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[9:51] <topi`> hmm, star import doesn't work with jython when using relative paths
[9:51] <topi`> I tried to setup.py pymysql (which claims to be jython compliant, hah)
[9:51] <topi`> from .constants.CLIENT import *
[9:51] <topi`> this is where it dies with a SyntaxError
[9:56] <Arfrever> topi`: http://bugs.jython.org/issue1973
[10:07] <topi`> it seems to work both with python2.7 and 3.3
[10:07] <topi`> Arfrever: thanks, is there anybody working on to fix this?
[10:08] <Arfrever> topi`: No idea.
[10:08] <topi`> this issue is 1.5 years old!
[10:08] <topi`> damn.
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[10:48] <topi`> Arfrever: there is also http://bugs.jython.org/issue2070 which seems to be a duplicate of this issue
[10:49] <Arfrever> topi`: Yes, it should be closed as a duplicate.
[10:50] <topi`> that ticket is recently opened, but contains more discussion
[10:51] <topi`> I'm taking a jab at fixing this, compiling a hacked version of jython right now
[10:52] <Arfrever> topi`: Please attach a patch to original issue.
[10:52] <topi`> what kind of stuff goes into dist/jython-dev.jar as opposed to dist/jython.jar ?
[10:54] <topi`> it *seems* to work. let's have a look at the modules imported...
[10:55] <topi`> Arfrever: can you mark it as "critical" so that it will get more attention?
[10:55] <topi`> otherwise I'll use the issue 2070
[10:56] <Arfrever> topi`: I doubt that anybody cares about Severity field.
[10:57] <topi`> fair enough
[10:58] <topi`> the fix is fairly simple though: I just removed the check that results in SyntaxError exception being thrown, and the remaining code path takes care of the import (I checked that I got the right results when trying to use that relative import)
[10:59] <topi`> evidently that check was added to mirror python 2.5's behaviour. Later, in 2.6, this restriction was lifted, and Guido does not remember why it was there originally
[11:01] <topi`> I read that the relative star import breaks IPython, in particular
[11:02] <topi`> I was trying to install PyMySQL when that bit me
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[11:17] <topi`> damn, I don't understand how to use this python bug tracker, no way of marking something as duplicate
[11:19] <Arfrever> topi`: Probably only users with additional permissions can do it.
[11:19] <topi`> anyhow, the fix is there, let's wait that somebody verifies it (I guess the unit test suite can test that a relative import works)
[11:20] <topi`> meanwhile, I need to continue my work with PyMySql :)
[11:26] <topi`> ARGH, even pymysql is out of question
[11:26] <topi`> pymysql.err.OperationalError: (2003, "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' ('_socketobject' object has no attribute 'recv_into')")
[11:26] <topi`> seems like jython2.7's socket implementation is not good enough
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[11:27] <topi`> w t f, dir(s) shows me there *is* recv_into but if I try to invoke or otherwise access it, AttributeError: '_socketobject' object has no attribute 'recv_into'
[12:09] <topi`> finally, after some hacks got pymysql to work with jython
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[14:58] <smaudet> Got some questions about Clamp from jythontools - could someone walk me through exactly how the clamped example is supposed to be called?
[14:59] <smaudet> Whoever the author is made a lot of assumptions about the environment, as a result I've got it 'working' but it looks like the bytecode generation threw an error, BarClamp.class is being generated but the call method isn't producing any output
[15:15] <smaudet> Likewise 'pure' Java execution is giving me the following cryptic error: 'Exception in thread "main" ImportError: No module named site'
[15:16] <topi`> smaudet: I have code in production which is using clamp
[15:16] <smaudet> topi`: great, how did you get there?
[15:16] <topi`> site.py is something that is usually included in python's base libs
[15:17] <smaudet> topi`: what version of jython are you using, and why might site.py not be included
[15:17] <topi`> probably for one reason or another, your jython.jar is missing that crucial piece. It should be sitting in "Lib/" dir. You can hack JYTHONPATH to take it from e.g. ~/jython-ssl/dist/Lib/
[15:17] <topi`> smaudet: I don't exactly know why site.py isn't included, but it has happened to me, and I just hacked JYTHONPATH
[15:17] <smaudet> topi`: what platform do you run?
[15:17] <topi`> the jython-standalone.jar is supposed to put everything inside that JAR so everything should be included
[15:17] <smaudet> I think partly the build scripts are just really broken on windows
[15:18] <topi`> I was using, I think, the stuff that jython-installer.jar created
[15:18] <smaudet> I've included some hacks to include stuff but I wonder if that's the issue.
[15:18] <topi`> smaudet: debian
[15:18] <topi`> there might be several reasons why your call method isn't producing any output. Have you tried to push bits to a database, or a file, from the clamped method?
[15:19] <smaudet> topi`: I'm having just trouble getting the basic example to run
[15:19] <topi`> in particular, my piece of clamped code is just querying over HTTP and pushing the resulting values into a sql databse.
[15:19] <smaudet> eventually I will probably want to do something more advanced than that
[15:19] <topi`> oh, ok. I think I also tried the example code, way back, and it "just worked".
[15:20] <topi`> but I can understand your frustration, it's very difficult to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong
[15:20] <smaudet> Ha, yeah, if you run EXACTLY like their setup is (which is undocumented), on exactly their system (probably debian)
[15:20] <smaudet> There is stuff like hard-coded relative paths inside the clamp code.
[15:20] <topi`> yes
[15:20] <smaudet> and sys.executable doesn't exist here
[15:21] <smaudet> So it was fun even getting the thing to compile
[15:21] <topi`> did you compile your jython from the most recent jython-ssl tree?
[15:21] <smaudet> yes
[15:21] <smaudet> why
[15:21] <topi`> good
[15:21] <smaudet> what version are you using
[15:21] <topi`> that one
[15:21] <topi`> why doesn't sys.executable exist?
[15:21] <smaudet> well
[15:21] <smaudet> I should say that I have the most recent jython ssl from hg
[15:21] <smaudet> if there is one on git I don't know about it
[15:22] <topi`> on my setup, sys.executable has the string '/home/topi/jytwist/bin/jython'
[15:22] <topi`> which is a virtualenv
[15:22] <topi`> to test my twisted codebase :)
[15:22] <smaudet> And I don't know why it doesn't exist, but it does say that the sys.executable variable is not guaranteed to be present by the python runtime
[15:22] <smaudet> And it doesn't exist, its a None
[15:23] <smaudet> I have to manually set it like so: https://github.com/jythontools/clamp/issues/10
[15:23] <topi`> oh, odd. I don't know what is the mechanism how it is filled (how can the interpreter know *how* it was launched)
[15:23] <smaudet> It really can'
[15:23] <smaudet> can't*
[15:23] <smaudet> that's why its breaking
[15:24] <topi`> I didn't know that stuff like distutils depend on sys.executable
[15:24] <smaudet> I don't usually have this much trouble so I assume in part this is jython-ssl
[15:25] <smaudet> but I have the same build issues on jython (i.e. the executable variable doesn't exist)
[15:25] <topi`> I do remember that sometimes I hit an error and the error messages I got were not very helpful
[15:25] <topi`> when I tried to piece together the necessary jars and my own python modules for clamping
[15:27] <smaudet> Is there maybe a reference clamped-singlejar.jar I could access? That might be usefull for the purposes of discovering differences.
[15:27] <smaudet> I also have some weird issue with guava not being put into the singlejar
[15:27] <smaudet> so I have to manually invoke the jar with the extra jars on the classpath
[15:28] <smaudet> Still don't get output from the test jar though so python is silently failing somewhere (or the errors aren't getting piped correctly - probably another unix-specific issue)
[15:29] <topi`> can you try to create a file to filesystem so that you can see your code is actually being run?
[15:35] <smaudet> topi`: it doesn't look like the python code is being invoked at all - so maybe its silently erroring out the same way as the pure code
[15:35] <smaudet> site.py is just in Lib correct?
[15:38] <topi`> right.
[15:39] <topi`> site.py contains support for scanning packages in "site-packages"
[15:39] <topi`> damn, I'm hitting my head into the wall, cannot install pyOpenSSL because missing package libffi-dev
[15:39] <topi`> and I don't have root access on that machine
[15:40] <topi`> ...these everyday CPython woes
[15:41] <smaudet> I hope jython-ssl is fixed before its imported into jython. The normal works fine, not sure running wget from the command line is worth this sort of trouble. =/
[15:42] <topi`> do you suggest that there's been some kind of regression in jython-ssl since the days of the first jython 2.7 beta release?
[15:44] <smaudet> I don't know. But it might make more sense to just subprocess.call('curl','https://myurl') - I've not looked at jython-ssl hard enough to know what it (specifically) changes.
[15:48] <smaudet> topi`: anyways thanks for your suggestions. No success so far but I will continue to investigate.
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[16:20] <jimbaker> smaudet, topi` - catching up right now on the messages here. i am the original author of clamp. btw, i have no expertise in distutils/setuptools/packaging, other than what i learned in writing clamp, so i certainly might have made some assumptions ;)
[16:20] <jimbaker> i do know something about java bytecode however
[16:22] <jimbaker> smaudet, thanks for the issue re sys.executable - https://github.com/jythontools/clamp/issues/10 - that's extremely useful
[16:25] <jimbaker> smaudet, re jython-ssl - this is a temporary fix. i plan to have a real fix by merging in the socket-reboot work, with work commencing on that next week
[16:28] <jimbaker> except for some bits & pieces, such as mapping java exceptions to python ones or the makefile code, none of the existing socket work is going to be used. hence the reboot in https://github.com/jimbaker/socket-reboot
[16:32] <jimbaker> btw, the README for that work needs to be updated, given that the project now supports udp and server sockets (blocking/nonblocking ssl/plaintext, including start TLS) and cert mgmt
[17:04] <jimbaker> smaudet, i did put in a request to get a MSDN license through our python committers contact to microsoft so i can try jython out on windows, something i haven't done since the 2.5.0 beta timeframe
[17:04] <jimbaker> (i actually do my dev on os x, with additional testing on ubuntu)
[17:08] <jimbaker> smaudet, ok found a fix for you re sys.executable not being set - you can set the following java property - python.executable
[17:09] <jimbaker> that should be documented somewhere. fortunately it's in the source code
[17:15] <smaudet> jimbaker: Thanks!
[17:15] <smaudet> Will try that out. Appreciate the help. :)
[17:16] <jimbaker> smaudet, np, i'm very glad you're giving clamp a try
[17:16] <jimbaker> and better yet, filing bug reports :)
[17:20] <jimbaker> so here's how it's set in jython.bat - :fullCmd
[17:20] <jimbaker> set _FULL_CMD=%_JAVA_CMD% %_JAVA_OPTS% %_JAVA_MEM% %_JAVA_STACK% -Dpython.home=%_JYTHON_HOME% -Dpython.executable="%~f0" %_BOOT_CP% -classpath "%CLASSPATH%" org.python.util.jython %_JYTHON_OPTS% %_JYTHON_ARGS% %_ARGS%
[17:22] <jimbaker> so that %~f0 is the key piece, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/343518/finding-out-the-file-name-of-the-running-batch-file
[17:46] <jimbaker> smaudet, ok, i captured some additional research on this question in the issue, https://github.com/jythontools/clamp/issues/10 - please tell me if this makes sense
[17:58] <smaudet> jimbaker: at first glance it looks reasonable, although the last section may or may not be related
[17:58] <jimbaker> smaudet, yeah, that was more of a brain dump than anything
[17:58] <jimbaker> else
[17:59] <smaudet> well it might be the reason the python code inside the clamped jar isn't running
[17:59] <smaudet> I don't know how that proxy works.
[17:59] <smaudet> Does it fire up seperate Python thread and pass calls to and fro?
[17:59] <smaudet> If it does the two issues might be related.
[18:00] <smaudet> Specifically, the __run__.py code executes from within the clamped jar
[18:00] <smaudet> the Python called from Java called from Python does not produce any indication that it is running
[18:00] <jimbaker> smaudet, so are you using subprocess, then invoking jython?
[18:00] <smaudet> And the __run__.py code does not error out
[18:00] <smaudet> jimbaker: no, just running java -jar -cp somejars org.python.util.JarRunner
[18:01] <jimbaker> i put together a presentation that shows this more explicitly
[18:01] <jimbaker> smaudet, first thing to know: -jar and -cp cannot be combined
[18:01] <smaudet> err
[18:01] <smaudet> sorry
[18:01] <jimbaker> that's a basic limitation of java
[18:01] <smaudet> java -cp somejars org.python.util.JarRunner
[18:02] <smaudet> full invocation: 'java -cp clamped-0.1-single.jar;%binhome%\Development\jython-ssl\dist\javalib\* org.python.util.JarRunner'
[18:03] <smaudet> if I run just the jar, the google jars aren't being pulled in
[18:03] <jimbaker> smaudet, hmmm, i actually am no expert on this part, but if i'm not mistaken, you really want to abspath all of your jars in the classpath
[18:03] <jimbaker> i run a small script just for this purpose
[18:03] <smaudet> no, I think the '*' syntax works
[18:04] <smaudet> if you want I can go find that java docs on the matter, but this has worked for me before
[18:04] <smaudet> specifically for pulling in libraries apart from jython, when running jython
[18:04] <jimbaker> right... it's not something i really have dug into... because there are much more interesting things to look into :)
[18:04] <smaudet> this is my home-baked script for jython: 'set classpath=%binhome%\javalibs\*;%binhome%\runtimes\jython\*;%customclasses%
[18:04] <smaudet> echo %classpath%
[18:04] <smaudet> java -cp %classpath% org.python.util.jython %*'
[18:05] <jimbaker> let me dig up the script from my gists, just so you can try
[18:05] <smaudet> Which usually works fine. Except I'm trying to just run the jar here.
[18:06] <smaudet> I'm just saying I'm fairly sure that's not the issue.
[18:06] <smaudet> I did see your presentation I will take a closer look at it as well
[18:09] <jimbaker> https://gist.github.com/jimbaker/9416644
[18:10] <smaudet> Hmm interesting, that works too! :)
[18:11] <jimbaker> smaudet, so please take a look at p13 of https://github.com/jimbaker/clamped/blob/master/talk.pdf
[18:11] <smaudet> I'm actually looking at it already thanks :)
[18:11] <smaudet> It looks like a good description of my error.
[18:11] <jimbaker> sure, just want to get us on the same page, so to speak ;)
[18:11] <smaudet> I can confirm that there is no site.py in my jar file, any idea why?
[18:12] <jimbaker> yes, that would be most unfortunate. no idea why, since clamp is totally-oriented towards a site-packages view of things
[18:12] <smaudet> I mentioned previously that there are some other jars that are missing, so it would be good to identify the cause, they may be related
[18:13] <jimbaker> absolutely agreed. this is the root cause of the rendezvous failing, since it needs to be able to import your package to actually add python code to the jython wrapper
[18:13] <jimbaker> sorry, *java* wrapper
[18:13] <jimbaker> which is what the generated proxy effectively is
[18:51] <jimbaker> smaudet, so maybe i have a better answer for your other issue, https://github.com/jythontools/clamp/issues/11
[18:52] <jimbaker> (it can also be the case that find_jython_libs can be improved - again, i will have a better sense once i have windows available to test)
[19:06] <smaudet> That sounds good. I'm going to try to fix issue #10 for myself first, but yes, maybe I can get a patch out for that function. :)
[19:06] <jimbaker> smaudet, awesome. looking forward to working you on this!
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[22:34] <smaudet> Discovered a couple things, one of them being which that sys.executable is not known by the __run__.py so it may well be that the Python Java Python bridge is broken internal to the jar - but I'm still investigating how python is invoked, perhaps it is only a red herring
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[23:08] <jimbaker> smaudet, ok, keep me posted!
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