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[0:43] <jimbaker> so simple usage of requests is now working against jython-socket-reboot
[0:44] <jimbaker> eg - import requests; r = requests.get('https://github.com/timeline.json')
[0:45] <jimbaker> this required fixing our zlib support so it knows how to properly skip the gzip header if present, then we can use the standard Inflator to get a zlib like decompressobj
[0:46] <jimbaker> right now, looks like the next step is to fix how requests uses select.poll
[0:53] <jimbaker> with select.poll disabled, pip install now works. i need to push up a fix of pip for surrogate support. but it's really almost there. that was a long journey :)
[0:53] <jimbaker> zz_whg, this will be a good addition to patois of course
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[5:02] <Thrice_Daily> Will there ever be support for dictionary comprehension in Jython?
[5:03] <Thrice_Daily> For example, in Cython, {a: 2 for a in range(3)} produces {0: 2, 1: 2, 2: 2}. But in Jython it's a syntax error.
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[11:21] <jimbaker> dict comprehensions work in jython 2.7\
[11:21] <jimbaker> that was pretty basic functionality we added quite soon in the dev process
[11:31] <agronholm> jimbaker: good to hear about the socket-reboot progress
[11:31] <agronholm> so if I understand right, beta 2 will have that baked in and beta 3 will get the SSL fixes?
[11:37] <jimbaker> agronholm, beta2 is what is in trunk right now. but it does mean that we should have a beta 3 much sooner - maybe a month?
[11:37] <agronholm> I haven't been looking at the repo lately -- is socket-reboot in the default branch now?
[11:38] <agronholm> can pip work without the SSL fixes?
[11:38] <jimbaker> agronholm, it's in a separate fork, being tracked here - https://bitbucket.org/jimbaker/jython-socket-reboot
[11:38] <jimbaker> pip cannot work without these ssl fixes
[11:38] <jimbaker> that socket-reboot supports
[11:39] <agronholm> ok so now I'm a bit confused
[11:39] <agronholm> pip will work with beta 2, right?
[11:39] <agronholm> that was the plan at least last time I heard
[11:39] <jimbaker> right, that was the plan. but it was modified per discussion on the jython-dev mailing list
[11:39] <agronholm> I see
[11:40] <agronholm> I'm trying to find the relevant thread
[11:42] <jimbaker> literally i got this thing working yesterday... which is a great relief, but it needs to go through a bit more cleanup. at least remove the print statements ;)
[11:42] <jimbaker> although i'm going to short term move that to logging, then figure out what we want to preserve for future debugging
[11:42] <jimbaker> usual stuff
[11:43] <agronholm> I can't find the thread
[11:43] <jimbaker> agronholm, http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.jython.devel/6033
[11:44] <jimbaker> sorry, need to go - i'm up a bit early because i have a flight to catch. will be back here in a few hours
[11:44] <agronholm> ok
[11:45] <agronholm> I was apparently looking at the wrong list
[11:45] <agronholm> right, jython-users vs jython-dev
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[16:02] <jimbaker> at airport, but i will be boarding in a few minutes
[17:19] <jimbaker> almost all tests in the requests package now pass; apparently i forgot to include socket.inet_aton and socket.inet_ntoa
[17:20] <jimbaker> need to craft an email to jython-dev mailing list about this progress
[17:46] <jimbaker> nice project using jython - http://socialite-lang.github.io/
[17:57] <whg> Interesting!
[17:57] <whg> how'd you learn about that one?
[18:02] <jimbaker> whg, the author contacted me privately
[18:02] <jimbaker> whg, btw, you might have seen the progress on socket-reboot
[18:02] <whg> It sounds like things are really cooking, at this point
[18:03] <jimbaker> whg, yes - it's amazing how fixing a critical dependency unlocks new levels ;)
[18:03] <whg> jimbaker: hehe
[18:18] <jimbaker> whg, here is the sort of thing we will want to figure out for patois - https://github.com/jimbaker/pip/commit/53b5e2525edf9f27e40bbc11fd7a1377e83f94cc
[18:18] <jimbaker> you can see the type of invalid unicode literals, and my first go at a workaround (which needs to be tested again - i just copied verbatim from an earlier diff)
[18:19] <jimbaker> (works on jython, probably on cpython/pypy)
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[18:20] <whg> I believe I did a conditional import??? Let me see if I can find that code
[18:20] <whg> But basically the same idea: skip the test for Jython
[18:22] <jimbaker> right - but one has to ensure the literal is still built for cpython. hence this who indirection around unichr
[18:22] <jimbaker> whole indirection
[18:22] <whg> I had a CPython version with the Unicode literal as-is
[18:23] <whg> But didn't import it if it was running on Jython
[18:23] <jimbaker> whg, still needs to be bytecompiled
[18:23] <whg> The unichr thing is what I was looking for when I was trying to figure out how to test
[18:23] <jimbaker> whg, yeah, sorry i didn't dig this up earlier. but was sort of focused on some other things ;)
[18:23] <whg> Oh, I get it
[18:24] <whg> I've had a fair bit of that myself, lately
[18:24] <jimbaker> i still cannot believe socket-reboot is basically done, except for cleanup
[18:24] <whg> Wound up having to go to India, kid's birthday, etc.
[18:25] <whg> How does Jython play with bdist vs. sdist, etc.?
[18:25] <whg> Since you mentioned bytecompiling
[18:26] <whg> jimbaker: Oh, and did you figure out the `poll` thing?
[18:26] <whg> I remember you mentioned that was the last thing, right?
[18:27] <jimbaker> whg, i did, but i turned off support in the latest set of commits against jython-socket-reboot
[18:27] <whg> Ah
[18:27] <jimbaker> since there's some incompatibility, presumably minor, with requests/pip
[18:28] <jimbaker> in my own functional testing + test_select, it works
[18:28] <jimbaker> maybe i have to do a true int fileno. don't know. low priority for the moment however
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