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IRC Log for 2013-12-29

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[0:07] <sinsnare|zzZZZz> Taconut, there is work on sockets coming with 2.7b2, but i dont know much about sockets so i cant help you
[0:07] <sinsnare|zzZZZz> jimbaker might be able to help if hes on
[0:07] * sinsnare|zzZZZz is now known as sinistersnare
[0:07] <Taconut> Sweet!
[0:09] <Taconut> It _looks_ like it should work, but I really haven't done anything with sockets in a while.
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[0:10] <Taconut> Also, will sockets other than INET/INET6 work in the future?
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[0:10] <Taconut> If so, how soon is the "future"
[0:13] <sinistersnare> hmm not sure, but jimbaker has had some good progress lately, so hes definitely the guy to talk to :)
[0:14] <Taconut> Should I just wait for him to see this, or should I contact him some other way?
[0:22] <sinistersnare> its a quiet channel here, but have some patience and he will come. you might be able to find him on email, but here is fine
[0:30] <Taconut> Ok. Also, I have one more question. Is there any way I could somehow use M2Crypto's Certificate Authority library? I'll give you a link to the source file.
[0:32] <Taconut> Here it is: https://github.com/Hypernode/M2Crypto/blob/master/demo/x509/ca.py
[0:32] <agronholm> does it require a C extension?
[0:32] <agronholm> if so, the answer is "no"
[0:33] <Taconut> Thats what I figured
[0:33] <Taconut> It requires openssl
[0:38] <Taconut> Well, if "Jim Baker" sees this, my email is alex@alexhulbert.com :).
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