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[10:36] <reenignEesreveR> how can i use virtualenv with jython?
[10:37] <reenignEesreveR> I've googled but the only method i've found is using setuptools which unfortuantely don't get installed for me :(
[12:16] <topi`> agronholm: do you have any examples of how to use APScheduler from within a twisted project?
[12:17] <topi`> reenignEesreveR: I wrote a writeup about installing/running Django on Jython - it also includes creating a virtualenv
[12:17] <topi`> you might want to read that. (but first I need to publish it ;)
[12:17] <topi`> generally jython works with virtualenvs, but with certain caveats.
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[13:40] <agronholm> topi`: nope
[13:41] <agronholm> apscheduler relies on threads for now, maybe 3.0 will support alternate scheduling mechanisms
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[13:50] <reenignEesreveR> "ImportError: No module named webbrowser" :(
[13:50] <reenignEesreveR> why???
[13:51] <reenignEesreveR> even though: http://www.jython.org/docs/library/webbrowser.html
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[15:03] <topi`> agronholm: well I think it'd be possible to do threading from twisted, but don't know how to handle locking etc issues
[15:15] <jimbaker> reenignEesreveR, please see this caveat about the docs, http://www.jython.org/docs/library/indexprogress.html
[15:16] <jimbaker> we need to restart work on polishing the documentation
[15:17] <jimbaker> the rough equiv in java would be http://docs.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/awt/Desktop.html
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[17:08] <Scorp1us> what do I need to know about deploying jython as as servlet and importing jython packages (specificalyl datetime)
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[19:41] <pholey> Hello, i am having a problem with using a constructor in jython
[19:43] <pholey> basically public Constructor(args 1, 2 , 3, 4){} and when i call it from jython, i get an error saying 0 arguments were expected, and 4 were received when i use something like "import constructor, variable = constructor(1,2,3)"
[19:43] <pholey> 1,2,3,4*
[19:45] <Scorp1us> constuctors are for classes. therfore class X: def __init__(self, a,b,c,d): ...
[19:46] <pholey> well sure scorp1us, the constructor is in a class
[19:46] <Scorp1us> when you import a symbol, it also isn't pulled into the main namespace, unless you use from library import X
[19:46] <pholey> lemme paste code..
[19:46] <Scorp1us> so if you want an instance of it, variable=X(1,2,3,4)
[19:50] <pholey> scorp1us: http://pastebin.com/jx44SAfQ
[19:51] <pholey> You can just look at the constructor, and look at the very bottom for the python code
[19:51] <pholey> i forgot a * but oh well
[19:52] <pholey> im new to jython, so i am just trying to connect old things i have written for testing purposes is all
[19:54] <Scorp1us> it is your import statement
[19:55] <Scorp1us> from Vote import Vote
[19:55] <Scorp1us> otherwise use Vote.Vote(1,2,3,4)
[19:55] <pholey> so you need to import a constructor?
[19:55] <Scorp1us> no, by defaut python does not import symbols into global namespace
[19:55] <Scorp1us> from packate import symbol
[19:55] <pholey> i see
[19:56] <Scorp1us> you names your package and symbol the same
[19:56] <pholey> so for less confusion i should not use a constructor then
[19:56] <Scorp1us> it happens allt he time. i.e. python's time packate
[19:56] <pholey> to avoid something like Vote.Vote()
[19:56] <Scorp1us> no, you should not name your package the same as the class
[19:56] <Scorp1us> or use the "from Vote import Vote" import
[19:57] <pholey> i was just looking at this: http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/JythonAndJavaIntegration.html
[19:57] <Scorp1us> you can also use "from Vote import *"
[19:57] <pholey> and it didn't seem you needed to do that
[19:57] <pholey> the beach class method i mean
[19:58] <Scorp1us> is your JAR int he classpath?
[19:59] <Scorp1us> it may be a matter of how it is packaged.
[19:59] <Scorp1us> if Beach.class is in the classpath, then I think the example will work.
[20:00] <Scorp1us> anyway it is the import statement/packaging of your class that is the problem
[20:00] <pholey> ImportError: cannot import name Vote
[20:01] <pholey> from Vote import Vote
[20:01] <pholey> tried from Vote import *
[20:04] <pholey> I mean you would think, if you use a constructor in Java, all you would need to do upon calling vote is use Vote(constructor args_
[20:12] <pholey> also Scorp1us; the java program is not part of a package
[20:20] <Scorp1us> oh ok
[20:20] <Scorp1us> you are correct in your thinking.
[20:20] <Scorp1us> where is the compiled class?
[20:21] <pholey> same directory
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[20:21] <Scorp1us> is it in the classpath?
[20:21] <pholey> umm
[20:22] <pholey> its a stand alone
[20:22] <Scorp1us> "As we had learned in Chapter 8, one thing you???ll need to do is ensure that the Java class you wish to use resides within your CLASSPATH. In the example above, I created a JAR file that contained the Beach class and then put that JAR on the CLASSPATH."
[20:23] <pholey> lemme try something
[20:23] <pholey> usually nix is pretty good about resolving that
[20:23] <pholey> in windows i did not have to add it to my class path
[20:23] <Scorp1us> the short answer is why it is expecting zero args is that it is seeing Vote as the package name
[20:24] <Scorp1us> I think windows also searches . by default, unix does not
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[20:55] <pholey> humm, scorp1us, it looks like jython by default registers the working directory
[20:56] <pholey> so same error either way
[20:56] <pholey> in the class path i mean
[20:56] <pholey> in all OS's
[21:00] <pholey> not to mention, its not in a JAR file
[21:00] <pholey> just a .class file
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