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[14:11] <cagedwisdom> how hard would it be for me to package https://github.com/tschellenbach/Feedly for java so that I can call it's APIs from my java app
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[19:31] <jimbaker> Arfrever, i plan to include http://bugs.jython.org/issue2110 in the forthcoming beta 3
[19:32] <jimbaker> given the progress of socket-reboot - all test_socket tests now passing, many other tests in the regrtest now passing as well, i expect both will be merged in sometime this week
[19:33] <Arfrever> jimbaker: I use hg snapshots, not releases. (And I like to apply as few patches as possible.)
[19:33] <jimbaker> along with indra talip's recent work on tarfile
[19:33] <jimbaker> Arfrever, got it
[19:33] <jimbaker> Arfrever, anything else you would like to prioritize? i know you have a very good sense for what the project needs
[19:35] <jimbaker> with beta 3 almost there with these merges, i plan to spend a lot of time on bug triage for beta 4. especially anything with patches that have been patiently waiting for review
[19:39] <Arfrever> jimbaker: Issue #1973 can be closed now.
[19:40] <jimbaker> Arfrever, closed it
[19:48] <Arfrever> jimbaker: Issue #2032 can be trivially fixed.
[19:53] <jimbaker> Arfrever, cool. i'm doing some bug grooming right now, just because it has not been done for a while. perfect spring cleaning i suppose :)
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