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[0:44] <jocassid_> Hi, My name is John Cassidy. I'm putting together a talk on Jython for my local Python Users group and had some question about Jython
[0:46] <jocassid_> Questions are as follows:
[0:46] <jocassid_> 1. Is there an effort in place to support Python 3?
[0:47] <jocassid_> 2. If so, what is the status of this effort (i.e. are there any particular obstacles involved in adding support for Python 3?)?
[0:49] <jocassid_> 3. Is the source code still maintained using SVN on Source forge. I did a little poking around and it looks like it hasn't been updated recently
[0:51] <jocassid_> I'm not sure if anyone will be on this evening. I may resend these questions in via one of the mailing lists. Thanks for your help.
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[2:20] <agronholm> jocassid_: these questions have been asked and answered several times on the mailing list
[2:22] <agronholm> hg.python.org/jython is the official repository
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[2:34] <jocassid_> I'm not surprised that these questions have been discussed in the mailing list. I was suprised that the Python 3 question wasn't in the FAQ
[2:38] <jocassid_> Thanks for the info on the repository.
[2:39] <agronholm> in short, the 2.7 release must happen first
[2:39] <agronholm> work on 3.x can only begin after that
[2:40] <agronholm> and to that end, jim baker is working on an improved socket implementation
[2:40] <agronholm> which will fix issues with pip and easy_install
[2:40] <agronholm> specifically the ssl sockets support
[2:43] <jocassid_> I see. Thanks
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[17:39] <jimbaker> re jython 3, i should also mention that fwierzbicki also worked on ast support for it when he was sun, specifically to support netbeans. jython 3 is on our mind, because some of it would simplify the jython runtime (str/bytes fits better w/ java) and other parts like dict views map directly to java
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[20:47] <sinistersnare> jimbaker, youre right i dont know what i was thinking :p i read somewhere in the jythonbook but when i typed it out it didnt make sense
[20:48] <sinistersnare> and can you explain what you need out of dynamic proxies? is it just in case we do crazy runtime class creation?
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[21:28] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, well the reality of python code is that it doing crazy runtime class creation is the default behavior :)
[21:29] <sinistersnare> oh thats true isnt it :p
[21:29] <jimbaker> so class Foo(object): ??? might look like that is somehow statically defined
[21:29] <jimbaker> but in reality that is a function call, at runtime
[21:29] <sinistersnare> yeah, and namedtuple creates a type instance at runtime too
[21:30] <jimbaker> using type("Foo", (object,), ???) to be specific
[21:30] <sinistersnare> yup!
[21:31] <sinistersnare> so yeah, updating repo now
[21:32] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, the one thing we can do is intercept such calls so that they return a predefined java class - that's what clamp does
[21:34] <sinistersnare> interesting, good to know
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