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[20:51] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, found the root cause of that verifyerror; now doing the simple fix
[20:51] <jimbaker> http://bugs.jython.org/issue2129
[20:52] <fwierzbicki> jimbaker: nice! Great work!
[20:53] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, yeah, it was confusing because dist/bin/jython always selects jython-dev.jar - so normally we don't see this problem!
[20:53] <jimbaker> but i have already verified upgrading to 1.4 fixes the problem, so just to do the corresponding update
[20:53] <fwierzbicki> ah interesting - that explains why I saw it in releases
[20:54] <jimbaker> exactly. anyway, it's nice to move beyond "it works for me"
[20:55] <fwierzbicki> cool - btw work craziness is about to settle down, so I should be able to do more Jython stuff in the near future - this particular change might be a reason to do one last staged b2 before a real one - what do you think?
[20:56] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, makes sense to me
[20:56] <fwierzbicki> ok cool
[20:56] <jimbaker> and sounds really good about having more availability
[20:57] <jimbaker> btw, we are running openstack keystone successfully on jython, using socket-reboot
[20:58] <jimbaker> i also a number of little bugs in fireside and clamp as a result of that
[20:58] <jimbaker> found a number
[20:59] <fwierzbicki> very cool - it's great to see the start of such a large python code base working on jython :)
[21:00] <jimbaker> yeah, it's pretty amazing seeing it just work, along with requests/pip and many other dependencies
[21:01] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, i also started work on artificialturf to see how much further it could go - keystone doesn't use eventlet/greenlet - https://github.com/jythontools/artificialturf
[21:02] <jimbaker> so this could be used for the rest of openstack that does use greenlet, while we wait for the transition to asyncio in openstack
[21:02] <fwierzbicki> very cool
[21:03] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, pushed - in r7209
[21:03] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, it would be great if you could try that out
[21:04] <jimbaker> pjenvey, https://bitbucket.org/jython/jython is still way behind
[21:04] <fwierzbicki> ok - I'll try building with it tonight and see if the problem goes away for me
[21:05] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, thanks
[21:05] <jimbaker> i will also reply to mailing list
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[21:31] <pjenvey> jimbaker - there's a response on here: https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issue/9315/https-bitbucketorg-jython-jython-no-longer hrmph i'll give them a few more days I guess
[21:53] <jimbaker> pjenvey, ahh
[21:56] <jimbaker> pjenvey, there's also this, probably related, issue - http://blog.bitbucket.org/2014/04/22/were-migrating-repositories-to-new-hardware/
[21:57] <jimbaker> the bitbucket mirror is flagged accordingly
[21:57] <jimbaker> so i guess we wait...
[21:58] <jimbaker> (i was trying to force a sync by pulling from hg.python.org/jython, then pushing up to what is the bitbucket mirror)
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