi`> I wonder what's happening there, evidently the UnsupportedClassVersionError points to org/python/util/jython
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[21:34] <fwierzbicki> topi`: are you using JDK6 by chance? b2 is the first release that requires JDK7
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[21:36] <fwierzbicki> This wasn't technically necessary for b2 - but Jim is using JDK7 APIs in b3
[21:36] <topi`> yeah I just apt-get'ed openjdk7
[21:37] <topi`> need to double-check that it purged all the old JDK6 paths
[21:37] <fwierzbicki> that's what it sounds like - this happens if you compile with JDK7 but try to run on JDK6
[21:38] <topi`> right, I inspected the symlink from /usr/bin/java and indeed it goes to jdk6
[21:38] <topi`> grr
[21:38] <topi`> well, I was optimistic about Ubuntu doing the right thing when apt-getting jre7
[21:38] <topi`> oh well
[21:39] <fwierzbicki> IIRC you want to do:
[21:39] <fwierzbicki> sudo update-alternatives --config java
[21:40] <fwierzbicki> I'm currently on OSX and RH machines so I can't check for sure :)
[21:40] <topi`> there we go, it works!
[21:40] <fwierzbicki> \o/
[21:41] <topi`> I need to start fooling around with sockets to see if Jim's work really did the trick ;)
[21:41] <topi`> I have several twisted codes :)
[21:41] <topi`> async sockets, async everything
[21:41] <fwierzbicki> Great! That should run it through it's paces :)
[21:41] <fwierzbicki> I'm excited about Twisted and Jython
[21:41] <topi`> let's start by creating a venv
[21:42] <topi`> well, Twisted, or parts of it that are important to me, is already working w/ latest socket-reboot
[21:42] <fwierzbicki> oh sure - I don't expect the whole of Twisted to work immediately
[21:42] <fwierzbicki> but if the core and some useful bits work, well, that's way more than before
[21:43] <topi`> I did manage to get my biggest project to run under jython, I just had to swap mysqldb for PyMySql
[21:43] <topi`> (which is pure python)
[21:43] <topi`> both zxjdbc and jyjdbc showed some problems w/ twisted's adbapi
[21:44] <fwierzbicki> Ah that's too bad - I had hoped jyjdbc was akin to magic fairy dust :)
[21:44] <topi`> my next logical step is to create a twistd "clone" as a J2EE servlet for easy twisted deployments
[21:44] <topi`> I didn't get deep enough to really see why jyjdbc failed at some adbapi tasks, I was mainly using Twistar as ORM
[21:44] <fwierzbicki> Very cool indeed. I haven't touched Twisted in a few years now, but having such a project would probably get me to dust that off
[21:45] <topi`> so I patched Twistar code to accept jyjdbc as well, but it didn't quite work
[21:45] <topi`> I'm quite new to Twisted, but it's easily my favourite way of doing network apps, much better than node.js :)
[21:45] <fwierzbicki> I really appreciate Twisted's error handling style
[21:45] <topi`> we have one backend system implemented in node.js at work
[21:46] <topi`> twisted is all about Deferreds, and Deferreds are a dataflow abstraction, a powerful one
[21:47] <fwierzbicki> yep - good stuff. I have yet to do a real project in node.js
[21:47] <topi`> to do something like treq.get(url).addCallback(decodeJson).addCallback(filterOld)
[21:47] <topi`> and so on
[21:47] <fwierzbicki> yep
[21:47] <topi`> node.js might seem sexy, but it doesn't have anything like Deferreds
[21:47] <topi`> no real yield statement in javascript
[21:48] <topi`> can't do inlineDeferreds
[21:48] <topi`> I think Jython has still a lot to give, if the Java community would care to look
[21:49] <topi`> and now, because of PyPy, there are more pure python modules available than ever before
[21:49] <topi`> which makes it easier to go Jython
[21:51] <pjenvey> ecmascript 6 gets yield, i think the v8 that ships w/ node.js already supports it, maybe with a flag
[21:52] <pjenvey> i guess some folks are also doing promises w/ node now
[22:21] <jimbaker> topi`, i would like to see asyncio (trollius backport to be specific) supported with a netty backend. this might just work in conjunction with twisted
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[23:11] <jimbaker> re twisted - investigating why twisted's support for the deprecated magic doesn't work on jython is a good goal for beta 4
[23:13] <jimbaker> so i'm going to add that to my planning list


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