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[0:03] <jimbaker> for those interested, even though this article is 9 years old, it still seems the best overview on SSLEngine, http://www.onjava.com/pub/a/onjava/2004/11/03/ssl-nio.html
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[22:17] <jimbaker> so this will be the first talk i will be giving on the new clamp support, and how it helps out with using storm - https://twitter.com/jimbaker/status/400748013875781633
[22:17] <jimbaker> most of you are not in boulder, but it will be recorded and made available on that site
[22:19] <Oti> jimbaker - good luck!
[22:19] <jimbaker> Oti, thanks! i hope to give an even better version of this talk at europython
[22:20] <Oti> that'd be cool
[22:21] <jimbaker> btw, europython dates are up - http://www.ep14.org/ - july 21-27 in berlin
[22:22] <jimbaker> also at pycon, fwiw :)
[22:22] <jimbaker> i think clamp is interesting, cool, and needs to be known widely. especially as we add other supporting functionality
[22:26] <sinistersnare> awesome! i would stay and talk, but as yesterday, as soon as people start talking i have to leave! off to a job interview!
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[23:00] <leo-the-manic> Hi! Anyone having trouble using pip, etc., and getting "AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'CERT_REQUIRED'"
[23:02] <leo-the-manic> Trying to get up and running with jython 2.7b1 but I can't seem to get started with virtualenv/pip, although I did manage to install setuptools
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[23:25] <peke> jimbaker: you'll be at europython? cool, one more reason to go. haven't been there since 2009 -- haven't been travelling/conferencing too much since 2010 when we got our first child. berlin is awesome, could probably take family with me.
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