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[0:00] <sinistersnare> hmm i could do maven...maybe i should, but ive never used it :p i really have no experience with anything!
[0:00] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, i really should be working on preparing for teaching my class tomorrow??? let me spend 5 min looking at this
[0:00] <jimbaker> after tomorrow??? i'm free
[0:00] <sinistersnare> oh thank you :) dont take too much time, i could do other things if you cant do much
[0:00] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, i know nothing of maven
[0:00] <jimbaker> therefore, i plan to support it
[0:00] <sinistersnare> woohoo
[0:01] <jimbaker> similar state of affairs w/ setuptools, prior to writing some extension commands ;)
[0:02] <sinistersnare> cool, well at least you have prior experience with hacking things together :)
[0:13] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, yes :)
[0:13] <jimbaker> https://gist.github.com/jimbaker/6984552 - initial outline of my thoughts for implementing dynamic proxies
[0:15] <jimbaker> still need to figure out how this lines up w/ ProxyMaker; other bits like setting up an appropriate ClassLoader, would be nearly identical to what is done now in BytecodeLoader now
[0:15] <jimbaker> in other words, super simple!
[0:15] <sinistersnare> sounds complicated :p yeah
[0:15] <sinistersnare> at least for me :p
[0:15] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, actually it really is simple, compared to the rest of this logic
[0:16] <jimbaker> but i have been working in this codebase for years now
[0:16] <jimbaker> Arfrever, i would prefer that key of, Programming Language :: Python :: Implementation :: Jython
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[0:17] <jimbaker> and of course, Programming Language :: Python :: 2.7
[0:17] <jimbaker> that looks very good to me
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[0:21] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, sorry, i gave you the wrong command; here it is: $ jython-ssl setup.py singlejar --classpath=$(alljars /Users/jbaker/opensource/PyGdx/lib/*.jar)
[0:21] <jimbaker> i used my alljars helper script, and of course built it using the jars you provided me last time for PyGdx
[0:21] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: its good, so i need to give it an absolute path?
[0:22] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, i believe you can get away w/o absolute paths in this case
[0:22] <sinistersnare> ok, and where is this alljars script? :p
[0:23] <jimbaker> https://github.com/jimbaker/clamped/blob/master/bin/alljars
[0:23] <sinistersnare> oh in clamped :p
[0:23] <jimbaker> in the future, it goes away :)
[0:23] <sinistersnare> its useful now though!
[0:24] <jimbaker> yes, nice handy script to have around
[0:24] <jimbaker> ok, i can in good conscience switch my attention to what i have to do for tomorrow :)
[0:25] <jimbaker> but looks like we have a strategy for making android work - i think the dynamic proxy stuff is the only piece left undone
[0:25] <sinistersnare> awesome! get to work, i need to finish my UMD application after this :p
[0:25] <sinistersnare> we all have college stuff to do, appanrently :p
[0:27] <jimbaker> yes, indeed. i also get to switch gears, since in my principles of programming languages course, i teach scala :)
[0:27] <jimbaker> (we focus on functional programming)
[0:27] <jimbaker> fun stuff - i am prepping an assignment on parser combinators tonight
[0:28] <sinistersnare> cool. Scala scares me a bit with all the syntax; UMD uses OCaml as its language (i went there today on a college visit, thats what they said :p)
[0:28] <sinistersnare> i really want to take a compilers course, itll be great
[0:28] <jimbaker> yeah, ocaml is hardcore
[0:28] <jimbaker> and i agree about compilers, one of my fave courses
[0:28] <jimbaker> when i took it
[0:28] <sinistersnare> i dont know it :p my friend got me Learn you a Haskell for my birthday though!
[0:29] <sinistersnare> but i really enjoy python and (to some extent) java, so im glad with what i do now!
[1:01] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: i know youre focusing, but your jyhton-ssl branch doesnt seem to have a jython.jar file in the root. i added the one from my jython27, and its still not working...
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[1:11] <sinistersnare> hmm, are the jars supposed to be in the dist/ dir? not the base? that makes sense. i put the jar there and fixed it
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[5:07] <jimbaker> wow, there's a new pull request to support ipython on jython. very nice indeed!
[5:08] <jimbaker> speaking of which: i'm sure there will be more activity on going though PRs this week and getting those reviewed and ideally accepted
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[9:59] <topi`> jimbaker: I found out that switching from zxjdbc to jyjdbc did not resolve my issue of exhausting Postgresql connections... so, something odd is happening, I'll post a gist of my function which queries the db
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[15:49] <sinistersnare> i really cant wait for jython using py3, function annotations would be awesome
[15:49] <sinistersnare> im thinking about making a python wrapper for libgdx, and using function annotations could be quite useful
[16:00] <agronholm> it's just syntactic sugar
[16:01] <agronholm> you can achieve the exact same result with a simple decorator
[16:01] <sinistersnare> agronholm: yes, but function annotations look better IMO
[16:01] <sinistersnare> i like its syntax
[16:02] <agronholm> sure
[16:02] <agronholm> but no need to wait really
[16:03] <sinistersnare> yes true
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[17:02] <jimbaker> please do not wait on jython 3 :)
[17:02] <jimbaker> although one of my colleagues at univ of colorado plans to use jython with python 3 syntax. but he teaches the intro course, so this can be a minimal patching up
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[17:28] <valtih> In myClass, I have a public static nested interface I1 in java. When I create import MyClass; class B1(MyClass.I1): I get AttributeError: type object 'MyClass' has no attribute 'I1'
[17:29] <valtih> Sorry, I had to restart the Eclipse. There is no such error anymore!
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[21:13] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: i know, im definitely not gonna hold out for it :p
[21:14] <sinistersnare> do you guys plan on keeping the same release cycle as python; as in Py 3, 3.1,3.2,3.3,3.4? from what i see, people arent supported 3 through 3.2 in their projects
[21:14] <sinistersnare> it might be best just to head straight for py 3.3 syntax
[21:18] <agronholm> sinistersnare: that's the plan
[21:19] <agronholm> are there differences in syntax between 3.3 and 3.2?
[21:19] <sinistersnare> agronholm: thats awesome! i wish i was smart enough to help yall! ill just continue using jython :p
[21:19] <sinistersnare> i think they allowed unicode literals back in (u"") for better compatibility
[21:19] <sinistersnare> and small things like that
[21:19] <agronholm> oh yeah that one
[21:20] <agronholm> other things? what things
[21:20] <agronholm> I wasn't aware of any other differences
[21:20] <sinistersnare> oh i dont know
[21:20] <sinistersnare> i just know that a lot of popular python projects are just skipping 3,31,32
[21:20] <sinistersnare> because its easier for compatibility
[21:21] <agronholm> yep
[21:21] <sinistersnare> http://docs.python.org/3/whatsnew/3.3.html
[21:21] <agronholm> ah...yield from
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[21:23] <vIkSiT> hello all
[21:23] <vIkSiT> has anyone used jy2.7b1 with easy_install?
[21:23] <vIkSiT> I'm trying to install pip using it
[21:24] <vIkSiT> but failing - "error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('pip')"
[21:24] <vIkSiT> any ideas on why this happens?
[21:24] <agronholm> SSL issues
[21:24] <vIkSiT> ah
[21:24] <vIkSiT> any pointers on how to fix this?
[21:24] <agronholm> jimbaker is working on them, dunno about the status
[21:24] <agronholm> for now, you can download and install it manually
[21:25] <vIkSiT> ah I see. jython setup.py install, etc?
[21:25] <agronholm> yep
[21:25] <agronholm> the recommended method for installing pip is to use get-pip.py anyway
[21:25] <vIkSiT> damn. why isn't that specified somewhere
[21:26] <vIkSiT> .. more obvious.
[21:26] <vIkSiT> but that issue will still exist, I presume?
[21:26] <vIkSiT> jython pip install foo will still fail?
[21:26] <agronholm> http://www.pip-installer.org/en/latest/installing.html
[21:26] <agronholm> not easy to miss the second chapter
[21:27] <agronholm> yes it will fail
[21:27] <vIkSiT> hrm. yeah I did miss it.
[21:27] <vIkSiT> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/compress/compressors/bzip2/BZip2CompressorInputStream
[21:27] <vIkSiT> on runing jython get-pip
[21:27] <sinistersnare> vIkSiT: this is jython-ssl
[21:27] <sinistersnare> https://bitbucket.org/jimbaker/jython-ssl
[21:27] <agronholm> bzip2 is missing from beta1
[21:27] <agronholm> it's in the development version
[21:27] <vIkSiT> sinistersnare, I saw jimbakers bitbucket, wasn't sure if thats something I should be using already?
[21:27] <sinistersnare> https://github.com/jimbaker/clamped and the readme in this repo explains installation in the middle somewhere
[21:28] <vIkSiT> agronholm, is bzip2 available in jython-ssl, do you know
[21:28] <sinistersnare> vIkSiT: this is basically the current branch of jython (b1) but without the super latest bug fixes, and it comes with SSL
[21:28] <agronholm> my guess would be yes
[21:28] <sinistersnare> so you can use easy-install
[21:29] <sinistersnare> i mean b2
[21:29] <sinistersnare> but not the latest latest patches
[21:29] <jimbaker> you need to use my jython-ssl branch to work w/ easy_install
[21:29] <vIkSiT> ah I see, tahnks for the information. very helpful
[21:29] <vIkSiT> jimbaker, hg'ing it already!
[21:29] <jimbaker> vIkSiT, that's the way to do it!
[21:29] <vIkSiT> one question overall - what is the timeline of the SSL stuff getting merged into main line?
[21:29] <jimbaker> (at least on this channel where we bleed at the cutting edge branch level)
[21:30] <jimbaker> vIkSiT, it's a prereq for beta 2
[21:30] <vIkSiT> I'm trying to migrate an existing python installation of django to the JVM for production later this month/next. Is the timeline for beta2 sometime relatively soon?
[21:30] <sinistersnare> what is the timeline for b2? b1 was in february :p
[21:30] <vIkSiT> sinistersnare, hehe, my question exactly
[21:30] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, hey, i just got reinvolved this past summer in any real capacity
[21:31] <sinistersnare> oh its cool, im not blaming you, im just wondering :p
[21:32] <jimbaker> so??? i expect to be driving a good part of beta 2. i would imagine we could get something reasonable in the next month or so. but since we are feature-driven, not time-boxed, it's harder to say
[21:32] <jimbaker> i would at least want a complete client ssl implementation done, plus support for important pieces like pip/easy_install and maybe requests
[21:33] <jimbaker> that would be a real beta2 as opposed to just putting out something there
[21:33] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: yes, i completely agree.
[21:34] <jimbaker> btw, i'm personally excited to see someone is driving ipython on jython
[21:34] <sinistersnare> someone is? cool!
[21:34] <jimbaker> we got a pull request last night for that. still needs some work, but changes in jython are minimal
[21:34] <sinistersnare> oh cool
[21:35] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, https://bitbucket.org/jython/jython/pull-request/14/for-discussion-changes-to-support-ipython/diff
[21:35] <sinistersnare> is it gonna be a second impl, or is it gonna be compatible with jython AND cpython at the same time?
[21:35] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, it only makes sense if common impl
[21:35] <sinistersnare> yes i feel the same
[21:35] <sinistersnare> just making sure, im a little too quisitive, i should infer more :p
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[21:36] <jimbaker> i don't know if this guy has implemented 0mq support, but that would be straightforward to add
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[21:38] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, so i haven't seen his ipython branch work - there has to be at least a little bit. but that's one thing i will engage bbjc on
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[21:51] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: looks like he reverted JLine a little bit :p
[21:52] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, yeah, i don't know why. of course the correct action is to go to JLine2
[21:52] <jimbaker> we have recently done a lot of work w/ our console support
[21:53] <jimbaker> so just need to extend that a bit further presumably
[21:53] <sinistersnare> cool, well, ill work on why PyGdx doesnt want to work :p
[21:57] <sinistersnare> so if i understand singlejar correctly, jimbaker, i need to have a __run__.py which is like the entry point. here is where i should call "from PyGdx import PyGdx" and instantiate my game, correct?
[21:57] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, __run__.py is optional, but useful
[21:58] <jimbaker> in your case, i would think you would typically want to specify
[22:02] <sinistersnare> ill show you how im doing it, because something is wrong. probably with my __init__.py
[22:03] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, sure - probably best to share over github
[22:04] <sinistersnare> i think most of what i have is on my sinistersnare/PyGdx but ill gist it
[22:05] <sinistersnare> https://gist.github.com/sinistersnare/3b67d40634b59c14d3ca
[22:05] <sinistersnare> it compiles fine, and when i run, it posts the error that ill add to that gist
[22:06] <jimbaker> sorry, got a conf call to attend
[22:06] <jimbaker> biab
[22:06] <sinistersnare> no prob
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[22:19] <vIkSiT> jimbaker, btw - where can i find instructions to build jython-ssl?
[22:19] <vIkSiT> ant full-build results in an informix jar unavailable issue
[22:19] <vIkSiT> wish this used maven hehe.
[22:20] <jimbaker> https://github.com/jimbaker/clamped#writing-a-python-class-to-use-clamp
[22:21] <jimbaker> shows installation of jython-ssl
[22:22] <jimbaker> vIkSiT, i know supersven was working on maven???. need to follow up on that
[22:23] <sinistersnare> vIkSiT: basically just install, then call 'ant' in the main folder
[22:23] <sinistersnare> that does it
[22:24] <sinistersnare> then put jython-ssl into the PATH
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[23:09] <sinistersnare> hmm im still getting that error, ive moved my Gdx.py into the root dir, and added a py_modules to my setup.py as #python told me, but i still dont know... https://gist.github.com/sinistersnare/3b67d40634b59c14d3ca is the gist
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[23:22] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, out of conf calls and what not, let me look in 5 min
[23:23] <sinistersnare> hmm i looked in the jar, Gdx.py seems not to be there!
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[23:30] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, probably best if you make an actual project instead of the gist
[23:31] <jimbaker> since it sounds like it's the directory structure at fault here
[23:31] <sinistersnare> ill just push what i have to github
[23:31] <jimbaker> cool
[23:35] <sinistersnare> ok its updated
[23:35] <sinistersnare> git is being weird
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[23:39] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, ok, definitely looks like a layout issue
[23:39] <sinistersnare> ok then
[23:39] <sinistersnare> everything is a mess :p
[23:39] <jimbaker> also, no current support for standalone assets
[23:39] <sinistersnare> oh damn, what can i do about that?
[23:40] <jimbaker> wait, it should be possible to use setup.py for that
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[23:40] <jimbaker> i wonder how it works w/ pkg_resources??? anyway??? i'm going to take a look at this some more. but i have a meetup i need to go to
[23:41] <jimbaker> sorry, busy day
[23:41] <sinistersnare> its ok :p
[23:41] <jimbaker> hopefully, it's close
[23:41] <sinistersnare> my gf is coming over for dinner, so i should get to making dinner... take your time
[23:41] <jimbaker> ok, sounds like a good plan then. ttyl'\
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