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[3:39] <sinistersnare> jimbaker, http://www.meetup.com/dcpython/events/153989792/ :D
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[18:35] <jimbaker_> so glad today was my last lecture :)
[18:35] <jimbaker_> now i have more free time for such projects as jython
[18:42] <jimbaker_> sinistersnare, fantastic about your upcoming presentation!
[18:42] <jimbaker_> i would love to see slides as you have them available
[19:25] <sinistersnare> I spent band class writing down an outline for which ill base the slides on. Id love to get your opinion on them!
[19:26] <sinistersnare> (168 measures of rest and repeating parts that sounded bad gives me lots of free time!)
[20:53] <whg> sinistersnare: Are you a percussionist, or low brass?
[20:53] <whg> sinistersnare: Nobody else ever seems to get stuck with an entire song of rests :-/
[20:53] <sinistersnare> Percussion!!
[20:56] <whg> I hope you're not the poor guy who only gets to do the whip crack or some such
[20:57] <sinistersnare> Im mostly a timpanist, but was Bass Drum in this song
[21:02] <jimbaker_> sinistersnare, sounds good. btw, i very much like using markdown + pandoc + beamer, keeping everything in github, for presentations
[21:03] <sinistersnare> thats a good idea! I was having some problems not knowing GDrive Presentations, so it might wor
[21:03] <sinistersnare> k
[21:03] <jimbaker_> sinistersnare, you can see one example here: https://github.com/rackerlabs/scala-workshop
[21:03] <jimbaker_> so putting in code fragments with highlighting is absolutely trivial. or math
[21:03] <jimbaker_> the only tricky part is just sizing images
[21:04] <jimbaker_> you just need to ensure you include inches sized to your presentation, say in cm
[21:04] <whg> sinistersnare: Timpani is criminally underused
[21:05] <sinistersnare> yeah, ill definitely look into Markdown+Pandoc+Beamer, seems great
[21:05] <sinistersnare> whg, YEP love me some timpani! so expensive though!
[21:06] <whg> Musical instruments in general seem to be getting more and more expensive over the years
[21:07] <sinistersnare> yeah, such a shame.
[21:07] <sinistersnare> ok i have to go to work! ill talk to you guys later
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