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[11:02] <tlecomte> Hi all! I am working on a Python editor embedded in a Java app, and I would like to add syntax analysis. The well-known pyflakes does not work with Jython (seems to be dependent on CPython's ast). Is there a known alternative ?
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[12:25] <topi`> tlecomte: there's also pylint, but don't know if it works with Jython
[12:51] <tlecomte> topi`: thanks. I'll look at pylint, but I am afraid it's too heavy for "live" syntax analysis
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[17:02] <jimbaker> tlecomte, btw, thanks for your PRs!
[17:03] <jimbaker> re pyflakes, that's interesting - we have a very compliant ast/_ast implementation based on other libraries. but pyflakes could be a good test case for us
[17:16] <jimbaker> tlecomte, so i looked at pyflakes and its test suite. looks like we are missing two key attributes in our AST nodes, parent and level. those seem quite useful!
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