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[19:07] <Taconut> Hello? Is anybody here?
[19:08] <Taconut> Hello?
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[19:18] <Taconut> Here's my question if anybody sees it: I'm building a cross-platform Java project that references python. Jython seems perfect, but I'm having one problem. When trying to use sockets with Jython, it gives me [this](http://pastebin.com/RdeH2XZt) error. All the functions seem to exist, but its just not working. The file I'm working with (usbmux.py) is located [here](https://raw.github.com/PythEch/pymobiledevice/master/usbmux/usbmux.py
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[23:57] <SpaceManiac> Say I want to unload and reload all the Jython classes. I'm already calling PySystemState.cleanup() - what else might I need to do to make sure there's no references to the old classes?


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