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[0:00] <sinistersnare> eh il send it, whats the point of not :p
[0:11] <vIkSiT> looks good. well drafted!
[0:11] <vIkSiT> writing well is your first step to getting taken seriously :)
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[0:12] <vIkSiT> when I look back to emails sent out to lists when I was 14/15 - shudder. :)
[0:13] <sinistersnare> yeah, just finished college application essays, so this was a bit cake :p i should have spent a minute and looked over it other than glancing spelling errors
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[0:15] <sinistersnare> unlike on irc, where i dont capitalize and everything :p maybe i should be more seriously, but idk
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[0:20] <vIkSiT> ehe
[0:20] <vIkSiT> jimbaker, hrm
[0:20] <vIkSiT> Error when calling the metaclass bases
[0:20] <vIkSiT> FIXME better err msg - Cannot construct class without a defined builder
[0:20] <sinistersnare> the best kind of error message, one that states it needs to be better :p
[0:20] <vIkSiT> https://gist.github.com/viksit/27ff99d30ac493ba4d66
[0:23] <vIkSiT> sinistersnare, I know right
[0:27] <sinistersnare> i hope someone replies on jython-dev soon :p ive grown antsy and the deadline is in like 5 days o.O
[0:30] <sinistersnare> and its only been like 20 minutes :p maybe its just that im procrastinating my homework!
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[0:36] <vIkSiT> jimbaker, also, clamp didn't work for me. in my project, i end up getting an empty jar for some reason
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[16:00] <sinistersnare> fwierzbicki1: are you online? i just got your email. So youre looking into merging the tests that we have made to the CPython trunk? are the jython specific tests (labelded *_jy.py) jython specific, or are they written that way as to recognize that we made them?
[16:09] <fwierzbicki1> Hi sinistersnare - we make copies of the tests and put them in Jython's Lib/test area. Our regrtest in ant copies the entire CPython Lib/test area and then copies over them with our modified files before it runs.
[16:12] <fwierzbicki1> So we have things like "if is_jython???" scattered around ??? as a mentor I'd go through and put them in order from easiest to hardest to merge. Unfortunately a bunch of them are really hard in that they have unanalyzed skips marked "FIXME" where we don't know why they fail - long before those I'd want the ones that pass except for a few changes that we actually understand
[16:13] <fwierzbicki1> Fixing all of them would be a monumental task :) ??? but individually they are not so bad - especially the ones without FIXMEs
[16:16] <fwierzbicki1> I haven't participated in GSoC in a while and I've never done GCI so I don't know how it works lately - but skimming the docs leads me to believe this is the right sort of task framework...
[16:17] <fwierzbicki1> If this sounds interesting to you I'll check with the CPython folks to see if 2.7 is open to this sort of thing (I know they are slowing the changes to 2.7 ??? if it has gone to security fix only then we won't be able to do that part.
[16:17] <fwierzbicki1> )
[16:18] <sinistersnare> so the end goal is to push our custom tests to the CPython trunk, if i read correctly. are these tests jython specific?
[16:18] <sinistersnare> and i would love to help in any way, i should mention that i have no experience in testing though. it shouldnt be much work to get acquainted with the unittest module i bet
[16:19] <fwierzbicki1> These tests are not Jython specific - they are tests that started as CPython tests but had areas that don't make sense for Jython, so they have small changes inside to run on Jython.
[16:19] <sinistersnare> so they are effectively cross-implementation? cool, just wanted to make sure :D
[16:21] <fwierzbicki1> Yeah - so for example some CPython tests check the garbage collector in a CPython-specific way so we wrap that area in a "if not is_jython" block so it gets skipped for us.
[16:21] <fwierzbicki1> but otherwise leave the test the same.
[16:21] <fwierzbicki1> The pain is each time we start on a new version of Jython - we have to hand merge these changes
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[16:23] <sinistersnare> makes sense
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[16:24] <sinistersnare> seems like an interesting problem
[16:27] <sinistersnare> id be happy to work with you on this
[16:27] <sinistersnare> my class is ending (I intern in my schools CS class, so i just go on IRC in between helping people)
[16:27] <sinistersnare> my email is regularly checked, i hope to talk to you soon!
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[17:12] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, sinsnare|away - sounds like a great project!
[17:15] <jimbaker> i need to reacquaint myself w/ the codecs module. this seems to have about the most complex startup of any codepath in python. i wonder how much is just unnecessary complexity
[17:16] <jimbaker> but i hope to have idna support done today
[17:18] <fwierzbicki> nice!
[17:22] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, btw, i'm also revisiting unicodedata. the obvious solution is to use IBM's ICU (bsd licensed)
[17:22] <jimbaker> of course it's a 10M jar. but correctness first imho
[17:24] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, one last thing - i did land support for large collection literals. so that makes one nagging issue (mostly) go away. still want full python bytecode support, but that's a much larger dependency
[17:24] <fwierzbicki> very cool!
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[20:52] <jimbaker> sinsnare|away, i was talking up Gdx to a colleague of mine who needs a simple game api for jython for the intro to CS course he will be teaching this spring at univ of colorado. so??? hopefully you might be able to help jeffrey out
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[22:10] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: thats awesome!
[22:11] <jimbaker> yeah, i think this would be fantastic if you could help out here
[22:11] <jimbaker> i think this would be 150 students using Gdx
[22:12] <sinistersnare> I can help any way that I can!
[22:13] <sinistersnare> fwierzbicki: i should mention that the OSS signup date for GCI is in like 6 days, but even if we dont do that, I just want to help!
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[22:23] <sinistersnare> https://code.google.com/p/google-code-in/wiki/GCIMentorInfo2013 ive found this too, so it might be of help
[22:31] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, here's the course page for the course as it was taught last spring, https://github.com/johnsogg/cs1300
[22:34] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: cool! I have a concert tonight with the local middle schools, so ill be back soon. Maybe i should have applied to U of Colorado!
[22:34] <sinistersnare> seems like fun classes are happening!
[22:35] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, probably not too late
[22:35] <sinistersnare> it looks as though the out of state tuition is 3 times in state for UMD though (in state) :(
[22:35] <jimbaker> i would assume there's the standard application deadline of sometime in december
[22:36] <sinistersnare> i think i can finnagle into the Nov15, but yeah, the $$$ is my problem
[22:36] <jimbaker> that's the only problem. but they might have a scholarship. so don't count it out completely
[22:36] <jimbaker> but UMD is a strong school in CS
[22:37] <jimbaker> i really like one of the professors: https://www.cs.umd.edu/people/bshneide
[22:37] <sinistersnare> yeah theyre definitely a great school, my only problem is that i want to be somewhere else. its only 1 hr. from my house, and i want to get away
[22:38] <sinistersnare> oh cool
[22:38] <sinistersnare> i defninitely have to go :p maybe we can talk more later. bye for now!
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[22:38] <jimbaker> http://www.colorado.edu/scholarships/node/38
[22:38] <jimbaker> sinsnare|awawy, later
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[22:52] <jimbaker> IDNA support is now complete in jython-encodings branch, thanks to the fact that ICU4J is doing all the heavy lifting
[22:53] <jimbaker> sinsnare|awawy, in general, i think if you were helping out a freshman course here, that might help on your college app
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