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[11:59] <bjorkintosh> so i don't know java at all, but i know python.
[11:59] <bjorkintosh> what's a good 'guide to the java goodies', if you will?
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[15:21] <jimbaker> bjorkintosh, i would recommend the jython book some of us wrote, jythonbook.com
[15:22] <jimbaker> definitely brings in some of the java goodies; for example, http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/appendixB.html#working-with-spreadsheets
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[15:31] <whg> Also, you get to use JDBC stuff for your DB. When you're working with Oracle, for instance, their Python drivers have been borked on OS X since Snow Leopard or so. No worries about that if you're using JDBC.
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[18:15] <jimbaker> whg, that's interesting. i used to use cx_Oracle all the time, in fact it was part of the original software stack i used when i was started w/ python about 12 years ago
[18:16] <whg> Oracle has **severely** neglected it on OS X
[18:16] <whg> It was basically when 64-bit became the default
[18:17] <whg> I don't know if they ever got around to supporting 64-bit on any other platform, but last time I checked, it was still hopelessly borked on OS x
[18:22] <agronholm> I'm kinda wondering why Windows still comes as 32-bit and 64-bit flavors
[18:22] <agronholm> why not dump the 32-bit already
[18:23] <whg> So many popular programs are still 32-bit *cough*Chrome*cough*
[18:23] <agronholm> so what? it's not like a 64-bit OS requires 64-bit apps
[18:23] <whg> The js engine, at least
[18:23] <agronholm> most of the apps I run on my 64-bit windows are still 32-bit
[18:24] <whg> Isn't it more efficient to match the OS
[18:24] <agronholm> based on what?
[18:24] <whg> Something about memory word alignment, I think is what I heard as the excuse
[18:25] <agronholm> oh, that one
[18:25] <agronholm> linux actually got special support for that recently but it's not picking up speed because it turns out, nobody really cares
[18:25] <whg> I'm not highly sympathetic; things are going 64-bit, get on the train, or get out of the way
[18:25] <whg> Hah
[18:25] <whg> Color me utterly unsurprised
[18:26] <whg> It just has the feel of "Ewww! Significant whitespace", so finding out that it never really mattered sort of confirms my utterly ungrounded suspicions
[18:27] <agronholm> it's kinda odd how some people whine about the whitespace in python
[18:27] <agronholm> as if they didn't indent their code anyway
[18:29] <whg> It seems to come most often from people who just copy-paste their code all over the place
[18:29] <whg> In which case: STOP IT!
[18:29] <whg> bad coder!
[18:29] <agronholm> exactly
[18:30] <whg> CS101 should be *required* to be taught in a language with significant whitespace
[18:30] <whg> Some new teammembers at work apparently mixed tabs and spaces in a previous life
[18:30] * whg shudders
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