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[4:20] <jimbaker> so i'm getting some of the socket unit tests to pass with socket-reboot. so far, it's just been a matter of adding missing functionality, such as socket options and error handling. hopefully 100% by end of the week!
[4:20] <jimbaker> but now, time for bed!
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[13:06] <Code45> Hi
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[14:38] <smaudet> jimbaker: sounds good - I think I've found the issue, I'm not certain how to solve it though - jython is looking for things using unixy style paths, and this doesn't work (surprise!) on Windows. There is some windows-y support code in here, but the problem comes when actually loading these paths in - Java expects the actual path in the jar file, but its being given the unix path and can't find it.
[14:39] <smaudet> Confusingly, clamp uses the unixy paths, and dies if I remove the code that does the conversions, meaning something is using the forward style paths (clamp actually crashes when I use backslashes instead of forward slashes)
[14:40] <smaudet> So my shim fix for now is to check the windows-style path and load that, although I'm making modifications to jython in order to fix clamp...this seems wrong somehow.
[14:40] <smaudet> =/
[14:41] * smaudet feels like a lot of this headache would have been solved by appropriate use of os.path.separator and File.separator instead of hard coded slashes.
[14:45] <smaudet> Yeah my shim fixes work, Java->Python bridge finally 'just' loads stuff out of the jar directly
[14:49] <whg> Python is supposed to use Unix-style paths all over and transparently hide the Windows part, right?
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[15:04] <smaudet> whq: um, sorta, maybe
[15:05] <smaudet> I think python is actually not doing this in this case
[15:05] <smaudet> At least jython isn't
[15:06] <smaudet> whq: the actual recommended usage for python I know is (or used to be) to never use full paths and only os.path.separator
[15:07] <smaudet> jimbaker: I figured out why my python -> java -> python -> java invocation wasn't working as well, although I object to calling it python calling java calling python, since its not what its actually doing.
[15:08] <smaudet> your source code (the stuff that's in jython-ssl master branch) is importing clamped directly from the Lib directory, I don't see any logic actually pulling in the Java proxy class.
[15:08] <smaudet> So it looks like that is just broken at the moment. Works fine though if I just call the normal python path though.
[15:18] <smaudet> jimbaker: the other general question I have is what facilities are there to build just a standalone jar (so instead of a whole jython distribution packed with the python files, just the generated jython classes)
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[15:44] <jimbaker> smaudet, sorry to hear about the forward slash/backslash confusion, it is of course not a surprise
[15:46] <smaudet> jimbaker: one of the things I tried (which was slightly worrying) was to do (in jython): from java.util.jar import JarFile; j=JarFile('myjar.jar')
[15:46] <smaudet> and then print all the entries
[15:46] <smaudet> some of them use forward, other use backslashes.
[15:47] <jimbaker> wow, that's crazy
[15:47] <smaudet> so the actual fix may actually be to change the way clamp packes stuff
[15:48] <jimbaker> ok, clearly it's mixed up. iirc, jars only want /-separated paths. but i can definitely see that not being consistent on windows
[15:48] <jimbaker> in terms of what has been implemented'
[15:49] <smaudet> I also left a slightly more substantiative description (no line numbers though) on the github issues page
[15:49] <jimbaker> smaudet, btw, i do the same thing, except i use jar tf. in any event, it will be part of a future test for sure
[15:49] <jimbaker> smaudet, ok, will look
[15:49] <jimbaker> also did you submit an issue re your packaging ideas?
[15:50] <smaudet> so just the one with the mixed up slashes?
[15:50] <smaudet> no, I figured I'd actually try to fix the bug first
[15:50] <smaudet> Since I"m still not 100% sure what is wrong
[15:50] <smaudet> Maybe you meant something else?
[15:51] <jimbaker> smaudet, no worries. one thing clamp is severely missing is any unit tests. i do get some functional testing by using clamped, plus a few other projects, but that doesn't suffice
[15:51] <jimbaker> but this stuff around jar construction is precisely the sort of thing that needs to be unit tested
[15:51] <jimbaker> so i will fix that
[15:52] <jimbaker> any suggestions also appreciated :)
[15:52] <jimbaker> that's also pretty mandatory before we add any more features, such as annotation support
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[20:43] <smaudet> Euhm, is the egg file for clamped intended to be a jar equivalent? I.e. the output from clamp/build_jar
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[20:45] <smaudet> nvm figured it out
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[21:08] <jimbaker> smaudet, as you no doubt noticed - it's an .egg, but not zipped. it's an interesting question if one could have an egg be loadable as a jar, but it's not something i plan on exploring
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