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[0:19] <pybokeh> hello all, i left java for python primarily because python seems more suitable for data analysis, but that was 4 yrs ago. has things changed and is there something like python's pandas library in the jython's world?
[0:29] <jimbaker> pybokeh, that's going to really depend on this support: http://jyni.org/, unless you find some equivalent to R data frames that are as pleasant to use in the java space
[0:31] <jimbaker> the one major blocker, supporting GC seems eminently doable, just a matter of time to get it right
[0:33] <pybokeh> thanks for the info
[0:35] <jimbaker> pybokeh, good luck! i did some quick googling myself because it's an interesting question, but there doesn't seem to be any good java choices right now. if there are any, jython certainly could drive and presumably make much more pleasant
[0:35] <jimbaker> but i would hold out for real pandas, via jyni
[0:46] <pybokeh> if jython could add libraries for exploratory data analysis and scientific computing, that would be fantastic, it would certain attract python people and data science as a field is growing tremendously recently
[0:50] <pybokeh> doh! sorry, i know java has classes for scientific computing that jython can leverage obviously, but my comment was geared more towards R-like dataframes
[0:54] <pybokeh> so i have to ask, is there a need jyni to try to be able to leverage numpy and scipy then? i would think there are equivalent Java classes for these by now, if i recall correctly, i did do a lot of stats stuff and arrays in Java in my former life, or the purpose of jyni so that it can then leverage python libraries such as pandas which depends on numpy?
[0:55] <pybokeh> the latter makes more sense to me to avoid reinventing the wheel
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[1:54] <jimbaker> pybokeh (if you read the log) - well you could use the first now with jython, if you like a java library; or perhaps better use the latter, when we get pandas support via jyni
[1:54] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, did you have a chance to look at trunk and the jarjarlinks fix?
[1:55] <jimbaker> interesting that beta 2 has had 2 jarjarlinks problems
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[2:25] <imyerrow> hey guys, im trying to install setuptools on linux mint 16, at console i did: java -jar jython.jar ~/Desktop/ez_setup.py
[2:25] <imyerrow> then it shows "Downloading http://pypi.python.org/packages/2.5/s/setuptools/setuptools-0.6c11-py2.5.egg"
[2:25] <imyerrow> but crashes with traceback: "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith'"
[2:26] <imyerrow> the jython book in appendix A says i should do: jython ez_setup.py
[2:27] <imyerrow> but that didn't work even though i was in the /bin folder
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[2:36] <imyerrow> so i did this instead while i was in the jython installation folder: java -jar jython.jar ~/Desktop/ez_setup.py
[2:45] <agronholm> not sure where to begin...the state of setuptools is awkwardly bad for python today
[2:45] <agronholm> err
[2:45] <agronholm> jython
[2:45] <agronholm> since pypi requires SSL now
[2:45] <agronholm> iirc
[2:51] <imyerrow> i installed jython using the installer jar file, i installed it, then installed jython using the synaptic app installer
[2:51] <imyerrow> * i uninstalled it
[2:52] <imyerrow> it says "Downloading http://pypi.python.org/packages/2.5/s/setuptools/setuptools-0.6c11-py2.5.egg"
[2:52] <agronholm> setuptools 0.6 is ancient
[2:52] <agronholm> truly
[2:52] <imyerrow> then i get this error: "error: /usr/share/jython/Lib/site-packages/setuptools-0.6c11-py2.5.egg: Unknown error: 20000"
[2:52] <agronholm> you may have better luck with the deprecated fork of setuptools called "distribute"
[2:53] <agronholm> because right now the only way to get setuptools and pip to work with jython is to install jim baker's SSL fork of jython 2.7
[2:56] <imyerrow> ok thanks
[3:23] <imyerrow> hmm i installed jython 2.7b1 and downloaded setuptools3.4.4.tar.gz, extracted, then ran: java -jar jython.jar ~/Desktop/setuptools3.3.4/setup.py install and got error
[3:24] <agronholm> imyerrow: I did mention that it requires jim baker's SSL fork
[3:24] <agronholm> not the vanilla 2.7b1
[3:25] <imyerrow> oh ok thought it was the same
[3:31] <imyerrow> im assuming this is the fork: https://bitbucket.org/jimbaker/jython-ssl/overview, the overview don't make it very clear it is different than the one hosted at jython.org and no mention of SSL support
[3:32] <imyerrow> other than the SSL in the url
[3:32] <agronholm> it's not officially released
[3:32] <imyerrow> ok
[3:32] <agronholm> it will be merged to the main jython when it's done
[3:37] <fwierzbicki> jimbaker: yep - worked just fine!
[3:39] <imyerrow> how do i install the jim baker 2.7 version? i downloaded the zip file and looks like it is source, so do i have to compile/build it then?
[3:39] <fwierzbicki> imyerrow: our next release will be beta2 then hopefully shortly after beta3 will have the SSL fix - jimbaker has made a ton of progress on it
[3:40] <fwierzbicki> imyerrow: that one probably needs to be built from source - I haven't done it. jimbaker is the best source of info though
[3:40] <imyerrow> ok was hoping there is like an installer jar version
[3:40] <fwierzbicki> He is around here fairly often and will comment eventually I'm sure
[3:41] <imyerrow> i wonder if alternatively i could install an older version of setuptools that doesn't check for SSL cert
[3:41] <fwierzbicki> That won't happen until b3 - but I suspect that will come out much faster than b2 has - I think (but don't hold him to it) jimbaker has said a matter of a few weeks
[3:41] <fwierzbicki> imyerrow: that's a reasonable approach - agronholm suggested the version that was called "distribute"
[3:41] <fwierzbicki> that sounds right to me
[3:41] <Arfrever> fwierzbicki: 2.7beta2 tag was already created (3 times :) )...
[3:42] <fwierzbicki> Arfrever: yeah - and it is about to get moved again as Jim fixed a critical issue today
[3:42] <fwierzbicki> but I'm just going to call that done and release it most likely :)
[3:42] <fwierzbicki> since Jim is hot on the trail for b3
[3:42] <fwierzbicki> Probably this weekend for an official b2
[3:53] <imyerrow> strange i extracted distribute-0.7.3 onto desktop, then did: ~/jython2.7b1/jython ~/Desktop/distribute-0.7.3/setup.py install
[3:54] <imyerrow> got: "ImportError: No module named _markerlib"
[3:55] <imyerrow> i guess i should just wait for b2 haha
[3:57] <imyerrow> also tried installing http://python-distribute.org/distribute_setup.py
[3:57] <imyerrow> but got "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/compress/compressors/bzip2/BZip2CompressorInputStream"
[4:04] <agronholm> imyerrow: bzip2 support was not included in b1
[4:05] <imyerrow> ok thanks
[4:05] <agronholm> sorry about the brokenness
[4:05] <agronholm> but fixes are coming :)
[4:05] <imyerrow> no problem, im excited to try out jython
[4:06] <imyerrow> i can, just can't install some of my fav python packages
[4:06] <imyerrow> im sure i can find equivalent java packages/classes
[4:08] <imyerrow> im surprised jython isn't as popular as i thought it would be, java + dynamic language would be awesome combo
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[4:22] <jimbaker> just missed imyerrow
[4:22] <jimbaker> right, there's no docs on jython-ssl or jython-socket-reboot per se
[4:23] <jimbaker> so jython-ssl works with easy_install; jython-socket-reboot is the newest version
[4:24] <jimbaker> which works with pip/requests. and of course there are docs about them floating around. here's where i would start: https://github.com/jimbaker/pip
[4:25] <jimbaker> re beta 3 - i've been mostly actually running stuff recently with socket-reboot, including clamp/fireside, but it's really almost there
[4:27] <jimbaker> i did one potential bug in netty itself, which is a race condition between bind to ephemeral port and getting the local address for the newly assigned port
[4:27] <jimbaker> this pretty much just impacts tests - it's sort of unusual if not unheard of to use ephemeral ports for actual services
[4:33] <jimbaker> cool, the design session i proposed on keystone jython has been scheduled - http://summit.openstack.org/cfp/details/250
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[8:01] <Arfrever> fwierzbicki: Issue #2028 causes 3 errors in test suite of MarkupSafe 0.21. (MarkupSafe defines a class (subclass of unicode), which has format() method, which uses string.Formatter.)
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[12:57] <ChrisPHL> hi there
[12:58] <ChrisPHL> could anybody tell, if there exists kind of a Jython implementation with Python3 support?
[12:58] <ChrisPHL> ...something alpha maybe?
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[13:09] <whg> ChrisPHL: Nothing official
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[13:24] <ChrisPHL> of course, nothing official... but does there exist a developer version?
[13:25] <whg> Not that I know about, though I'm not a core dev
[13:34] <ChrisPHL> ...and sources arn't available, right?
[13:35] <whg> Sources for what?
[13:35] <whg> Jython?
[13:35] <whg> They're available from numerous places
[13:35] <whg> hg.python.org/jython is the official repo, IIRC
[13:36] <whg> There's a bitbucket mirror, but today I discovered that apparently the mirroring broke a couple of months ago
[13:36] <whg> The Jython you're most likely to want to use is probably jimbaker's jython-socket-reboot branch
[13:36] <whg> It's on bitbucket
[13:37] <ChrisPHL> sorry, this question was not clear. I meant a source code repo (best case: Jython3 compatibility layer)
[13:38] <ChrisPHL> does jython-socket-reboot branch bring Pathon3 support?
[13:39] <jimbaker> ChrisPHL, my socket reboot branch simply implements socket/select/ssl support using netty 4
[13:40] <jimbaker> there is no support for jython 3 that i am aware of
[13:40] <ChrisPHL> ah, thank you for that statement
[13:40] <ChrisPHL> :-(
[13:41] <jimbaker> it's something that we have wanted to do for a while, but we are focusing on getting a 2.7.0 release out first - that has been delayed too long
[13:42] <ChrisPHL> so there's a new hobby for me... ;-)
[13:43] <jimbaker> ChrisPHL, i definitely encourage you to play with getting jython 3 out - it would be a fun task
[13:43] <ChrisPHL> as far as I would say a porting should be a large bunch of changes within ANTLR files, isnt it?
[13:43] <ChrisPHL> sure
[13:43] <jimbaker> ChrisPHL, one thing that would be worth doing is also converting to antlr 4
[13:45] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki did do some work on the antlr support for jython 3 syntax, to support netbeans. i'm not certain where that work is. but it's pretty simple to modify antlr
[13:45] <jimbaker> but it would be very nice to move to antlr 4 - much faster parsing, also the possibility of doing some very incremental things
[13:47] <ChrisPHL> i've heard about it but never used antlr 4
[13:47] <ChrisPHL> just have some experience with antlr3 (3.2/3.4, I think)
[13:49] <jimbaker> for jython 3, it's clear we should move to antlr 4 - it will solve some problems and it's best to keep current on such projects. do things like target java 8, etc
[13:50] <ChrisPHL> you're right
[13:54] <ChrisPHL> something completely different: is there a way to let a py-script, running from PythonInterpreter.exec(), write to a file descriptor that I instanciated within java? I want to read the written data from an InputStream...
[13:54] <ChrisPHL> or is the only way to read data from the script using stdout/stderr?
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[14:09] <jimbaker> ChrisPHL, i'm about to go run, but i believe that PythonInterpreter setup supports setting the stdin/... as desired (PI is just one of integrating w/ jython)
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[14:10] <ChrisPHL> I cannot get your idea...
[14:10] <ChrisPHL> I'm able to get the stdoutr/stderr from the script as a stream
[14:11] <ChrisPHL> the problem is some dirty debug output using print(), so I have to silence that, if I want to get the script data via stdout
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[14:31] <ChrisPHL> <-- afk
[15:25] <jimbaker> ChrisPHL, seems more like an issue to manage within python itself. regardless you can intercept stdin/stdout/stderr, see for example test_pythoninterpreter_jy.py
[15:25] <jimbaker> which could just have been as readily written in java, but it's in python because we can :)
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