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[5:18] <jimbaker> topi`, last time i looked, there was not a good concurrent list impl... but that was a few years back
[5:19] <jimbaker> currently PyList implementation is mostly my fault including locking strategy ;)
[5:19] <jimbaker> re list comprehensions specifically - yes, if it's locking each time, that's pretty bad. it should use a builder approach
[5:20] <jimbaker> topi`, re ssl - i'm definitely interested in seeing where you go w/ this. i think the chunking mechanism i'm currently using with Deque is probably reusable for this case
[5:21] <jimbaker> lastly, finally i'm done w/ all my storm talk (today) and workshop (last week). i can get back to some more jython dev now
[5:22] <jimbaker> after suitable amounts of sleep, of course ;)
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[15:31] <whg> What's the currently recommended way to install Jython 2.7-b1 on OSX
[16:40] <jimbaker> significant interest in jyni when i mentioned it at my storm talk yesterday at the national center for atmospheric research
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[21:01] <topi`> jimbaker: yes, we need to feed the SSLEngine in chunks. there's some logic that needs to go to handling the states of SSLEngine, but nothing a few lines of python wouldn't handle ;)
[21:02] <topi`> whg: I've been using the classic installer for 2.7b1, the Wierzbicki way :)
[21:02] <whg> topi`: Where's that at?
[21:02] <topi`> whg: isn't that available from the usual downloads page at jython.org?
[21:02] <whg> I couldn't find anything newer than 2.5
[21:02] <whg> But I could have been on the wrong page, I suppose
[21:03] <jimbaker> topi`, exactly. SSLEngine looks reasonably straightforward. one key piece - make sure you turn on SSL debugging
[21:03] <jimbaker> it's about impossible to work w/ java ssl otherwise
[21:04] <whg> topi`: Oh yeah, totally different downloads page than what I was seeing earlier.
[21:04] <jimbaker> topi`, if you end up getting this work, i would be happy to help translate this into java in a future iteration
[21:04] <whg> thx
[21:05] <jimbaker> i'm fairly certain we want to do this for such support, but it's nice to get it working first in python
[21:19] <topi`> jimbaker: are there any pitfalls in implementing a worker thread in pure python?
[21:20] <topi`> since the SSLEngine is handing over tasks, like key generation, that need to be done before resuming the Engine
[21:20] <topi`> likely in an own thread, as to not block the engine
[21:41] <jimbaker> topi`, none
[21:41] <jimbaker> worker threads work as expected, maybe in part because python thread semantics are modeled from java's
[21:42] <jimbaker> there are some uninteresting differences. also some minor issues that need to be fixed in test_threading, but not actually because of python threading <-> java threading mapping
[22:08] <topi`> ok, I'll try to create some threads and see how they behave
[22:15] <jimbaker> topi`, sounds good. i'm the principal author of the current concurrency support in jython - this mostly means figuring out the mapping to underlying java (or guava) to the do the real work - so definitely i can help out here
[22:21] <topi`> good. I'll have some questions for you ;)
[22:21] <topi`> unless somebody asked them first on stackoverflow
[22:21] <topi`> threading works on jython as expected, by invoking a simple function with target=foo
[22:22] <topi`> funny, I never took notice that python's threading module is awfully similar to the java one
[22:36] <pjenvey> even has the camelcase names
[22:43] <jimbaker> pjenvey, indeed, although at least that got somewhat fixed w/ 2.6
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