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[0:41] * pyoor (~pyoor@unaffiliated/pyoor) has joined #jython
[0:42] <pyoor> Hi all. I'm using the Jython 2.7b1 standalone and I'm getting an importError when trying to import standard python modules. Any idea how to point it to the correct lib dir?
[0:42] <agronholm> pyoor: which modules?
[0:43] <agronholm> the jar is all you need, there is no separate lib directory
[0:48] <pyoor> agronholm: I'm trying to import pycrypto
[0:49] <pyoor> agronholm: I'm getting ImportError: No module named Crypto
[0:49] <pyoor> do I need to define my python27/site-packages dir as part of my classpath?
[0:50] <agronholm> jython cannot use C extensions
[0:50] <agronholm> which pycrypto requires
[0:50] <pyoor> oh no!
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[0:50] <pyoor> hrmm
[0:50] <agronholm> any packages/modules outside of the standard library need to be either packaged with the jython jar or in its own jar
[0:51] <agronholm> and those jars have to be on the jythonpath/classpath
[0:51] <agronholm> you can use JSSE if you want crypto functionality
[0:52] <pyoor> hrmm. My java abilities are pretty much non-existent. Are you aware of any other python crypto module that might give me access to AES?
[0:53] * thereisnospoon (~thereisno@113-61-86-28.static.qld.dsl.net.au) has joined #jython
[0:53] <agronholm> they ALL require C extensions
[0:54] <agronholm> because crypto in pure python would be SLOW
[0:54] <pyoor> agronholm: how difficult do you think it would be to package something like pycrypto in jython?
[0:54] <agronholm> apart from the fact that you couldn't use it?
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[1:23] <killertaxicab> Hello, can I get help with a stack overflow error?
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[3:25] <jimbaker> pyoor, there is the jyni project to eventually support this work. you can also use jni yourself. but your best bet is to use something from java space, namely bouncycastle
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[15:31] <jimbaker> pyoor, agronholm - i think the right solution is to look at using bouncycastle as the backend for this api - https://cryptography.io/en/latest/
[15:31] <jimbaker> so someone should do that
[15:32] <agronholm> looks like a nice lib, thanks
[15:32] <jimbaker> it's likely jython 2.7 will use bouncycastle as it is - currently trying to figure out if it's possible to manage openssl-generated pem certificates w/ private keys w/o it
[15:33] <agronholm> bouncycastle doesn't have the same key size limitations as JSSE does then?
[15:33] <agronholm> (does JSSE have such limits still?)
[15:33] <jimbaker> agronholm, ahh, interesting detail. i *don't* recall
[15:34] <agronholm> I remember adding JSSE support to Beaker a long time ago
[15:34] <agronholm> I added an explicit warning when the key limit restriction was detected
[15:38] <jimbaker> agronholm, apparently as of jdk 7, there is explicit disabling of short keys (< 1024 bits) and more finegrained control - http://sim.ivi.co/2013/11/harness-ssl-and-jsse-key-size-control.html
[16:10] <jimbaker> looks like at least for socket-reboot, i'm going to use bouncycastle - i couldn't find anything on working with openssl formatted keys/certs other than either using the openssl cli tool to convert OR use org.bouncycastle.openssl
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