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[12:27] <truk77> Out of curiosity, is running Django with Jython a common thing?
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[19:29] <sinistersnare> truk77 its been done
[19:29] <sinistersnare> jimbaker has done a talk on it, and there is at least one person who comes online here on #jython to talk about it
[19:39] <jimbaker> getting django running on jython was a big test case for jython's compatibility with cpython, so that's my initial involvement with it. it's in some use w/ jython 2.5, but we don't keep stats :)
[19:39] * truk77 nods.
[19:40] <jimbaker> w/ 2.7, topi` has reported it has been working for him, using some patches from jython-ssl against 2.7b1
[19:41] <truk77> Was mulling setting up a quick-and-dirty internal use only web interface for managing some internal data here...however, I think I might have to use the Hibernate DAO objects to manipulate said data...the alternative would be creating MySQL views for django to use as model tables...which sounds sticky
[19:41] <jimbaker> i'm actually sick today, so i'm going to leave it at for now. but we will get a 2.7b2 done real soon ;)
[19:41] <truk77> Boo on sick. Yay on 2.7x
[19:41] <jimbaker> truk77, i would definitely try my jython-ssl branch
[19:42] <jimbaker> the ssl work in there is not going to stay, but the support for easy_install certainly will be in for 2.7b2
[19:43] <jimbaker> any experience reports on django use with that would be invaluable to us
[19:43] <jimbaker> ok... i'm supposed to be in bed right now
[19:43] <jimbaker> later!
[19:50] <leo-the-manic> jimbaker: I am also actually interested in moving my Django app onto Jython so as soon as pip is good to go I'll be giving it a shot. So when 2.7b2 is out I'm sure this channel will hear about my pain points :P
[20:12] <sinistersnare> leo-the-manic, if you wanna test feasability now, try this out https://bitbucket.org/jimbaker/jython-ssl
[20:12] <sinistersnare> https://github.com/jimbaker/clamped#writing-a-python-class-to-use-clamp scroll a little down, heres some build instructions
[20:22] <leo-the-manic> sinistersnare: Oh, cool, thanks! I'll start looking into that then
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[21:56] <sinistersnare> leo-the-manic, good luck!
[21:56] <sinistersnare> jimbaker, get well soon! im off to my first day of new job (training at local theater!)
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[22:32] <leo-the-manic> As per sinsnare|away's instructions I downloaded and built jython-ssl from BitBucket and got a few bugs. A unicode issue when installing pip, which didn't seem fatal, but pip itself fails downloading new packages because of an AttributeError when trying to use os.O_NOFOLLOW. Shell output is here: https://dpaste.de/v3RO
[22:33] <leo-the-manic> easy_install seems to work
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[22:38] <leo-the-manic> Should I file a bug report on bugs.jython.org?
[22:38] <leo-the-manic> Or does jython-ssl not have some updates in the out main branch that might already fix this?
[22:41] <jimbaker> leo-the-manic, if pip worked, we would have 2.7b2 out ;)
[22:41] <jimbaker> so this is a well-known issue for us
[22:41] <jimbaker> topi` is looking at non-blocking SSL which is the real issue. although we may also fix O_NOFOLLOW
[22:42] <jimbaker> now that there is support for this in java 7
[22:43] <leo-the-manic> jimbaker: Does easy_install not use SSL?
[22:43] <jimbaker> leo-the-manic, it uses blocking SSL
[22:44] <leo-the-manic> jimbaker: Ohh
[22:44] <jimbaker> pip now uses requests, which uses nonblocking SSL sockets
[22:44] <jimbaker> well, we wanted to support that too
[22:44] <jimbaker> so now we have too :)
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[22:45] <jimbaker> nonblocking SSL is very doable, just a simple matter of some engineering ;)
[22:57] <leo-the-manic> jimbaker: So I assume you're also aware of the Unicode related errors?
[22:58] <jimbaker> leo-the-manic, which really aren't unicode errors ... ;)
[22:58] <jimbaker> basically this is improper ssl decodes (or you can get the same w/ improper gzip decodes)
[22:59] <leo-the-manic> jimbaker: Oh, like sending incomplete data to be decoded?
[23:00] <jimbaker> leo-the-manic, so w/o my jython-ssl branch, the ssl module completely is wrong when working w/ easy_install/pip
[23:00] <jimbaker> pip/requests works up to a point, w/ some minor patches, before it switches to nonblocking mode
[23:07] <jimbaker> for the above line - i mean, if you do then use jython-ssl, you get this partial working, before the nonblocking switch
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