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[1:11] <jimbaker> so supporting Autocloseable was essentially trivial. it's good being on java 7
[1:12] <jimbaker> i will look at a few more features like this tomorrow
[1:12] <jimbaker> https://bitbucket.org/jimbaker/jython-java7
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[8:58] <daenney> topi`: No need, just upgrade in place ;)
[10:04] <topi`> jimbaker: so, how do you "map" the with: semantics to Java's autocloseable?
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[14:20] <whg> topi`: I've upgraded twice. One machine has intermittent HD issues and required me to "repair my LIbrary" a couple of times, but I'm pretty sure that's not related to the Mavericks upgrade (what with the clicking HDD and all). My other box was smooth sailing. Upgrade OS, upgrade XCode, upgrade all my homebrew-managed stuff, in that order.
[14:21] <whg> topi`: And my non-homebrew stuff mostly self-updates and had already been updated to be Mavericks-friendly. I guess if you are using older software *not* managed by Homebrew you should check the compatibility charts before upgrading
[14:22] <whg> Oh, I forgot: upgrade all homebrew-managed stuff before updating to Mavericks, which seems to have precluded any broken-ness between the time I upgraded the OS and the time I told brew to go update everything
[14:23] <whg> If you want thd JDK, I think you need to download and install that manually from Oracle. I think the auto-install thing that Apple provides when it detects you attempting to use Java will only grab the JRE.
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[18:15] <jimbaker> topi`, take a look at this code for AutoCloseable support: https://bitbucket.org/jimbaker/jython-java7/commits/c030522a23469e9d96a58fa288cacb00cb5d157b
[18:15] <jimbaker> when jython constructs a PyJavaType to wrap a given type such as AutoCloseable, we simply construct corresponding methods
[18:16] <jimbaker> in this case, __enter__ and __exit__
[18:16] <jimbaker> as you can see, this case is very simple - __enter__ simply returns self and __exit__ does the close
[18:18] <jimbaker> when we want to think about improving java integration from python code, we can do it in PyJavaType, or by directly monkeypatching the type in question from python
[18:18] <jimbaker> we could also do this in an import hook
[18:23] <jimbaker> for example, java.util.Map does not have all the methods dict implements, see https://gist.github.com/jimbaker/7586767
[18:23] <jimbaker> i think we should fix this
[18:27] <jimbaker> i updated the gist to reflect java.util.List and java.util.Set as well
[19:35] <truk77> Wanna hear something sad? Coworker is using Jython, but because no requests support, he's importing jars to do REST operations with a Java package...
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[20:54] <whg> If I want to use Spring to inject SQLAlchemy models, etc., do I need to write a Java object as glue? Or does the clamped stuff mean that I can manage them directly?
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[22:00] <jimbaker> truk77, something we will be fixing soon!
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[22:52] <qwebirc75551> I'm trying to install any python package with jython & easy_install. I'm using jython 2.7b1 and easy_install latest (I believe 1.4). Nothing seems to work, All I get is Couldn't find index page for 'flask' (maybe misspelled?)
[22:53] <qwebirc75551> I've tried many common python packages and none seem to work. Is 2.7 still too beta to use? Is it setuptools?
[23:01] <jimbaker> qwebirc75551, we really should put this in a faq ;)
[23:01] <jimbaker> you need to use my jython-ssl branch to get easy_install working w/ jython 2.7
[23:02] <jimbaker> what happened is that easy_install and pip both switched to requiring ssl just around the same time we released 2.7b1
[23:03] <qwebirc75551> ahhh, thanks jim
[23:03] <jimbaker> https://bitbucket.org/jimbaker/jython-ssl
[23:03] <qwebirc75551> guessing I'm not the only one who asks
[23:04] <jimbaker> qwebirc75551, no, but that's why 2.7b2 will feature full pip/easy_install support :)
[23:04] <jimbaker> also requests, since pip requires requests now
[23:04] <qwebirc75551> nice! thanks for the help. I think I'll submit a pull request on the homebrew formula
[23:04] <jimbaker> anything else really would not be a true beta
[23:05] <jimbaker> qwebirc75551, cool???
[23:05] <jimbaker> qwebirc75551, fyi - we have a bunch of PRs to work through - but this is very much appreciated
[23:06] <jimbaker> and we will get to applying them as soon as we can fix the critical issues for b2, which again are around pip/easy_install support
[23:06] * jimbaker finds that code dev is a different mind frame than code review
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[23:10] <jimbaker> btw, i'm really enjoying going through java 7 and finding how it simplifies dev; for example - next minor bug on my list is to support delete=True in http://docs.python.org/2/library/tempfile.html#tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile - and there's direct support already in http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/java/nio/file/Files.html#createTempFile(java.nio.file.Path, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.nio.file.attribute.FileAttribute...)
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[23:31] <qwebirc75551> jimbaker - thanks again, everything's working nicely again
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