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[2:32] <jimbaker> topi`, as far as i know, there's no relationship at all between jetty and netty - but both are very nice
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[10:37] <agronholm> jimbaker: I didn't realize there is a jythontools collection -- perhaps I should contribute my jython-swingutils there?
[10:40] <vext01> hey jimbaker, I looked at your clamp slides, but it's not quite the aspect of jython I am interested in
[10:40] <vext01> if you are around, could we discuss?
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[15:01] <jimbaker> vext01, hey, i'm around
[15:01] <jimbaker> at airport, but i have a few minutes before we board
[15:01] <jimbaker> incidentally, will be giving a talk about socket-reboot in poland - http://2014.33degree.org/talk/show/41
[15:16] <vext01> i think i missed you
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[19:26] <jimbaker> vext01, yes :) but i'm now in san francisco
[21:12] <vext01> wow nice
[21:12] <vext01> :)
[21:13] <vext01> so i was wondering, when jython emits .class files, are these jitted in exactly the same way that java code is?
[21:13] <vext01> and also, .class files are only generated when a module is imported
[21:14] <vext01> so, is the entry point jitted in the same way?
[21:19] <agronholm> jitted?
[21:45] <whg> Just-in-time Compiled
[21:48] <agronholm> whg: I know what JIT stands for
[21:49] <agronholm> I just have no clue what vext01 meant by "jitted class files"
[23:00] <whg> agronholm: Ah, right. I think he vext01 just wants to know if Jython gets to benefit from HotSpot
[23:00] <agronholm> hotspot is the official java vm, what of it?
[23:00] <agronholm> and what does it have to do with class files
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[23:08] <whg> HotSpot is often used as shorthand for the JIT compiler in the JVM.I believe vext01 is worried that Jython's bytecode won't be able to be run through the JIT compiler because the .class files are generated "on-demand". If I remember correctly, that is irrelevant, but I haven't poked the JIT compiler in a few years.
[23:16] <agronholm> seems irrelevant to me
[23:16] <agronholm> but I'm not a (J)VM expert
[23:16] <agronholm> they may look weird inside but they're still .class files
[23:17] <whg> Honestly, I don't think you even need a .class file
[23:17] <whg> As long as the code unit made it past the classloader, I think the JIT looks at it
[23:17] <whg> And there are some **REALLY** funky classloader implementations
[23:17] <whg> I saw people loading raw bytes returned out of a webservice one time
[23:17] <whg> That doesn't seem insecure or anything


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