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[0:12] <jimbaker> anyway, i now have a header parser :)
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[2:29] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, so i just pushed up a better version of clamp in terms of singlejar support
[2:29] <jimbaker> however, setuptools doesn't know how to work apparently with files in zipped files (which jars fundamentally are) with respect to pkg_resources.resource_filename
[2:29] <jimbaker> but resource_stream and resource_string work
[2:29] <jimbaker> take a look at the pushed clamped project for setup.py stuff
[2:36] <jimbaker> this might or might not work for your needs. anyway, examples here: https://gist.github.com/jimbaker/7035646
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[3:53] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: ok cool, thanks
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[16:21] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: where is package_resources?
[16:23] <Arfrever> sinistersnare: Do you mean pkg_resources?
[16:23] <sinistersnare> yes :p
[16:23] <sinistersnare> ok there it is...
[16:26] <Arfrever> sinistersnare: This module is a part of Setuptools.
[16:32] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: still never figured out why my Gdx.py was never included in the built jar
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[16:57] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, you need to ensure that setup.py will see it
[16:58] <jimbaker> so make sure you have it copied into site-packages first
[16:58] <jimbaker> in that process
[17:01] <sinistersnare> oh ok, just the py file?
[17:10] <jimbaker> and of course the $py.class
[17:10] <jimbaker> so running this command ensures it's been bytecode compiled - $ jython-ssl setup.py install
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[17:31] <sinistersnare> oh ok
[17:31] <sinistersnare> makes sense
[17:32] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: error: package directory 'Gdx,py' does not exist :p
[17:33] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, when i last looked at your package, your Gdx.py was not in a source directory
[17:33] <sinistersnare> ok i fixed it, i did modules=['Gdx.py']
[17:33] <jimbaker> so my setuptools-fu is weak, but i think find_packages needs a standard layout
[17:33] <sinistersnare> instead of packages=['Gdx.py']
[17:34] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, i would highly recommend following the standard layout in say my clamped project
[17:35] <sinistersnare> i had mine like that :p but then some guy on #python told me not to! ill put it back up like that
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[17:44] <jimbaker> well, if it's #python-dev, maybe
[17:49] <Arfrever> sinistersnare: You should also skip '.py' suffix in this list.
[17:49] <sinistersnare> mmhmm
[17:50] <sinistersnare> i changed modules back to packages and am using find_packages()
[17:50] <Arfrever> sinistersnare: packages=['Gdx.py'] would expect a Gdx/py directory with Gdx/py/__init__.py file.
[17:50] <sinistersnare> but im trying to schedule an appt. and am on hold so im waiting right now :p
[17:50] <sinistersnare> i think find_packages() does that? for me?
[17:51] <Arfrever> sinistersnare: Just check return value of find_packages()...
[17:51] <sinistersnare> good idea
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[22:55] <vIkSiT> hello all
[22:55] <vIkSiT> anyone here using django + jython?
[22:55] <vIkSiT> sqlite3 drivers unavailable?
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[23:21] <thepro4ever> what is the difference between jython and python?
[23:22] <thepro4ever> I'm reading a python book right now but I plan to use jython for my coding. I'm trying to understand if i can use all of these same python libs from the book i'm reading when i work with jython
[23:22] <agronholm> thepro4ever: python is a language, jython is a python interpreter written in Java
[23:23] <agronholm> CPython is the "mainline" implementation of the Python language
[23:23] <agronholm> named so because it's written in C
[23:23] <agronholm> do you have a reason for preferring jython over CPython?
[23:24] <thepro4ever> Because on almost all the servers at my java we have jdk install. I'd probably cause security findings if i installed cypthon
[23:24] <thepro4ever> at my job
[23:25] <agronholm> most operating systems come with python preinstalled
[23:25] <agronholm> windows is the only one that doesn't
[23:26] <agronholm> of common server OSes
[23:26] <thepro4ever> we support multiple platforms, windows, aix, linux, and the commonality is that java is installed on all of them
[23:26] <agronholm> given java's track record, I don't think CPython is any more flawed than java
[23:26] <agronholm> security wise
[23:27] <thepro4ever> even if that is true i don't think i really want to install cypthon on 200 something windows servers
[23:28] <agronholm> just so you know jython has a ton of gotchas and some missing features compared to cpython
[23:28] <agronholm> sqlite, ctypes and cjk encodings being the most prominent I think
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