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[10:42] <daenney> jimbaker: Have you seen this yet: https://github.com/kivy/pyjnius ?
[12:01] <agronholm> I can't figure out where in the code it launches a java vm
[12:01] <agronholm> where is JNI_CreateJavaVM defined?
[12:01] <agronholm> oh right, it comes from the JNI library?
[12:03] <agronholm> also based on setup.py, this thing doesn't work on Windows
[12:04] <agronholm> I could be wrong about that too
[12:16] <daenney> There's a few things in the setup.py that probably won't work like the call to which etc but it's not terribly difficult to fix that
[12:16] <daenney> Since they do have OS Microsoft::Windows in there the code probably works on Windows just fine
[12:30] <agronholm> ok
[13:04] <daenney> I'm assuming they bothered to check that before adding the identifier though, haven't actually looked at the code
[13:36] <agronholm> there's also a windows installer offered on pypi
[16:01] <sinsnare|zzZZzz> isnt pyjnius for CPython?
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[16:08] <daenney> Yes
[16:19] <agronholm> too bad no python 3 support
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