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[0:55] <pjenvey> jimbaker - hurray!
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[5:48] <agronholm> looks like there was a major "oops"
[5:48] <agronholm> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/compress/compressors/bzip2/BZip2CompressorInputStream
[5:49] <agronholm> since I was the one who committed (but not authored) the bzip2 support, this is probably on me
[5:52] <agronholm> commons-compress is in extlibs
[5:52] <agronholm> so why does it not get included in jython.jar...
[5:52] <agronholm> erm.
[5:53] <agronholm> it does get installed in javalib/
[5:53] <agronholm> now I'm really confused
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[9:12] <peke> jimbaker: any news about your trip to finland/helsinki? fwiw, i live in helsinki area too. would be great to meet.
[9:12] <peke> i'm not sure about europython yet. haven't got final decision about our talk and training proposals, and due to family reasons it's unlikely i'll go there this year if neither of them is accepted.
[9:57] <agronholm> so is anyone else having such difficulties with bzip2 on jython as I am?
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[13:31] <whg> agronholm: It's not http://bugs.jython.org/issue1445 is it?
[13:32] <whg> (seems unlikely, since you were the one doing the fix there)_
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[13:48] <whg> agronholm: If you have a test case, I've got some bandwidth to try to repro on 2.7b1 and the socket-reboot branch
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[14:40] <jimbaker> peke, i'm scheduling it around my trip to krakow june 9-11. possibly 12-13? i will know for sure in a couple of days
[14:41] <jimbaker> it will be great to meet up with you!
[14:43] <jimbaker> vext01, sounds good about a hangout later today to discuss clamp/related ideas
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[14:48] <topi`> agronholm: I think I've also seen the problem of missing bzip2 even though it is *right there* in extlibs
[14:53] <agronholm> whg: the bzip2 module is not missing, it just can't find the proper java class
[14:55] <vext01> jimbaker: sounds good
[14:55] <vext01> what kind of time?
[14:59] <vext01> jimbaker: i'm going rock climbing at around 5.30ish
[15:00] <jimbaker> vext01, you should come out to boulder at some point
[15:00] <topi`> agronholm: I remember I solved the bzip2 issue with some CLASSPATH hackeryu
[15:01] <agronholm> what sort?
[15:01] <vext01> jimbaker: boulder as in climbing?
[15:01] <jimbaker> vext01, ok, so you are taking off shortly then. maybe 30 minutes from now
[15:01] <vext01> jimbaker: that works
[15:01] <jimbaker> vext01, yes
[15:01] <vext01> to be honest i'm just learning to climb ;)
[15:01] <vext01> not very good yet
[15:02] <jimbaker> interestingly, i was hiking with a good friend of mine in the python community here yesterday for lunch. he's an avid rock climber, but he was telling me (also a neophyte) that climbing works well for mixing experience levels
[15:03] <vext01> ah ok
[15:03] <vext01> well -- yeh i guess tha tmakes sense
[15:03] <jimbaker> so where i might go for easy, he can easily find a parallel route that's much harder
[15:03] <vext01> my friend i climb with has been climbing for years
[15:04] <jimbaker> i had similar doubts in the past when he told me we should go climbing together. but looks like we will finally do it this summer
[15:05] <vext01> think i found you on hangouts
[15:05] <vext01> ill call at 4.30
[15:05] <topi`> agronholm: I thought my issue was because I installed jython-ssl via Frank's "full install jar"
[15:06] <whg> agronholm: I just tested using the socket-reboot branch and was able to create a BZ2File (and read from it) on my system
[15:06] <whg> Java 7.0.55
[15:06] <topi`> does the socket-reboot work already for pip?
[15:07] <agronholm> whg: bzip2 wasn't included in b1 anyway
[15:07] <agronholm> whg: does it work for you on b2?
[15:07] <whg> I don't have that one installed yet
[15:07] <whg> I'll grab it
[15:08] <whg> btw, is jython.org maintained?
[15:10] <jimbaker> vext01, cool
[15:12] <jimbaker> topi`, you want to be jython-socket-reboot at this point; trunk as soon as i make a bug fix re ipv6 numeric address decoding that only appears on linux and test on windows
[15:12] <whg> agronholm: Nope, I get the ClassNotFound issue on b2
[15:12] <jimbaker> hopefully we will soon have bamboo setup to make the testing easier
[15:13] <agronholm> jimbaker: any insight to this issue?
[15:13] <agronholm> bzip2 not working on b2 is a pretty big problem
[15:13] <jimbaker> agronholm, i wasn't aware of a problem
[15:13] <jimbaker> but i can take a look
[15:13] <whg> On OSX, I installed using the installer
[15:13] <agronholm> we've been talking about it for the past day :)
[15:13] <whg> System Java is 7.0.55
[15:14] <whg> (Though the installer thought it detected 1.8.0)
[15:14] <jimbaker> ok, clearly i haven't checked the backlog yet ;)
[15:14] <whg> worked on the same java version for jython-socket-reboot
[15:14] <whg> (or the version that was up about a month ago, when I built from source)
[15:14] <topi`> jimbaker: I can test your ipv6 numeric address fix on Linux
[15:14] <topi`> (if you have it ready)
[15:14] <jimbaker> topi`, i do have linux
[15:14] <topi`> ok
[15:15] <jimbaker> it's the windows i have to get setup
[15:15] <topi`> oh, pain...
[15:15] <jimbaker> yeah, i have a msdn license, but... still have to figure it out
[15:15] <jimbaker> i have installed windows before. years ago. i'm sure windows 8 is very cool
[15:15] <topi`> :)
[15:16] <topi`> windows XP for legacy games :)
[15:16] <jimbaker> but i hate extra dependencies when i just want to do something now :)
[15:16] <jimbaker> yeah, jython 2.7 will not be supported on xp
[15:17] <topi`> nor on OSX 10.1 "Puma" ;)
[15:17] <topi`> for a good reason ;)
[15:17] <jimbaker> we can probably just say windows 8 minimum. at least only releases that are maintained without buying an expensive support contract
[15:17] <topi`> I think XP is just as old as 10.1 Puma
[15:18] <jimbaker> i don't have enough sense of os archeology...
[15:18] <topi`> :)
[15:18] <topi`> after beginning the family life phase, it seems I'm very susceptible to nostalgic traps
[15:18] <jimbaker> so bzip2 regressed. presumably a jar issue. maybe a jarjar links problem
[15:19] <topi`> jimbaker: it definitely is a jar issue, since I could resolve it with just starting jython with CLASSPATH set to point to that bzip2 jar
[15:19] <topi`> in jython/extlibs
[15:23] <jimbaker> topi`, ok, so presumably just a fix to build.xml
[15:24] <jimbaker> given that this is seen in beta 2, we are working with an all-jars build, which builds jython.jar
[15:30] <vext01> jimbaker: tried to call -- did it ring?
[15:31] <agronholm> topi`: I tried that too, didn't work even then
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[17:31] <jimbaker> agronholm, i have been able to reproduce the error you see. it is an issue with jar jar links
[17:32] <agronholm> easily fixable?
[17:32] <jimbaker> unfortunately the usual way we run regrtests is not against the jar-jar-ed version
[17:32] <jimbaker> yes, easily fixable
[17:32] <agronholm> I figured
[17:32] <jimbaker> we just need to have good testing against all three versions - dev jar, jython jar, standalone jar
[17:34] <topi`> also, some easy-to-understand guide which one should you select/install :)
[17:34] <topi`> standalone jar is evident - if you don't need site.py
[17:41] <jimbaker> topi`, well, with clamp you can get a standalone jar that works with site-packages, because you bundled them in :)
[17:44] <jimbaker> agronholm, i pushed a fix to trunk
[17:45] <topi`> ah, at setuptools time
[17:45] <jimbaker> topi`, yes
[17:45] <topi`> maybe with some written guide, it would be possible for my work mates to incorporate my python module into their workflow
[17:46] <topi`> (they work with java and spring)
[17:47] <whg> Ugh. I can't get Jython into this codebase fast enough
[17:47] <whg> How can Java be so fundamentally broken when it comes to URLs
[17:47] <whg> I don't know if urllib, urllib2, urlparse and all that are ideal, but Java is killing me here
[17:48] <whg> Any of you happen to know of a Java lib that *doesn't* suck for building/manipulating URLs?
[17:48] <whg> I'm staring at the urlparse docs and thinking "maybe I can add a dependency on Jython for this hotfix, and nobody will notice"
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[18:13] <topi`> whg: I bet there's a ready recipe somewhere waiting for those poor souls who hit their heads w/ url parsing
[18:14] <topi`> in the early Python days (back in 2.0 and 2.2) it was the Activestate recipe repository which saved my life many times
[18:18] <jimbaker> whg, simply clamp your python module with url support and you have something that is java for all intents & purposes
[18:18] <jimbaker> at the very least, it's a worthwhile experiment - i want more users :)
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[18:28] <whg> jimbaker: I may do that for round 2
[18:28] <whg> Right now, I'm supposed to have this done by EOB
[18:28] <whg> And I have paperwork to boot
[18:28] <whg> So string formatting it is :-/
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[18:36] <agronholm> jimbaker: I tested the latest tip and the bzip2 problem is gone
[18:36] <agronholm> though I suppose installing setuptools/pip is still not working before b3?
[18:37] <agronholm> getting a UnicodeDecodeError
[18:38] <agronholm> http://bpaste.net/show/6FE4ijRDLcqWRCUsPbMR/
[18:41] <whg> agronholm: I'm pretty sure jimbaker has a fork of pip that fixes the Unicode thing
[18:41] <agronholm> hm
[18:41] <agronholm> how come it's not upstream yet?
[18:41] <whg> agronholm: I don't know
[18:41] <whg> IIRC, the problem is actually in the vendored html5lib that pip includes, and that isn't upstream because the maintainer hasn't accepted the patch
[18:42] <whg> (I saw Jim's pull request yesterday)
[18:42] <whg> Even if you get around the unicode issue, I'm pretty sure pip would fail without the socket-reboot work
[18:44] <jimbaker> agronholm, you need my socket reboot branch. i still haven't tested it against windows so i don't know if it completely breaks things (i doubt it, given that it works on top of netty) + my pip branch
[18:45] <jimbaker> so https://bitbucket.org/jimbaker/jython-socket-reboot
[18:45] <jimbaker> and https://github.com/jimbaker/pip
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[18:46] <jimbaker> time to check out my new msdn license...
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[22:52] <peke> jimbaker: cool, let us know when your helsinki plans are getting more final.
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[22:54] <peke> and please don't drop windows 7 support! xp is dead and i doubt anyone cares about vista, but win7 is very actively used by businesses (incl. my clients...).
[23:09] <jimbaker> peke, ok, but for now i'm just testing on windows 8.1
[23:10] <jimbaker> just got that installed
[23:10] <jimbaker> so time to load up java, ant, hg, and see how stuff works!
[23:11] <jimbaker> peke, as long as a platform supports java 7, i assume we should be able to run on it. i also expect that anything that would be different about socket reboot on windows 8 would be true (enough) of windows 7
[23:12] <jimbaker> lastly, hopefully we can get a comprehensive build going on a matrix of supported systems. a good goal for at least the work on release candidate 1
[23:16] <jimbaker> java still wants to install toolbars in IE? ;)
[23:16] <jimbaker> i used to know windows pretty well, but xp was the last version i used


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