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[15:46] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, tough decisions. but they have decent scholarships available so i wouldn't rule out univ of colorado
[16:11] <whg> jimbaker: Out of curiosity, found anything that would be a good candidate for patois, lately?
[16:13] <jimbaker> whg, when i was working on getting pip working, one problem i ran into was working portably with tests that determine *efficiently* the presence of invalid unicode surrogates
[16:14] <jimbaker> whg, for jython, this is very straightforward, because of the underlying use of utf-16
[16:14] <whg> I seem to remember Armin Ronacher running into that
[16:15] <whg> I'll try to track down where I saw that
[16:15] <whg> thanks!
[16:15] <jimbaker> for cpython, a popular choice seems to be to actually use surrogates in string literals
[16:15] <jimbaker> and turn that into a regex
[16:15] <jimbaker> such literals will not even compile under jython
[16:16] <jimbaker> whg, i need to dig up my notes on this, because i came up with a good solution (not obvious due to the bootstrapping aspect)
[16:17] <jimbaker> the solution basically supports both cpython w/ such isolated surrogates in literals + jython, so keeps it efficient
[16:19] <jimbaker> incidentally, i feel like the SSL stuff has tied up so much of my jython dev time. but over the weekend, between skiing, i got asyncore clients with ssl running against socket-reboot, with just modest extra work
[16:20] <jimbaker> i'm going to look at what will be necessary to support server sockets today, just because this is the major unknown, and would greatly simplify the codebase if we just had uniform support based on netty 4
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[21:14] <jimbaker> the socket-reboot design is looking good; over the past few hours, i haved added basic server socket support, which supports both blocking and nonblocking. i expect adding SSL support for such sockets will likewise be simple.
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