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[19:20] <jimbaker> topi`, i finally started looking at clamp again, see https://github.com/jythontools/clamp#todo
[19:20] <jimbaker> for detailed design notes on what's coming next
[19:21] <jimbaker> would love any feedback. i should also start posting this to jython-users
[19:22] <jimbaker> also, seeing your nick highlighted - i believe you're right re addPaths in PySystemState - that does look like a bug
[19:22] <jimbaker> and not just an inconvenience
[19:23] <also> using the nick also has some disadvantages :)
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[19:38] <jimbaker> also, yeah??? ;)
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[20:17] <whg> jimbaker: Your clamped work is how you use Python classes directly in Java, right?
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[21:30] <topi`> "Such support would directly enable emitted clases to be used as POJOs by using Java code." ... what are POJOs??
[21:36] <jimbaker> whg, correct
[21:37] <jimbaker> topi`, plain old java objects
[21:37] <jimbaker> at some point, java devs realized that always using getters and setters and following the bean pattern was both painful and not always necessary
[21:38] <jimbaker> so the advantage of beans is one could always refactor the underlying storage model. but this was not aways necessary, especially in modern dev practice where we tend not to prize ancient code
[21:39] <jimbaker> topi`, so the code i put in the gist is definitely somewhat off. still hoping to get it work very shortly however
[21:39] <jimbaker> mostly off in terms of working with ByteBuffer, but a number of other gotchas that were obvious once i started to try running it
[21:51] <topi`> did you already implement your SSLEngine state machine?
[22:03] <jimbaker> topi`, not working yet
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[23:42] <jimbaker> topi`, so in the past i would say nio, fantastic stuff, bytebuffer, nice, but now i actually have to work w/ it. at last i know what pjenvey went through ;)


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