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[14:39] <whg> jimbaker: I was poking at the unicode problem last night, and think I have a solution. My problem now is trying to figure out some thorough test cases. I may push a branch in the next week or so for you to take a look at whenever you have the time.
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[16:42] <jimbaker> whg, fantastic!
[16:43] <jimbaker> so socket-reboot now fully supports server sockets: blocking/nonblocking, plaintext/SSL, including Start TLS protocols which start as plaintext and switch to SSL.
[16:43] <whg> jimbaker: Just so I'm clear, there's basically no way to get an invalid Unicode string in jython, right?
[16:43] <whg> jimbaker: sweet!
[16:44] <jimbaker> whg, i believe there are possible invalid unicode strings in UTF-16, but by UTF-16's design, it's not possible to decode w/ isolated surrogates
[16:45] <jimbaker> so that removes one class of possibly being invalid, as i understand it
[16:47] <whg> jimbaker: Hmm??? maybe a fuzz test is in order, then
[16:47] <jimbaker> whg, quite possibly
[16:48] <whg> jimbaker: I tried a few different ways to generate invalid unicode string, and got exceptions each time
[16:48] <whg> I'll have to find a more thorough, though
[16:49] <jimbaker> but fwiw, there are close to 1114111 valid codepoints
[16:49] <jimbaker> so just don't draw from a uniform random distribution ;)
[16:51] <agronholm> jimbaker: re: sockets, awesome -- how much work is left?
[16:52] <jimbaker> agronholm, map exceptions to python exceptions and UDP support are the main pieces
[16:53] <agronholm> doesn't sound too challenging
[16:53] <jimbaker> there's a lot of stuff i didn't bother working on such as makefile, since there's an existing implementation in jython's codebase (probably straight from cpython)
[16:54] <agronholm> how are makefiles involved?
[16:54] <jimbaker> agronholm, it feels like it really is almost there
[16:54] <agronholm> I thought we used ant
[16:54] <jimbaker> agronholm, this is socket.makefile
[16:54] <jimbaker> a rarely used feature it would seem for making a socket look like it has file semantics
[16:54] <agronholm> oh
[16:55] <agronholm> I thought you referred to the build process :)
[16:55] <agronholm> I was confused
[16:55] <jimbaker> agronholm, no worries, just points to the fact that this is a rarely used corner of the socket API
[16:56] <jimbaker> iirc, makefile actually uses refcounting. which is sort of crazy. but an easy enough thing to rip out
[16:56] <jimbaker> sorry, that makefile implementation
[16:56] <jimbaker> so some modest cleanup of that code would be nice
[16:57] <jimbaker> but again: almost there, from what i can see
[17:01] <whg> jimbaker: Thanks for all this work. It sounds like the sort of thing wouldn't be much fun to do, but it's so important
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[17:06] <jimbaker> whg, well it was certainly interesting, since i never had really even used the socket/ssl/select API before, just vaguely knowing of them, because i rather use high-level APIs. that's why i use python after all :)
[17:06] <jimbaker> but at this point, i think at least 2 talks out of this work ;)
[17:06] <whg> 100% with you there
[17:07] <whg> hah
[17:07] <whg> I was thinking I'd do a UG talk about patois
[17:07] <whg> You probably have enough for a year-long series out of the socket stuff
[17:07] <jimbaker> whg, probably ;)
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[17:44] <sidrero> hello
[17:44] <sidrero> anyone knows about a python library compatible with jython to read excel (xlsx) files?
[17:45] <sidrero> I tried apache POI, which works well , but if I want to use it in an eclipse plugin does not work for xlsx
[17:45] <sidrero> it can not find a class unmarshal, maybe somebody has an idea why?
[18:05] <jimbaker> sidrero, maybe a classpath issue?
[18:06] <jimbaker> clamp could potentially help here
[18:10] <sidrero> probably a classpath issue, yes
[18:10] <sidrero> but no idea how to solve it
[18:10] <sidrero> the library is in the plugin classpath, doesn??t help
[18:10] <sidrero> also doesn??t help putting it in the sys.path
[18:10] <sidrero> aslo not sys_addpackage
[18:11] <sidrero> also not that classpath_hacker thing, with a couple of variations
[18:11] <sidrero> any other suggestion?
[18:11] <jimbaker> sidrero, possibly needs to be singlejar'ed
[18:11] <sidrero> oh
[18:11] <jimbaker> so that's a big reason for clamp
[18:11] <sidrero> I see
[18:12] <jimbaker> take a look at https://github.com/jimbaker/clamped
[18:13] <sidrero> wow
[18:14] <sidrero> I'll try it
[18:14] <sidrero> thanks a lot
[18:15] <sidrero> have you heard anything new from JyNi jim? like when could it be released?
[18:17] <jimbaker> sidrero, i saw that it's author recently asked & got some help for using a debugger against both JNI C code and java code, but i haven't asked him directly
[18:17] <sidrero> i see
[18:22] <jimbaker> sidrero, any of this stuff tends to take more time than one would like. but then it works. example: my socket-reboot project, which now fully supports server sockets: blocking/nonblocking, plaintext/SSL, including Start TLS protocols which start as plaintext and switch to SSL. so basically everything has finally been proven out. https://github.com/jimbaker/socket-reboot
[18:22] <jimbaker> needless to say, i'm much more excited to talk about it now ;)
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[18:23] <jimbaker> biab, time for a run
[18:49] <sidrero> jim: one thing I don??t understand after reading the readme of clamp
[18:49] <sidrero> I see that after installing the jython-ssl and clamp itself
[18:50] <sidrero> you can compile everything to a single jar, that's awesome
[18:50] <sidrero> now, what if I want to get a third party library like apache POI?
[18:52] <sidrero> So, what I have is a eclipse plugin, which gets some data from the main program user interface, pass it to jython for processing
[18:53] <sidrero> the data crunching taking place in a custom script that the user has to write
[18:54] <sidrero> and then get's the output back to the main program
[18:55] <sidrero> so, instead of having a jython-standalone.jar and the 5 differents POIs jars, I could get just 1 jar with clamp?
[18:55] <sidrero> how to get those 5 jars into site-packages?
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[19:47] <jimbaker> sidrero, simply put any third-party jars into your package - clamp will find and add to sya.path for you
[19:47] <jimbaker> note this is a change in behavior to adding directly with sys.path
[19:47] <jimbaker> but that's the point of clamp, to help manage these sorts of things
[19:47] <jimbaker> i will also get around to updating the docs on this as well
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[20:17] <jimbaker> sidrero, it's also a change that could be readily made, since using clamp means this is a different setup(.py) so to speak
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[20:38] <bjorkintosh> does the jython not permit tabs for indentation?
[20:39] <whg> bjorkintosh I can't imagine why it wouldn't
[20:39] <whg> (but if it doesn't, that's an awesome feature)
[20:39] <bjorkintosh> it seems to want to do a tab completion for all files when i click the key, not simply indent like it normally does.
[20:40] <bjorkintosh> whg, don't you use the interactive session?
[20:42] <whg> bjorkintosh: I have.
[20:42] <bjorkintosh> weird. 3.4 exhibits the same behavior.
[20:42] <bjorkintosh> might it just be my computer?
[20:43] <whg> Possibly something to do with a readline dependency or something?
[20:43] <whg> Because I just used the jython repl to define some simple functions
[20:43] <whg> It worked with both the tab key and four, manually-entered spaces
[20:44] <whg> Actually, Jython doesn't use readline, IIRC
[20:44] <whg> Since that's a C dependency
[20:47] <bjorkintosh> hmm. which version of jython are you using, btw?
[20:50] <whg> I tested on 2.5.x
[20:51] <whg> I've got Jython 2.7.x somewhere, but that machine is elsewhere at the moment
[20:51] <bjorkintosh> went for a walk, did it? :)
[20:51] <whg> Up the stairs
[20:52] <whg> I work from home, and this is my work box
[20:52] <whg> Personal stuff stays far away, so I don't "accidentally contaminate" my work product
[20:54] <bjorkintosh> bah. it must be something i installed on here.
[20:54] <bjorkintosh> no matter. it just means i have to use a text editor.
[21:05] <jimbaker> jython uses jline instead of readline; you can turn on completion support quite readily using rlcompleter: http://docs.python.org/2/library/rlcompleter.html
[21:06] <jimbaker> so when you import readline, you're actually using jline, fwiw
[21:17] <sidrero> thanks jim! I'll try clamp, let's see if eclipse likes it
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